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Kim Possible (2002)

If there's danger or trouble, Kim Possible is there on the double to save the world from villains... and still make it home in time for cheerleading practice! Luckily, Kim has her sidekick Ron Stoppable and his pet naked mole-rat Rufus by her side.

Release Date: Fri, Jun 07, 2002

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 22

Christy Carlson Romano
Kim Possible (voice)
Will Friedle
Ron Stoppable (voice)
Nancy Cartwright
Rufus (voice)
Tahj Mowry
Wade Load (voice)

Season 4:

Episode 1: Ill-Suited (Feb 10, 2007)
Ron steals Kim's supersuit to use in the upcoming football game. Meanwhile, Professor Dementor becomes jealous of the suit and devises a system to control it.
The Big Job
Episode 2: The Big Job (Feb 10, 2007)
When Señor Senior Junior breaks Shego out of prison to help him get his father a great birthday present, it's up to Kim and Ron to stop them. Meanwhile, Kim urges Ron to get a job after he uses coupons on their date.
Trading Faces
Episode 3: Trading Faces (Feb 10, 2007)
Kim investigates a string of celebrity robberies, but comes up empty-handed. Meanwhile, the tweebs enter Middleton High School as freshmen. Ashley Tisdale guest stars.
The Cupid Effect
Episode 4: The Cupid Effect (Feb 10, 2007)
Ron offers Wade advice on how to woo Monique, but when it backfires, the young supergenius creates a Cupid Ray. Unfortunately, the device falls into the hands of Senor Senior Senior, who uses it to help Junior seduce all the women in the world.
Car Alarm
Episode 5: Car Alarm (Feb 17, 2007)
Kim receives an old car that she has the Tweebs fix up for her. Meanwhile, Shego and Motor Ed join forces to steal something from the space center.
Mad Dogs and Aliens
Episode 6: Mad Dogs and Aliens (Feb 24, 2007)
Jim and Tim decide to take on the duties of the Middleton Mascot and Ron takes it upon himself to train them. Meanwhile, Drakken is broken out of prison by an alien named Warmonga.
Grande Size Me
Episode 7: Grande Size Me (Mar 03, 2007)
To prove a point, Ron decides to eat only Bueno Nacho. Meanwhile, HenchCo is holding an auction for a molecular transducer that Kim must stop.
Clothes Minded
Episode 8: Clothes Minded (Mar 17, 2007)
When Club Banana discontinues Kim's mission clothes just as she needs new ones, she is forced to find a replacement for her long worn clothes. Meanwhile, Kim and Ron start looking for colleges while Drakken starts his next plan.
Big Bother
Episode 9: Big Bother (Apr 07, 2007)
Ron comes home to unexpectedly find his new adopted baby sister named Hana Stoppable in his room. At the same time, he has to take care of a sack of flour for health class. Meanwhile, Kim and Ron team up with Yori to stop Monkey Fist yet again.
Fashion Victim
Episode 10: Fashion Victim (Apr 14, 2007)
When the Fashionistas and Camille team up to steal secret designs from Club Banana, Kim, Monique, and the Fashion Police must stop them. Meanwhile, Ron and Barkin get trapped inside a shipping crate.
Odds Man In
Episode 11: Odds Man In (Apr 28, 2007)
Drakken hires a familiar corporate consultant to start his next plans to take over the world. Meanwhile, Ron becomes obsessed in the actuary business.
Stop Team Go
Episode 12: Stop Team Go (May 05, 2007)
When Shego begins acting very friendly towards Kim and Ron, they investigate and find a comic-book type villain who is trying to conquer Go City with the help of the rest of Team Go.
Cap'n Drakken
Episode 13: Cap'n Drakken (May 19, 2007)
When Kim and Ron go on a senior-class trip to a historic seaport, they meet Drakken who has opened an ancient treasure chest and become possessed by a pirate's spirit.
Mathter and Fervent
Episode 14: Mathter and Fervent (Jun 17, 2007)
When Ron is assigned to write a paper about his hero, he decides to use Hego as his subject. While helping Hego to fight a new villain, the Mather, Ron gets zapped by a ray that causes everything he touches to explode. Now, an unexpected hero arises to save him.
The Mentor of Our Discontent
Episode 15: The Mentor of Our Discontent (Jun 23, 2007)
When Ron gets a scare when he thinks he is getting fired, his boss suprises him by making him watch his son instead. Meanwhile, Frugal Lucre gets let out of prison, and immediately goes back to Drakken. They soon begin a new plan together, much to Drakken's disgust.
Oh No! Yono!
Episode 16: Oh No! Yono! (Jul 01, 2007)
After discovering Hana walking on the ceiling, Kim and Ron try to get to the bottom of Hana's secrets. Meanwhile, Monkey Fist finds an ally in Yono the Destroyer as he continues his search for the "secret weapon".
Clean Slate
Episode 17: Clean Slate (Jul 28, 2007)
During a fight with Drakken and Shego, Kim gets amnesia and loses all of her memories. Ron now takes on the task of getting her back to her usual self. Meanwhile, Drakken comes up with a plan to turn the military into his slaves.
Homecoming Upset
Episode 18: Homecoming Upset (Aug 11, 2007)
Things get out of control when Ron and Bonnie become the homecoming king and queen. Now Kim has two problems to deal with – a missing computer expert and Bonnie making a move on her boyfriend.
Chasing Rufus
Episode 19: Chasing Rufus (Aug 12, 2007)
After both Ron Stoppable and shallow Camille Léon leave their beloved pets behind during a fight, Rufus and Debutante go on an adventure, playing a little game of cat and mouse, traversing continents, and finding new friends, all to find their respective owners.
Nursery Crimes
Episode 20: Nursery Crimes (Aug 12, 2007)
When the mysterious and creepy Nanny Nane begins reverting people into super babies and using them in a world-wide robbing spree, Kim must use her natural baby-sitting skills to save the day.
Larry's Birthday
Episode 21: Larry's Birthday (Sep 01, 2007)
Kim plans on throwing her cousin Larry a surprise birthday party, but she has to keep him busy until the party is ready. Meanwhile, Dementor enlists the help of his brother-in-law to steal Kim's battlesuit.
Graduation, Part 1
Episode 22: Graduation, Part 1 (Sep 07, 2007)
High school graduation nears for the senior class, but Warmonga's return jeopardizes everything as Team Possible goes through their toughest odds yet to save the planet.
Graduation, Part 2
Episode 23: Graduation, Part 2 (Sep 07, 2007)
After both Kim and Drakken have been taken captive, Ron and Shego must race to rescue them from the clutches of Warmonga, Warhok, and the other invaders. All of the main characters must now band together to save the planet that they call home.

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