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Knight Rider (1982)

Michael Long, an undercover police officer, is shot while investigating a case and left for dead by his assailants. He is rescued by Wilton Knight, a wealthy, dying millionaire and inventor who arranges life-saving surgery, including a new face and a new identity--that of Michael Knight. Michael is then given a special computerized and indestructible car called the Knight Industries Two Thousand (nicknamed KITT), and a mission: apprehend criminals who are beyond the reach of the law. The series depicts Michael's exploits as he and KITT battle the forces of evil on behalf of the Foundation for Law and Government.

Release Date: Sun, Sep 26, 1982

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 45

Season 4:

Knight of the Juggernaut
Episode 1: Knight of the Juggernaut (Sep 20, 1985)
Michael and K.I.T.T.'s latest assignment, to guard a volatile new isotope in Chicago, looks as if it could be their last, when the late Wilton Knight's daughter Jennifer plans to shut down their division of FLAG, and suspends Michael. But meanwhile, international terrorist Phillip Nordstrom kidnaps Devon, and uses hi-tech laser surgery on a criminal to create an impostor, as part of Nordstrom's plot to get his hands on the valuable isotope. Even though suspended, Michael becomes suspicious of (the impostor) Devon's behaviour and investigates – but Nordstrom plans to get rid of their interference, coating K.I.T.T. in a chemical to break down his molecular amour coating, before turning loose ""The Juggernaut"" – a deadly mobile battering ram...
Knight of the Juggernaut (2)
Episode 2: Knight of the Juggernaut (2) (Sep 20, 1985)
With K.I.T.T. completely wrecked by Nordstrom's ""Juggernaut"" battering ram, Michael and Bonnie, unable to turn to the strangely behaving Devon, enlist a street gang headed by a vigilante known as ""The Street Avenger"" to rebuild K.I.T.T. in a back-street garage, adding some key new features in the process; but it's a race against the clock to rebuild K.I.T.T. in time to prevent Nordstrom stealing the isotope...
Episode 3: KITTnap (Sep 27, 1985)
With Michael closing in on a master criminal who has escaped capture for years, the man and his henchmen plot to slow Michael up by trapping K.I.T.T. ...
Sky Knight
Episode 4: Sky Knight (Oct 18, 1985)
Bonnie's plane is hijacked and the passengers are held hostage by an ex-intelligence agent who wants money and ""political"" prisoners set free.
Burial Ground
Episode 5: Burial Ground (Oct 25, 1985)
An archaeologist excavating an ancient burial ground is kidnapped by a man who gets the oil-rich Indian land if no artifacts are found.
The Wrong Crowd
Episode 6: The Wrong Crowd (Nov 01, 1985)
When a biker gang hi-jack and steal the FLAG truck, hospitalising RC3 in the process, they expect it to be full of liquor - so are amazed to find it full of computer equipment. The son of two computer experts, himself a computer genius, is persuaded into helping the gang to use the truck's advanced technology to aid them on a crime spree. Michael and K.I.T.T. must stop the gang before they use the computers to disrupt the test-run of a new computerised vehicle that is armed with a warhead...
Knight Sting
Episode 7: Knight Sting (Nov 08, 1985)
Bonnie poses as a jetsetter to gain access to a foreign embassy planning to ship a canister of deadly bacteria out of the country.
Many Happy Returns
Episode 8: Many Happy Returns (Nov 15, 1985)
Michael's well-deserved break for his birthday is interrupted when Devon assigns him to find a stolen hi-tech hovercraft prototype before a black market arms dealer can ship it out of the country...
Knight Racer
Episode 9: Knight Racer (Nov 29, 1985)
Someone tries to kill Michael after he qualifies to drive for an independent racing team plagued by a series of ""accidents"".
Knight Behind Bars
Episode 10: Knight Behind Bars (Dec 06, 1985)
Michael discovers that prison inmates were used to steal security plans for a hotel that is hosting a defense conference.
Knight Song
Episode 11: Knight Song (Dec 13, 1985)
A childhood friend of RC3's is involved with a blockbusting real-estate developer, who's trying to prevent the opening of a nightclub that could revitalize RC3's old neighborhood.
The Scent of Roses
Episode 12: The Scent of Roses (Jan 03, 1986)
After a near-fatal encounter with a criminal mastermind, Michael falls into a deep depression and wants to quit the Foundation. He and Stevie are married.
Killer K.I.T.T.
Episode 13: Killer K.I.T.T. (Jan 10, 1986)
An embittered electronics genius gains control of KITT's programming and turns the car on Michael.
Out of the Woods
Episode 14: Out of the Woods (Jan 17, 1986)
A family logging outfit is unable to sell its timber because the local sawmill is buying pirated timber that was out on national park land.
Deadly Knightshade
Episode 15: Deadly Knightshade (Jan 24, 1986)
When a Foundation trustee is murdered, Michael's prime suspects master magician Austin Templeton – but the man was seemingly on stage performing at the time of the murder. Michael is determined to prove that Templeton used his ""magical"" trickery to fool the audience and give him the perfect alibi. The fact that Bonnie, an old flame of Templeton's, was in the audience and is insistent of his innocence, does not make the case any easier...
Redemption of a Champion
Episode 16: Redemption of a Champion (Jan 31, 1986)
When a sports promoter who claims to have some incriminating information about a legendary boxing match is murdered, Michael investigates an upcoming fight involving a villainous promoter and a former boxing champ who is determined to step back into the ring even if it kills him...
Knight of a Thousand Devils
Episode 17: Knight of a Thousand Devils (Feb 07, 1986)
After a wanted mobster escapes an F.B.I. raid, murdering an Agent friend of Michael's in the process, Michael and K.I.T.T., backed up by RC3, follow a secret dune-buggy race in which the mobster is racing to make his escape across the border into Mexico, where a new identity awaits him...
Hills of Fire
Episode 18: Hills of Fire (Feb 14, 1986)
Michael and K.I.T.T. have the seemingly easy, relaxing job of patrolling a national park for a couple of days, when they find themselves up against an arsonist driving an All-Terrain Vehicle, who escapes over rough terrain that K.I.T.T. can't cover. As they investigate to find just who is behind the spate of arson attacks, Michael must prove the innocence of a teenage boy, a reformed vandal, who is being framed for starting the fires...
Knight Flight to Freedom
Episode 19: Knight Flight to Freedom (Feb 21, 1986)
Michael is captured while trying to rescue an American political prisoner held in a country in the throes of a coup d'etat.
Fright Knight
Episode 20: Fright Knight (Mar 07, 1986)
Inexplicable accidents on a movie set are blamed on a legendary phantom haunting the studio.
Knight of the Rising Sun
Episode 21: Knight of the Rising Sun (Mar 14, 1986)
A powerful Japanese businessman attempts to abduct the adopted son of Devon's friend because the boy is a direct descendent of the founder of an ancient terrorist cult.
Voo Doo Knight
Episode 22: Voo Doo Knight (Apr 04, 1986)
Intercepting a robbery, Michael is shocked when one of the thieves commits apparent suicide, jumping out of a high-rise window. Investigating, it emerges that a con woman posing as a voodoo princess is using special earclips that submit the wearers to become zombified slaves to her commands. The woman plans to use her tranced henchmen to steal her some priceless archaeological finds, but in trying to stop the plot, Michael himself falls under the spell of one of the earclips...

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