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Gun Shy (1983)

Gun Shy is an American western comedy television series that aired from March 15 until April 19, 1983.

Release Date: Tue, Mar 15, 1983

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Season 1:

Western Velvet
Episode 1: Western Velvet (Mar 15, 1983)
The Show begins with the death of Clovis's pet snake. He tells Donavan he wants a horse for a real pet. Donavan tells him he is two youg.As luck would have it, Donavan leaves for town and ends up gambling with an english man. Of course Donavan wins, he wins a horse.
Pardon Me Boy, Is That The Quake City Choo Choo?
Episode 2: Pardon Me Boy, Is That The Quake City Choo Choo? (Mar 22, 1983)
Donavan pays the taxes on Amos and Theadores land, just before they get evicted. Shortly after they find out the B&O Railroad is extending their railway right through Quake City. The only property that will get damaged is Amos and Theadores actual home.
What Do You Mean We,: Amigo?
Episode 3: What Do You Mean We,: Amigo? (Mar 29, 1983)
The Jones Gang arrives into town , with the notion to take over.This causes high anxiety between amos and Theadore.
You Gotta Know When to Hold 'Em
Episode 4: You Gotta Know When to Hold 'Em (Apr 05, 1983)
Randy Turner is back in town, and Donavan is fit to be tied. Mr. Turner is slightly a better card player than Donavan, and actually won Donavan's entire life savings in gambling venture a long long time ago. Now Donavan rechallenges him to another game of cards.
Reading, Writing, and Robbing
Episode 5: Reading, Writing, and Robbing (Apr 12, 1983)
Because of recent Stage Coach robberies , the sheriff has donavan ride with the coach to see if it can be stopped.
Mail Order Mommy
Episode 6: Mail Order Mommy (Apr 19, 1983)
Clovis and Celia decide Donavan needs a wife, so they set out to get him a mail order bride.

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