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Captain Midnight (1954)

Captain Midnight is an American televisions series that aired on CBS from September 9, 1954 to January 21, 1956. The series stars Richard Webb as Captain Midnight.

Release Date: Sat, Sep 04, 1954

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Season 2:

The Secret Room
Episode 1: The Secret Room (Oct 29, 1955)
Captain Midnight exposes a phony seance racket that preys upon a wealthy society women who is also the wife of a famous physicist. The professor has invented a device to harness the power of the sun. The seance racket is merely a scheme to obtain the Professor's invention.
Mission to Mexico
Episode 2: Mission to Mexico (Nov 05, 1955)
Captain Midnight and Ikky go to Mexico to find an enemy radio station. The last intercepted message from the station referred to a shipment of fissionable materials that may prove a danger to the United States.
The Frozen Men
Episode 3: The Frozen Men (Nov 12, 1955)
A famous scientist who is working on a new metal that may be the key to space travel is kidnapped. In the middle of a desert, Captain Midnight locates the scientist in a state of frozen animation. In order to save the scientist, Captain Midnight must survive a nuclear test at ground zero.
Doctors of Doom
Episode 4: Doctors of Doom (Nov 19, 1955)
Captain Midnight investigates the report of a giant roaming around a small Maryland town. The investigation leads to a sanitarium where the only residents are nuclear scientists who have been turned into scientific slaves for the benefit of a sinister foreign power.
Sunken Sapphires
Episode 5: Sunken Sapphires (Nov 26, 1955)
Captain Midnight and Ikky help and young woman and her brother in recovering a cache of jewels. They use Tut's Omni Counter. Once the jewels are recovered Captain Midnight and Ikky must battle thugs to keep it.
Master Criminal
Episode 6: Master Criminal (Dec 03, 1955)
The plans for a new jet engine under development at Secret Squadron headquarters attract one of the nation's top criminals. He pretends to surrender and gains access to Captain Midnight's laboratory and the plans for the new engine.
Secret of Superstition Mountain
Episode 7: Secret of Superstition Mountain (Dec 10, 1955)
Captain Midnight and Ikky stumble on a hidden treasure while prospecting for uranium in Arizona. Ghostly apparitions, however, seem intent on robbing them of their discovery.
The Mountain of Fire
Episode 8: The Mountain of Fire (Dec 17, 1955)
Captain Midnight and Ikky help a group of scientists trying to develop a process of converting volcanic heat into electricity. When a long-dormant volcano begins to erupt, research is disrupted and sabotage is suspected.
The Jungle Pit
Episode 9: The Jungle Pit (Dec 24, 1955)
Captain Midnight and Ikky help a young Japanese boy find his missing father: a soldier hiding on a Pacific Island who is still convinced that World War II has not ended.
Flight into the Unknown
Episode 10: Flight into the Unknown (Dec 31, 1955)
A banker disappers with a significant amount of money. Captain Midnight and Ikky trace the man to a small Pacific Island where he is recovering from exhaustion. The arrival of three greedy thugs on the island complicates Captain Midnight attempt to help the banker clear his name and return to his family.
The Runaway Suitcase
Episode 11: The Runaway Suitcase (Jan 07, 1956)
A police officer is accused of stealing a suitcase full of money. He is forced to resign and turns to Captain Midnight to help clear his name.
Million Dollar Diamond
Episode 12: Million Dollar Diamond (Jan 14, 1956)
A young boy tells Captain Midnight about the strange and abusive behavior of his father, a gem expert preparing to cut a million dollar diamond. With the aid of Tut's new invention, a miniature television camera and transmitter, Captain Midnight learns that the boy's father has been kidnapped and a double has been put in his place. The plan is to steal the diamond when it is delivered for cutting. Captain Midnight arranges for the release of the boy's father and the apprehension of the criminals behind the proposed theft.
The Human Bullet
Episode 13: The Human Bullet (Jan 21, 1956)
Captain Midnight agrees to test a revolutionary rocket sled after the vehicle's first test pilot is killed in its 800 mph test run. Captain Midnight uncovers a sabotage plot to discredit the invention and its inventor.

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