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Knots Landing (1979)

The domestic adventures, misdeeds and everyday interactions of five families living on a cul-de-sac in a small California community.

Release Date: Thu, Dec 27, 1979

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 44

Michele Lee
Karen MacKenzie
Kevin Dobson
M. Patrick McKenzie
Pat Petersen
Michael Fairgate
Tonya Crowe
Olivia Cunningham
Larry Riley
Frank Williams
Stacy Galina
Kate Whittaker
Kathleen Noone
Claudia Whittaker

Season 14:

Found and Lost
Episode 1: Found and Lost (Oct 29, 1992)
Pierce pulls a knife on Paige. She jumps out of the car. Alex is there, and punches Pierce out. Pierce is arrested screaming that he loves Paige. Mary returns Meg and tells McKenzie's she's Laura's mother. Mary gets a lawyer, Toni Fields, to win visitation rights, but she really wants money. Claudia kicks Alex out. Greg is at a remote cabin, but Anne finds him and tells him she's pregnant. He doesn't want her to keep the baby, and wants her to leave. She won't, so he goes off hiking and Anne follows. Gary is worried when Val doesn't return from Florida, but has checked out of her hotel.
Lovers and Other Strangers
Episode 2: Lovers and Other Strangers (Nov 05, 1992)
Gary decides to go to Florida to look for Val. Kate asks Vanessa to leave, because Alex is moving in with her. Kate catches Alex and Vanessa in the shower together and kicks them both out. Anne says she is going to keep the baby, so Greg says that in that case they should get married. They return home. Mary decides to bring the MacKenzies to court, so Karen and Mac ask Greg to help. He tells them he'll take care of it. Anne tells Paige that Paige dropped the ball with Greg, and now she is going to marry Greg. Paige breaks down and cries.
The Children's Hour
Episode 3: The Children's Hour (Nov 12, 1992)
Greg decides to pay off Mary, but she says it's not about money. The MacKenzies are mad that she told Meg about the adoption. Claudia gets Vanessa a job at a music television station, and Alex tries to get back with Kate, and then comes on to Paige. Alex decides to go back east. Greg is appointed to a task force to rebuild Los Angeles after the riots. He tells Paige he wants her and Sumner Group to be part of it. Gary is frustrated that he didn't find anything out about Val in Florida. Kate helps to comfort the twins, who are worried. Kate decides to stay at Claudia's for awhile. Nick comes back to town. Anne finds out that she isn't pregnant, but is going through menopause.
Rescue Me
Episode 4: Rescue Me (Nov 19, 1992)
In Florida, Gary discovers Val has been kidnapped. He chases Val and the kidnappers in his car. The car that Val is in crashes and blows up. Anne plans her wedding with Greg. She wants a big wedding, but she tells him to keep it small. Greg wants his commission to sponsor a sports complex for inner-city youth, and wants Sumner Group to build the complex. The Judge gives Mary visiting rights to Meg.
Love and Death
Episode 5: Love and Death (Dec 03, 1992)
Kate comforts Gary and the twins about Val's death. Gary and Kate start to kiss, but he says he can't. A memorial service is held, and Betsy runs out, not believing Val is dead. Karen's upset over Val's death. Greg appoints Bill Nolan, an ex-baseball player to his commission. Bill antagonizes Paige, but she agrees to go out with him, and to back the sports complex. Anne confides in Mac that she isn't pregnant, but is taking fertility pills. Mac thinks she should tell Greg, but she doesn't. Anne wants Paige to attend the wedding, but she won't, because she still loves Greg. Before the wedding, Greg tells Carlos he feels like he's going to prison, and has a better idea. Greg lets himself into Paige's apartment, but sees her in bed with Bill. Greg then decides to go to the church and marry Anne.
The Price
Episode 6: The Price (Dec 10, 1992)
Paige tells Bill she slept with him on the rebound. He still wants to go out, but she rejects him. Nick moves in with Claudia. She buys him an Italian restaurant to keep him in town and in her bed. Nick lets Vanessa know he's in town. She's upset and asks him not to tell her secret. He says he won't as his future might depend on her. Kate feels guilty about her crush on Gary. Meg doesn't want to see Mary, and Mary tells her if she doesn't, the Judge might make Meg live with her. Joe Robeson tells the MacKenzies he can get Mary out of their life if he pays them. The stress is taking a toll on Mac and Karen's marriage. Mac asks Paige for a million dollars.
Bye-Bye, Love
Episode 7: Bye-Bye, Love (Dec 17, 1992)
Vanessa's scared of being fired, because her ratings are low. She finds Anne's fertility pills. Bill receives an offer to play baseball in Japan, and asks Paige to go with him, but she says she isn't in love with him. Gary takes a job overseeing the building of the sports complex. Karen's upset that Mac won't talk to her. Karen tells Toni that Mary only wants money. Toni asks Mary, who fires her. Paige can't get the money, so Mac asks Claudia's help. She tells him to make up a phony charity for the money. Claudia gets a million dollars, but only gives Mac half, keeping the other half for herself and Nick's restaurant. Mac puts the money in a briefcase with a tracking device. He asks Gary to tape him giving it to Mary. However, the battery in Gary's video camera dies, so he takes a battery from a tourist. The tourist, trying to retrieve the battery, blocks Gary's shot. Mary walks off with the money.
A Death in the Family
Episode 8: A Death in the Family (Jan 07, 1993)
Vanessa tells Anne she wants $2000 a week to keep her secret. Anne's upset that Greg spends all his time on the committee, and not with her. She learns Greg had Bill sent to Japan. Anne falls off a horse and tells Greg she lost they baby. Nick gives Claudia a necklace. Karen's upset that Mac tried to set Mary up. Mac's upset Gary didn't get it on tape. Mary gives her brother Joe some money, but says she's going to see Meg until they give her the rest of the million. Mac's upset, because he thought Mary was out of their life. He yells at her and her neighbor comes to see if she's okay. Karen decides to talk to Mary. She goes to her apartment and finds it trashed, and Mary is dead on the floor.
Some Like it Hot
Episode 9: Some Like it Hot (Jan 14, 1993)
Kate helps Gary hire a housekeeper, and tells him that she has feelings for him. Vanessa's upset that Anne won't give her money. Anne tells Greg she was never pregnant, but that she'll be a good wife. Greg tells her it is a marriage of convenience, and she is never to bring up Paige to him. Karen finds a tape Mary made of her meeting with Mac. She hides it and calls police. They put Tom Ryan in charge. Mac burns the tape, but Mary had sent a copy to Toni, which she gives the police. Tom wants to know where he got the money. Claudia tells Tom that Mac filed papers with her for ""Pacific Preservation Co."" and forged her signature to get a million dollars. Police find Mac's fingerprints on the ashtray that killed Mary, and they arrest him for her murder.
The Invisible Man
Episode 10: The Invisible Man (Jan 21, 1993)
Despite their attempts, Karen and Gary are not allowed to speak with Mack while he's being booked for the murder of Mary. They retain Attorney William Reed to represent Mack. Paige and Kate try futilely to calm Meg, who's nervous that her parents aren't home. After Meg goes to sleep, Gary and Karen return to the house with no news about Mack. Kate and Gary share a tender moment. The following day, Karen and Paige go to the jail where they learn Mack fired his attorney, Reed, the night before. Reed tells Karen that Mack gave explicit orders that he doesn't want to see her. She's shocked. The women go to municipal court for Mack's bail hearing. They learn that bail is already set at one million dollars and that Mack is back in jail. Paige asks former boyfriend, Tom, for help, but he suggests Mack plead to manslaughter. Paige gets angry. Later, Detective Pete Reynolds tells Tom that he helped Mack give money to Mary. He tells Tom the money was marked and Mack is innocent. Greg has difficu
The Getaway
Episode 11: The Getaway (Jan 28, 1993)
Greg tells Claudia to return her half of the money or he'll make her disappear. Nick gives her the money, but won't tell her how he got it. Nick kisses Anne, but she doesn't want to mess things up with Greg. Gary hires Kate to work on the sports complex. She convinces a couple who are holding up construction to move, but they later change their mind. Kate kisses Gary, but he pushes her away. Out on bail, Mac investigates who killed Mary. Toni decides to help Mac. Gary gets a report that Joe kidnapped Val, so he decides to go back to Florida and asks Kate to watch the twins. Mac wants to go to, but Karen says he would be jumping bail. Mac sneaks out in the middle of the night and leaves Karen a note.
Call Waiting
Episode 12: Call Waiting (Feb 04, 1993)
Greg doesn't know why construction of the sports arena is stalled, and tries to bulldoze the Carter's house, not realizing they still live there. The incident is on the news. Greg decides to quit the committee and go back to Sumner Group. Paige tells him that Claudia will put up a fight. Tom wants to interview Greg, so Karen and Peggy cover for him. Karen asks Paige to help, so Paige spends the day with Tom. The police discover that someone is using marked money. It is Joe Robeson, and Paige helps Tom arrest him. Joe is questioned, but denies killing Mary and says the money is his savings. Tom figures out that Mac jumped bail, and wants to put out a warrant for his arrest, so Paige asks him to wait for 24 hours.
Farewell, My Lovely
Episode 13: Farewell, My Lovely (Feb 11, 1993)
Back from Florida, Gary tells Karen that Mary was really Laura's aunt, and Laura's mother died in childbirth. The police drop the charges against Mac, and they let Joe go. Joe meets with Nick, who tells him he wasn't supposed to have murdered Mary. Then Joe is found dead. Nick tells Vanessa he doesn't want Treadwell coming to town. Nick has Claudia open a bank account for ""Edward Messinger"" and gives her a briefcase of money. Paige asks Mac for his shares of Sumner group, but he says he doesn't care. Kate comes on to Gary again. He says he's not ready and she's pushing him. Mac hires Toni to work with him and says Frank moved to Chicago. Karen is upset that Mac didn't tell her about Florida or hiring Toni. He says talking to her is an inquisition. She decides to leave him and stay with Diana in New York.
The Way Things Were
Episode 14: The Way Things Were (Feb 11, 1993)
Greg ignores Anne, so she comes on to Nick but won't sleep with him. Greg tells Anne his heart wants what it wants, and it doesn't want her. Gary tells Kate he has conflicting feelings, but wants to still be friends with her. Mac calls Karen but she puts Meg on. He and Greg commiserate in a bar, and Mac says he'll give Greg Meg's shares back. Paige asks him for the shares, and Mac says he already promised them to Greg, but will give them to her instead. Greg blackmails Claudia to sell him her shares. Treadwell calls Nick and Nick tells Claudia she can't sell, that because he gave her the half million dollars, she has obligations, and she doesn't know who she's dealing with. He also wants her to put a disc in the Sumner computer. Out bicycling with the twins, a van knocks Kate off the road, and she's unconscious.
Hints and Evasions
Episode 15: Hints and Evasions (Feb 25, 1993)
Kate is okay. Gary tells her she needs to find someone younger, that he doesn't want any more children. Upset, Kate decides to go away. Claudia agrees to keep her share. Nick says he needs to know Paige's strength and weaknesses, now that she has the McKenzie's shares. Tom investigates Kate's hit and run, and Paige tells him that there is probably a link to whoever gave Claudia money. Tom, trying to find Nick, meets Vanessa, and they flirt outrageously. Vanessa asks Tom for protection, and tells him Nick is involved with Treadwell. She says she was Treadwell's mistress, that he is ruthless and has a huge illegal empire in Europe, and now wants to take over the Sumner Group. Tom tells Nick he wants in on the action, because he can control Paige.
My Kingdom for a Horse
Episode 16: My Kingdom for a Horse (Mar 04, 1993)
Diana tells Karen she should give Mac another chance. Greg buys a racehorse for $10 million. Anne and Nick decide to kidnap it and ask for a $4 million ransom, so they can run away together. Unfortunately, Greg insured it for $15 million, so he won't pay the ransom. Then he discovers Nick and Anne have it. Vanessa and Tom sleep together. She tells him that she ran away from Treadwell because he was bored with her, and she thought he would kill her. She came to LA, and Nick threatened to tell Treadwell where she was. One of Treadwell's men drops off a case for Nick at the restaurant. Vanessa pries it open, and it's a high-powered rifle.
Day of the Assassin
Episode 17: Day of the Assassin (Mar 11, 1993)
Greg has Claudia and Kate stay at the ranch where he's hired extra security. Claudia sells her shares to Greg so she won't be in danger. Gary tells Kate he wants her in his life and they kiss. Treadwell and his men beat Nick up. Anne tends his wounds and he tells her about Treadwell. A mailboy shoots Greg, but he's wearing a bulletproof vest. Tom brings Paige to his apartment so she'll be safe, and they kiss. Vanessa comes by but runs away, and Tom runs after her. Mac goes to New York and tells Karen he loves her, and that their marriage is worth fighting for. Mort tells Greg that the Burton Tech. data base is being ruined by a virus. Paige and Greg decide to fly there to see what's going on. Security guards check the plane, but one of them plants a bomb. Vanessa sleeps with Treadwell and overhears a call that the bomb will go off in 20 minutes. Vanessa calls Tom who calls the airport, but the plane has taken off.
Just Like Old Times (2)
Episode 19: Just Like Old Times (2) (May 13, 1993)
Treadwell is going to shoot Nick, so Vanessa shoots Treadwell. She tells Tom it was in self-defense, so no charges are filed. With Treadwell out of the way, Val is free, and she and the twins have a tearful reunion. Gary tells her about Kate, but says he never loved anyone the way he loved her. Kate's upset and decides to go away. Karen and Mac yell at each other, and suddenly realize that things are back to ""normal"" and start to laugh and cry and kiss. Abby tells Greg that she is Treadwell's partner, and is taking over Sumner Group, because she has information to blackmail him. Greg has bought information from Nick and Anne that document her and Treadwell's illegal dealings, so she can't blackmail him. With the money they made from Greg, Nick and Anne decide to live in Monaco together. At the airport they run into Claudia, who is also moving to Monaco. Greg finds that Paige has taken over his office, and she reminds him she owns 23 of the company, but he can have her old office. He sa

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