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Emmerdale (1972)

The lives of several families in the Yorkshire Dales revolve around a farm and the nearby village. With murders, affairs, lies, deceit, laughter and tears, it's all there in the village.

Release Date: Mon, Oct 16, 1972

Country: GB
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Mark Charnock
Marlon Dingle
Lesley Dunlop
Brenda Walker
Samantha Giles
Bernice Thomas
Roxy Shahidi
Leyla Harding
Adam Thomas
Adam Barton
Zoë Henry
Rhona Goskirk
Michelle Hardwick
Vanessa Woodfield
Isobel Steele
Liv Flaherty
Fiona Wade
Priya Kotecha
Chris Bisson
Jai Sharma
Freddie Jones
Sandy Thomas
John Bowe
Lawrence White
Gaynor Faye
Megan Macey
Meg Johnson
Pearl Ladderbanks
Bill Ward
James Barton

Season 32:

Sunday 7 March 2004
Episode 2: Sunday 7 March 2004 (Mar 07, 2004)
Marlon loses his taste for village life and makes a shock decision about his future. Terry's refusal to accept financial help forces Dawn to issue an ultimatium. Scott has to face the music when Zoe discovers the identity of the haulage yard supervisior.
Sunday 14 March 2004
Episode 3: Sunday 14 March 2004 (Mar 14, 2004)
Val's persistence finally pays off and she enjoys an afternoon of passion. Terry manages to rise to the occasion for his wedding anniversary but is Dawn's mind elsewhere? Syd starts to tire of Chloe's mind games.
Wednesday 16 June 2004
Episode 4: Wednesday 16 June 2004 (Jun 16, 2004)
Eager to consummate his relationship with Zoe Scott decides to pull out all the stops and procures chocolates and champagne from the shop. Zoe tells Scott she can't remember the time she slept with him before. Deeply hurt Scott storms out and Zoe attempts to make him stay. When Debbie fails to come home after Cain's outburst in the pub her father turns up at Pear Tree Cottage demanding that she returns home. After agreeing to look after TJ while Dawn works for Eric Pollard at the factory Terry finds himself out of a job when his boss rings up demanding to know where he is and Terry tells him to stick his job.
Thursday 17 June 2004
Episode 5: Thursday 17 June 2004 (Jun 17, 2004)
Scott decides that if Zoe doesn't want a full physical relationship with him then he has no option but to move out. While Viv encourages him to leave Zoe confides in Ashley. Debbie is rude to Charity in front of Ethan who tells her off for being so hostile towards her mother. Later Debbie goes to see Charity at Pear Tree Cottage and apologises to her mum. Steph tells Shelly that she is convinced she can get Eric to ask her to move back in and is soon proved right. With a little encouragement from Rodney Danny asks his able assistant Donna out on another date.
Friday 18 June 2004
Episode 6: Friday 18 June 2004 (Jun 18, 2004)
Debbie catches up with Ethan he offers her a place on a church trip to France. Although dubious about hanging out with a group of young Christians Debbie says she'd like to go on the trip, believing that Ethan will be going. She is soon disappointed when the curate reveals that he is not going on the trip. Having spent the night with Zoe Scott is on cloud nine and refuses to let his mother put a dampener on things. Scott stops Viv in her tracks, just as she's about to launch into a long spiel about how Zoe is using him, by inviting her round to Home Farm for tea. Sam is in a flap when his hen Belinda comes down with a mystery ailment. When Sam phones Paddy the vet is out on a job but tells Sam to bring the hens to him. In a panic Sam piles his chickens into Cain's BMW and tears through the village. When one of the hens escapes from it's cage and flaps about in the car Sam is unable to see where he is going and does not see Edna who has run out into the road after Tootsie. Hitting Edna
Monday 21 June 2004
Episode 7: Monday 21 June 2004 (Jun 21, 2004)
Tootsie leads Jarvis and Shadrach to Edna and Sam makes himself scarce claiming that he is ill. Jarvis goes to phone for help while Shadrach sinks to news depths as he takes advantage of Jarvis's absence to help himself to Edna's cash. When the police arrive on the scene they find a broken wing mirror and say that it looks like they are dealing with a case of hit and run. Ethan runs into Cain in the shop and tells him about the trip to France. When Cain hears that there are assisted places available on the trip he takes exception to what he sees as an offer of charity. The Hope family's visit to Home Farm goes surprisingly well despite Viv kicking off proceedings with a few ill-advised remarks about baby Christopher looking poorly.
Tuesday 22 June 2004
Episode 8: Tuesday 22 June 2004 (Jun 22, 2004)
The police arrive at the hospital to interview Edna about the hit and run incident and return her bag. Debbie is delighted when Charity agrees to give the parental consent that will allow her to go on the church trip to France. At the hospital surrounded by geriatrics Edna is depressed and anxious about having to undergo the operation to replace her hip. Her mood is not improved when Len arrives with Laurel and Pearl who makes a series of tactless remarks about Edna's age. When the police arrive at Café Hope Viv is eager to help them with their enquiries and lets them know that Cain Dingle is the owner of a black car.
Wednesday 23 June 2004
Episode 9: Wednesday 23 June 2004 (Jun 23, 2004)
Sam struggles to contain his guilt and makes a shocking confession to Jarvis. Debbie disowns Cain after his cruelty towards Sam. Donna plays it cool - but is it too cool for Danny?
Thursday 24 June 2004
Episode 10: Thursday 24 June 2004 (Jun 24, 2004)
Lisa is dismayed when Jarvis confirms that Cain's claims about Sam being responsible for knocking Edna down are true. Lisa and Jarvis are disappointed to find Sam packing his bags to leave. Jarvis makes it plain to Sam where his responsibilities lie. Petrified of going to prison again Sam is reluctant to go to the police but Lisa convinces him that he can't run away from his conscience. After Sam goes to the police station, where he is charged, he visits Edna in hospital. She is furious when he turns up, telling him he is wicked. Cain seems hell bent on making himself the most unpopular man in the whole of the Dales. First he tells Debbie that if she goes on the trip to France she won't be welcome at home again. Driving his daughter away is just for starters. Killing Sam's chickens is also clearly not enough for Cain who is determined to make Sam suffer for landing him in hot water. When Sam returns from Hotton and Lisa tells Cain that Sam has been to see the police Cain goes to shake
Friday 25 June 2004
Episode 11: Friday 25 June 2004 (Jun 25, 2004)
Zoe struggles to keep her relationship with Rachel the solicitor on a purely business footing. Sam is on the receiving end of a village backlash. Charity wins back her job with Tom.
Sunday 27 June 2004
Episode 12: Sunday 27 June 2004 (Jun 27, 2004)
After the social worker visits Home Farm to assess Zoe's suitability to adopt Christopher Zoe enjoys a drink with her solicitor Rachel and neither can deny the strong mutual attraction between them. Meanwhile, Viv is on her way to Home Farm to drop off the children and is horrified when she walks in on Zoe and Rachel kissing. Will Viv tell Scott about the passionate embrace she has witnessed between his new partner and her solicitor? Andy and Daz struggle with the immense workload on the farm. In desperate need of assistance, Andy offers to pay Cain to help and also agrees that in return for labour Cain can park his car on their land. Does Andy's involvement with Cain spell trouble ahead for the young farmer
Monday 28 June 2004
Episode 13: Monday 28 June 2004 (Jun 28, 2004)
Having witnessed Zoe kissing Rachel Viv has to decide whether or not to tell Scott the painful truth. When Bob counsels her to keep it quiet Viv incredibly manages to keep schtum. Still none the wiser Scott leaves the pub and bumps straight into Zoe who, assuming that Viv has already spilled the beans, blurts out that it was only one kiss. Scott is deeply hurt, and tells Zoe he is moving out of Home Farm. She begs him to stay, but her words fall on deaf ears as he claims he can't cope with the realisation that she will never return the love he has for her. Charity declines Tom's offer of a drink, explaining to Chas that she is playing hard to get. Will her new tactic work or will it backfire? Shelly and Alan Turner agree to elope to Spain together. How will hotheaded Steph react when she hears the news?
Tuesday 29 June 2004
Episode 14: Tuesday 29 June 2004 (Jun 29, 2004)
Steph is suspicious when Alan invites her to the B&B for a slap up dinner. She is appalled when her father announces that he is planning to emigrate to Spain with Shelly. True to form selfish Steph bursts into tears and hurls abuse at the distraught couple. Will Alan and Shelly allow Steph to ruin their plans? Viv comforts a humiliated Scott, and turns Zoe away when she arrives to see him. Rachel goes to Home Farm, hoping to spend some time with Zoe, but quickly leaves when she realises how upset her client is over Scott. As Rachel exits, Scott approaches the house, but on seeing his love rival he is angered and marches off. Charity continues to play games with Tom by pretending to ignore him. He tries to make conversation but she remains blasé, determined to keep him guessing about her feelings for him. Will the millionaire grow tired of Charity's games or has she done enough to win his heart and his wallet?
Wednesday 30 June 2004
Episode 15: Wednesday 30 June 2004 (Jun 30, 2004)
In the Woolpack Charity decides to up the ante in her bid to bag Tom King by indulging in a spot of outrageous flirting with Syd. Jealous Tom watches from the bar. Will Charity's plans produce the result she's looking for or has she gone too far this time? Having reacted badly to Turner and Shelly's news, Steph finally appears to have come round to the idea after a long chat with her father. Shelly is thrilled that Steph has seen sense, but her relief is short-lived as scheming Steph pushes Shelly into a cupboard and locks the door. Steph insists that Shelly will not steal her father again, and only when Shelly agrees is she finally let out. Malicious Steph then insists that her friend tell Turner the trip must be cancelled. Zoe tells Scott that they need to talk, but still feeling betrayed he refuses. Ashley consoles an upset Zoe while Chloe lets Scott know that she's there if he needs her. Has Zoe blown it with Scott and has she ruined her chances of adopting Christopher in the proce
Thursday 1 July 2004
Episode 16: Thursday 1 July 2004 (Jul 01, 2004)
Sick of Charity's attempts to make him jealous Tom lays his cards on the table and tells her that he wants to be with her and he believes the feeling is mutual. Still smarting from Tom's failure to trust her over the missing money Charity tells him that she wants to be with someone who will believe her before he believes his family when push comes to shove. Charity thinks that her candour may have cost her chance of happiness with Tom but she is in for a surprise when the millionaire asks her to marry him. Needless to say Charity is delighted. Shelly decides to stand her ground after Steph's threatening behaviour the previous day. However, Steph manipulates her into believing she is being unfair to Alan and so Shelly tearfully tells him she cannot go to Spain after all. Danny is annoyed when Chas and Carl take his Polaroid camera without asking, especially when they come downstairs giggling, obviously up to no good.
Friday 2 July 2004
Episode 17: Friday 2 July 2004 (Jul 02, 2004)
Thinking she had seen off Charity's bid to bag Tom and his millions Sadie gets the shock of her life when Tom gathers the King clan together and announces his wedding plans. Sadie quietly warns Charity that Tom will soon find out what she's up to, but is left fuming when Charity triumphantly points out that she will soon be her mother-in-law. Carl insists he's not afraid of his dad, Chas calls his bluff by threatening to show Tom the nude Polaroids. She takes it one step too far by addressing the pictures to Tom before popping them into the post box. Furious Carl asks Paul to retrieve the envelope, but Paul refuses, knowing it's more that his job's worth. In a rage, Carl thumps Paul, leaving Siobhan livid and Chas dumbstruck. Steph is delighted that she seems to have put the kibosh on Shelly and Alan's big plans. But it looks as if the worm has turned when Shelly finds the courage to tell Alan that she thinks they should go ahead with their plans. Taken From itv.com
Tuesday 6 July 2004
Episode 19: Tuesday 6 July 2004 (Jul 06, 2004)
Paul tries to patch things up with Carl by helping him fix the guttering. As the pair lark about on the roof, Carl throws something at Paul and Paul loses his footing. Carl watches in horror as Paul falls to his death on the ground below. In a blind panic, Carl goes to Jimmy and Matthew for assistance and the brothers decide to make Paul's death look like an accident by moving him to his own garden. Later, Siobhan returns from the pub with Chloe and is horror-stricken to find her husband's lifeless body. As Siobhan desperately cradles Paul, Chloe tearfully rings for an ambulance. When Tom and Charity celebrate their engagement in the Woolpack Chas makes the most of Tom's generosity and after one too many drinks Cain is forced to take her home. Sadie seizes the opportunity to wind Charity up about her family's riotous behaviour. Dawn loses patience with her mum when she keeps reminding her that she is entitled to half the value of Terry's house now that they are separated. Taken From it
Wednesday 7 July 2004
Episode 20: Wednesday 7 July 2004 (Jul 07, 2004)
When the police visit Holdgate Farm Carl manages to answer their questions about Paul's death but he has more problems with his own conscience and decides he must tell Siobhan what happened. Carl makes his way to Siobhan's but is intercepted by his brothers who convince him not to speak to Siobhan about what happened. Will Carl's conscience allow him to keep quiet about his hand in Paul's untimely death? Meanwhile, a devastated Siobhan begins to blame herself for Paul's death, having been out the night that he died. Marlon comforts her as she struggles to make sense of what happened has to her husband. Edna is feeling down after being told by a social worker that she cannot return home until she is more mobile. Forced to practise using a Zimmer frame, Edna feels that she has been robbed of her dignity and independence.
Thursday 8 July 2004
Episode 21: Thursday 8 July 2004 (Jul 08, 2004)
Relieved to be out of hospital at last Edna returns home to Emmerdale. However, she is not happy about having to be carried over the threshold in full view of her neighbours. How will Edna cope now that she's been robbed of her independence? After a string of visitors Edna is shocked to find Sam on her doorstep clutching a bunch of flowers and desperate for forgiveness. Later Sam appears in court for the hit and run, but what will the judge decide? Matthew takes action to keep Carl and Siobhan apart as he worries that Carl will not be able to keep quiet about the accident. He visits Siobhan and invents a story to strike up a bond with her. Jimmy is annoyed by Matthew's dishonesty until his brother reveals an ulterior motive. Whatever can it be? Terry caves into pressure from Dawn's nagging mother and agrees to let his estranged wife live at Connelton View while he moves into a room that Louise has offered him at the Woolpack. As Terry gathers his belongings, mother-in-law from hell
Friday 9 July 2004
Episode 22: Friday 9 July 2004 (Jul 09, 2004)
Having persuaded Siobhan to go and stay with friends for a while Matthew is a relieved man, but he is made uneasy when Sadie becomes suspicious about Carl's sudden trip to Romania. Jimmy assures his brother that he has not breathed a word to his wife. If Sadie does work out what the King brothers have been up to will she use it to her advantage? Edna remains determined not to be beaten by her immobility but struggles to carry out day-to-day tasks. In doing so she suffers a fall trying to care for Tootsie. Jarvis hears his friend cry for help and rushes round to check on Edna, who is humiliated at being carried into the sitting room. To Edna's horror, Jarvis later returns with an overnight bag and insists on staying to help out. Robert throws himself into his work in an attempt to keep his mind off Katie. When Donna makes a snide remark about him moping after the runaway bride he retorts that she is just jealous nobody cares that way about her.
Sunday 11 July 2004
Episode 23: Sunday 11 July 2004 (Jul 11, 2004)
Steph is furious when she finds out that Shelly is helping Alan sell the B&B in preparation for a move to Spain. Steph confronts her friend about it and an argument ensues. Meek Shelly finally loses her temper and slaps Steph after she threatens to lock her in the cellar. Steph is furious and vows revenge, but will Shelly escape to Spain before she gets the chance? Edna is mortified when she has no option but to let Jarvis help her up the stairs to the bathroom. Still recuperating from her surgery, Edna is adamant than she can make it to church to receive communion but struggles with her Zimmer frame and is forced to return home. Diane and Louise make the mistake of leaving Marlon in charge of the pub for the day. Chas and Val are soon at each other's throats, and the joint landladies decide that one of them will have to go. With the staff having proved a dismal faiure they decide to organise a poll to let the punters choose who stays. taken from itv.com
Monday 12 July 2004
Episode 24: Monday 12 July 2004 (Jul 12, 2004)
Steph does her best to make Shelly's life hell at work. When Steph notices Shelly is wearing a ring that once belonged to her grandmother she accuses Shelly of stealing from Alan. Steph refuses to listen to Shelly's protest that the ring was given to her as a present by Alan. Believing that the woman she's bullied all her life is stealing her father away, Steph tries to make things as uncomfortable as possible for Shelly by spreading rumours around the village that Shelly is a bit of a gold digger. Sam is desperate to make amends with Edna. Jarvis suggests he help by building her a ramp to help her down the steps outside her house. Meanwhile, Edna struggles into the shop and refuses to let Len help her. Her friends begin to worry that she is going to end up seriously injuring herself unless she learns to accept their help. Will Edna see sense before it's too late? Dawn's mum Jean tries to encourage her daughter to start afresh by throwing out Terry's belongings. Dawn explains that t
Tuesday 13 July 2004
Episode 25: Tuesday 13 July 2004 (Jul 13, 2004)
Chas tries a new tactic to win votes in the Woolpack ballot by wearing a tight t-shirt saying ‘Chas needs you'. But after claims of vote rigging, Diane declares the election void. Will the barmaid crisis at the Woolpack ever get resolved? Marlon breaks the news to Sam that he has had a call to say Zak has been arrested at customs for smuggling the vine. Sam is devastated, reminding Marlon that they were going to use the money to pay for his brief. Determined not to lose the payment owed by Rodney for the vine, Shadrach buys an imitation from the garden centre but his scam backfires when he forgets to take the label off. Steph's poisonous rumours about Shelly's gold digging start to spread and the village gossips have a field day. Shelly remains oblivious, but after constant abuse from Steph at work she decides to resign from her job at the factory. Terry is furious when Louise tells him that she has seen an estate agent valuing his house. He accuses Dawn of trying to sell the place fro
Wednesday 14 July 2004
Episode 26: Wednesday 14 July 2004 (Jul 14, 2004)
With Zak's activities reducing Dingle coffers to an all time low Lisa sends Cain, Sam and Shadrach out to make some money. When they come across a cow Shadrach has an idea. Convinced that the prime beef from the lost beast will be worth a small fortune the Dingles decide the cow is a gift horse they can't afford to ignore and bundle the animal into the back of their van. Meanwhile, Andy realises that one of his herd is missing and calls the police. Will Lisa pull the trigger on the animal before they realise who the rightful owner is? Dawn reassures Terry that her trip to Spain is just a holiday and even if she gets sole custody of TJ she will not deny him access. Relieved, Terry agrees to let her take their son to Spain. Will Terry come to regret his willingness to trust his estranged wife? Edna is horrified when her physiotherapist suggests that because she is unable to get up the stairs to the toilet she needs a commode. taken from itv.com
Thursday 15 July 2004
Episode 27: Thursday 15 July 2004 (Jul 15, 2004)
As the adoption hearing looms, Charity's doubts about giving up her son begin to grow but she remains adamant that her mind is made up. Sadie can't resist bringing up the adoption. She takes great delight in telling Charity what a great a mother her new pal Zoe is. Will Sadie's comments help to change Charity's mind? Lisa stashes the stolen meat in the Woolpack fridge before confessing all to Andy. They strike a deal that Andy will tell the police he found the animal dead if Shadrach pays compensates him for the cost of the cow by working as a labourer on the farm. Will work shy Shadrach stick to the deal in order to keep the police from banging on the Dingles' door? Jarvis takes delivery of Edna's commode while she is at a physio session, but Edna is livid when she sees it. He loses his temper and tells her it is time to face up to the fact that she is temporarily disabled. taken from itv.com
Friday 16 July 2004
Episode 28: Friday 16 July 2004 (Jul 16, 2004)
Still determined not to use the commode, Edna decides to take Tootsie for a walk so she can use the public amenities. Her humiliation deepens when she doesn't make it in time. After being reassured by a surprisingly sympathetic Viv, Edna is at the end of her tether and shouts at Sam again, accusing him of ruining her life and taking away her independence. Later she attempts to climb the stairs to her bathroom but loses her footing and falls. Jarvis hears the crash and runs into the house to find Edna lying at the bottom of the stairs. Will Edna survive another set back? Charity resolves to ignore her doubts about the adoption. She convinces Tom that she does not want the baby back and Tom tries to cheer her up by asking her to move in with him. After Zoe refuses to let her see the baby, Charity confides in Chas that she is feeling unsure but simply can't risk ruining things with Tom by keeping the child. taken from itv.com
Sunday 18 July 2004
Episode 29: Sunday 18 July 2004 (Jul 18, 2004)
At the adoption hearing Zoe fears that Charity may try to take baby Christopher back. To her surprise, however, Charity explains to the court that she doesn't want custody of her son. Zoe's relief is short-lived when she is told that social services are against the adoption and the judge asks for a recess to consider the situation further. While Zoe anxiously awaits the decision, bored Charity decides to head back to work. The judge returns with the verdict and Zoe clings to her nephew in horror as she is told that the adoption has been declined. How will Zoe cope with this shattering news? Charity is later stunned when she hears that her son will be going into foster care. Will this provoke Charity to rethink her decision? Jarvis calls in on Edna and is concerned by her defeatist attitude. He points out that she is lucky to be alive, and refers to Paul. Taking this on board, Edna finally calls the hospital accepting she needs home help. Nicola is annoyed when she sees Simon hugging a
Monday 19 July 2004
Episode 30: Monday 19 July 2004 (Jul 19, 2004)
When Tom confides in Sadie that he thinks Charity wants to keep her baby and confesses that this is not what he wants Sadie seizes her golden opportunity to split them up. Playing the concerned daughter-in-law card to the full Sadie tells Tom that he mustn't come between Charity and her son and however painful it may be he must let her go. Meanwhile, Charity admits to an unimpressed Lisa that she can't risk losing her millionaire fiancé, even if it means sacrificing her child. However, a run in with Zoe prompts Charity to change her mind and she tells Tom she can't bear to let her son go. Charity is thrilled when he tells her that if it's what she really wants, he will learn to live with it, if it means they can be together. Katie shocks estranged husband Andy when she unexpectedly turns up on his doorstep. After discussing financial matters, Katie waits at the bus stop but is spotted by Robert before she is able to leave. He does all he can to beg her to stay, but despite his pleas Ka
Wednesday 21 July 2004
Episode 32: Wednesday 21 July 2004 (Jul 21, 2004)
Determined to bring up Christopher Zoe decides to flee Emmerdale with the children, but just as she's about to leave Scott shows up and stops her leaving the village with his daughter. Furious that Zoe would consider taking Jean away without his consent Scott manages to convince Zoe that she will only make matters worse for herself if she decides to take Christopher away. Zoe later takes the baby to Holdgate Farm to hand him over herself. She does so calmly, but tears fill her eyes as she watches an elated Charity hold her son. Heartbroken, Zoe walks away, clutching the baby's blanket to her face for comfort. Tom tells Carl that he would really appreciate it if he could find somewhere else to live, now that he and Charity will have the baby. Carl agrees but is clearly preoccupied, and Tom is puzzled by his behaviour. Katie struggles to settle back into village life when Donna takes exception to Danny offering Katie a room at Pear Tree Cottage. taken from itv.com
Thursday 22 July 2004
Episode 33: Thursday 22 July 2004 (Jul 22, 2004)
On the day of Paul's funeral Carl continues to wrestle with his conscience and in the Woolpack after the service he tearfully tells Siobhan how sorry he is. Matthew is not happy. Convinced that his brother is about to give the game away Matthew bundles his brother outside. When Tom hears his sons arguing his suspicion that they are hiding something begin to grow. At the wake Siobhan tells Matthew that she needs to move on and that the house is his if he still wants it. He agrees to make her an offer. Ashley tries to console forlorn Zoe, whilst Charity realises that she has her work cut out as she struggles to cope with a wailing baby for the first time. Sadie, of course, is delighted. Donna is still fuming over Katie moving in with Danny, and warns her to stay away from her boyfriend. Katie does her best to make amends, but Donna is not interested. taken from itv.com
Friday 23 July 2004
Episode 34: Friday 23 July 2004 (Jul 23, 2004)
When Tom has a go at his security guard about the recent break-in, he is brought up sharp when the guard tells him that no such break-in took place at the yard. Smelling a rat Tom tackles his sons and calls their bluff by telling them he has checked with the police and the break-in was never reported. Realising they have been rumbled, the brothers do their best to come up with a story. When Tom gets Carl on his own and demands that he tells him the truth Carl cracks and tells his father about his part in Paul's death. Tom is stunned by Carl's confession. Sadie enjoys watching Charity struggle with Noah and takes delight in reminding the young mother who is shortly to become her mother-in-law that she also has work to do for the family business. Later Charity bumps into Zoe in the shop and offers to let her spend some time with Noah the following week. Zoe reluctantly offers her some advice on getting the baby off to sleep. Shelly is horrified when Viv questions her decision to give
Sunday 25 July 2004
Episode 35: Sunday 25 July 2004 (Jul 25, 2004)
When Tom has a go at his security guard about the recent break-in, he is brought up sharp when the guard tells him that no such break-in took place at the yard. Smelling a rat Tom tackles his sons and calls their bluff by telling them he has checked with the police and the break-in was never reported. Realising they have been rumbled, the brothers do their best to come up with a story. When Tom gets Carl on his own and demands that he tells him the truth Carl cracks and tells his father about his part in Paul's death. Tom is stunned by Carl's confession. Sadie enjoys watching Charity struggle with Noah and takes delight in reminding the young mother who is shortly to become her mother-in-law that she also has work to do for the family business. Later Charity bumps into Zoe in the shop and offers to let her spend some time with Noah the following week. Zoe reluctantly offers her some advice on getting the baby off to sleep. Shelly is horrified when Viv questions her decision to give
Monday 26 July 2004
Episode 36: Monday 26 July 2004 (Jul 26, 2004)
Sam is terrified when his solicitor confirms that he is likely to be looking at a custodial sentence of six months for the hit and run incident and decides to run away. Marlon arrives to find Sam with his bag packed, ready to go. He tries to stop him but Sam is adamant that he can't cope in prison. Marlon reluctantly suggests they come up with a better idea between them. Will Sam be facing a future on the run from the law? With Carl sporting a black eye Sadie attempts to use her seductive powers to persuade Jimmy to tell her what has been going on, but gets nowhere. Matthew tells Jimmy he had no idea that Tom was planning to hand the business over to him. Later Jimmy confides in Sadie, who is astonished by Tom's plans. Steph won't leave Shelly alone and claims she is making her dad unhappy. Steph's harsh words make Shelly begin to question herself. Can her relationship with Alan survive Steph's efforts to cause a rift between them? taken from itv.com
Tuesday 27 July 2004
Episode 37: Tuesday 27 July 2004 (Jul 27, 2004)
Suspecting that Steph is behind Shelly's unsettled mood Alan asks her what's going on. Feigning reluctance Steph tells Alan his relationship with Shelly isn't her first relationship with a wealthy older man. When Shelly realises Steph has poisoned Alan's mind, Shelly decides she can't bear to stay with him knowing that he doubts her motives for being with him. Lisa does her best to reassure Sam about the pending court hearing, but is flabbergasted when he tells her not to worry because Marlon is going to sneak him off to Ireland instead. Furious Lisa confronts Marlon, who admits to having a hand in the escape plans. Marlon tells Lisa he's offered to help Sam escape because he's convinced that Sam wouldn't survive in prison. Tash admits to Simon that she wonders what things would be like if they had never broken up. Realising that she is still interested, Simon points out to her that they have both moved on. Later, she moves in to kiss him but Simon pulls away from her, saying that it i

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