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The Meeting

U.S. spies learn that a new chief of the U.S.S.R. secret police has been appointed. Agent Ralph Drake goes to Austria to meet with Western agents from six Iron Curtain countries.

Release Date: Thu, Oct 02, 1958

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 30
Subtitle     Direct Stream

Bruce Gordon
Commander Matson

Season 1:

The Cape Canaveral Story
Episode 1: The Cape Canaveral Story (Oct 02, 1958)
Wayne Hollister, a Florida fisherman, is approached by a Mr. Meyers who rents his boat for one day and demands to be taken to the waters off Cape Canaveral, not to fish, but to watch a rocket launching.
Double Jeopardy
Episode 3: Double Jeopardy (Oct 16, 1958)
British and U.S. intelligence agents learn that the Soviet ambassador to the U.N. is scheduled to arrive in London and divulge the Russian's new tactics to the Russian embassy there. The Allies try to plant a recording device in the embassy and ask a staid Britisher to help them.
Mig 9
Episode 4: Mig 9 (Oct 23, 1958)
Trouble in Test Cell 10
Episode 5: Trouble in Test Cell 10 (Oct 30, 1958)
A new jet engine that is being tested for its suitability for mass production blows up on the final test. Exam of the wreckage shows evidence of sabotage. U.S. Intelligence agents try to find the sabateur.
Man in the Moon
Episode 6: Man in the Moon (Nov 06, 1958)
Clara Koller, a widow, has the important job of handling the budget of a manufacturing company engaged in a secret government project. When she is asked to join a friendship club she accepts, unaware that the club is a front for enemy agents.
The Nike Story
Episode 7: The Nike Story (Nov 13, 1958)
Captain John Benson is sent to investigate when a fellow officer is murdered trying to trap an enemy agent on a missile base. Benson arranges to hold open house at the base in an attempt to capture the entire ring of agents at the base.
It Was Learned on High Authority
Episode 8: It Was Learned on High Authority (Nov 27, 1958)
Fred Lang, an enemy agent, works as an engineer on a missile base in Los Angeles. He learns that a group of scientists is scheduled to fly to Cape Canaveral and is ordered to place a bomb on the plane.
The Enemy on the Flank
Episode 9: The Enemy on the Flank (Dec 04, 1958)
U.S. Intelligence men learn that a U.S.S.R. sub operating from a base in Albania plan to interfere with movements of the U.S. Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean. Two agents are assigned to get information re the U.S.S.R. plans.
A Cover of Art
Episode 10: A Cover of Art (Dec 11, 1958)
Commander Matson enters Czechoslovakia disguised as an art dealer, part of a plan to get atomic scientist Andrew Fleming out of the country. Tension mounts as the time of Fleming's trial nears and Matson has to call upon a group of Czech resistance fighters for help.
The Middle East Story
Episode 11: The Middle East Story (Dec 18, 1958)
Jessica Tabor overhears a plot to assassinate King Hussein of Jordan and turns to secret agents James Foster and Harry Shaw to help forward information to Jordan and put the King out of danger.
The Obelisk
Episode 13: The Obelisk (Jan 01, 1959)
A British atomic scientist steals important papers and heads for the moors, where he is to meet a U.S.S.R. helicopter.
The Germany Story
Episode 14: The Germany Story (Jan 08, 1959)
A Dr. Haas has set himself up as head of German fencing society, whose youthful members he uses to further his own subversive plans. Peter Gebhardt joins in an attempt to learn of plans to establish a new regime.
The Alkaloid Angle
Episode 15: The Alkaloid Angle (Jan 22, 1959)
During an investigation of a shipment of narcotics to a Mid East port, a U.S. agent is killed. Agent Robert Hatfield, called out of retirement to work on the case, learns that a traitor has revealed his identity to the Communists.
Crypto 40
Episode 16: Crypto 40 (Jan 29, 1959)
Scientist David Sparrow, developer of a code machine, is captured and held behind the Iron Curtain. Realizing that Sparrow will be forced to make a similar machine for the U.S.S.R., Captain Early devises a rescue scheme.
The Alaskan Story
Episode 17: The Alaskan Story (Feb 05, 1959)
Attempting to break up a Communist spy ring in Alaska, Captain John Rand enters the penitentiary as a prisoner to become friendly with a Red agent, help him to escape in the hope that he will lead Rand to other members of the ring.
The Quemoy Story
Episode 18: The Quemoy Story (Feb 12, 1959)
In Macao, Anna Sung, a U.S. agent, is kidnapped by the Reds. Searching for her, Commander Bennett and Mike Perrera, a local police detective, come across a plan to infiltrate and capture Quemoy Island.
The Geneva Story
Episode 20: The Geneva Story (Feb 26, 1959)
A former Soviet official is released from prison to represent the U.S.S.R. at the Geneva arms conference. U.S. agent Nick Blake is assigned to learn why.
The Meeting
Episode 21: The Meeting (Mar 05, 1959)
U.S. spies learn that a new chief of the U.S.S.R. secret police has been appointed. Agent Ralph Drake goes to Austria to meet with Western agents from six Iron Curtain countries.
Mightier Than the Sword
Episode 22: Mightier Than the Sword (Mar 12, 1959)
U.S. agent Douglas Kincaid joins the Communist Party and learns that Feodor Mashay, once a top Kremlin official, wants to defect. Kincaid is assigned to help Mashay escape.
The Gamble
Episode 23: The Gamble (Mar 19, 1959)
Double Agent
Episode 24: Double Agent (Mar 26, 1959)
A British counterintelligence agent tries to track down a spy working for both East and West who is responsible for the shipment of arms to western sympathizers behind the Iron Curtain.
The Antidote
Episode 25: The Antidote (Apr 02, 1959)
Dr. Paul Matley, inventor of a radiation antidote and his wife Laura, are at a night club when Laura is poisoned by Communist agents. Matley is told that Laura will be saved only if he turns over the antidote.
Assignment Prague
Episode 26: Assignment Prague (Apr 09, 1959)
In Warsaw, an anti-Communist uprising has somehow gone unreported in the West. A U.S. agent posing as a former American film director recruited by the Commies to direct propaganda films in Poland, has, along with his crew, compiled a documentary film about the rebellion and is trying to smuggle it to the West where it can be shown at the U.N.

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