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American Gothic (1995)

Everything is not what it seems in Trinity, South Carolina. Sheriff Lucas Buck develops a sinister interest in Caleb. Caleb's cousin Gail tries to protect him, but that's complicated since she has feelings for Sheriff Buck. And Caleb's dead sister, Merlyn, returns as an angel, warning him that Buck is an incarnation of evil - and may not be human.

Release Date: Fri, Sep 22, 1995

Country: US
Language: En | Fr
Runtime: 45

Gary Cole
Sheriff Lucas Buck
Lucas Black
Caleb Temple
Paige Turco
Gail Emory
Brenda Bakke
Selena Coombs
Sarah Paulson
Merlyn Temple
Nick Searcy
Deputy Ben Healy
Jake Weber
Dr. Matt Crower
John Mese
Dr. Billy Peale

Season 1:

Episode 1: Pilot (Sep 22, 1995)
The mysterious death of Merlyn Temple, a traumatized young girl, sets off a series of events that leave some townspeople questioning the motives of their charming sheriff, the last person to see her alive.
A Tree Grows in Trinity
Episode 2: A Tree Grows in Trinity (Sep 29, 1995)
Fleeing deep into the woods from Sheriff Lucas Buck, young Caleb takes refuge in an eerie, abandoned hunting lodge and is terrified when he discovers a dying man who has been tortured and is being held prisoner there.
Eye of the Beholder
Episode 3: Eye of the Beholder (Oct 06, 1995)
Sheriff Buck calls in a favor from the local judge who is overseeing Caleb's custody hearing, hoping to ensure his favored status, but he doesn't stop there.
Damned If You Don't
Episode 4: Damned If You Don't (Oct 10, 1995)
Carter Brown panics when Sheriff Buck wants his teen-age daughter to work for him as payback for an old favor. When he refuses, his life quickly begins to unravel.
Dead to the World
Episode 5: Dead to the World (Oct 13, 1995)
Gail may have pushed Sheriff Buck too far when she accuses him of foul play in the death of his former girlfriend, who was with him just before her car mysteriously drove off a bridge.
Meet the Beetles
Episode 6: Meet the Beetles (Oct 20, 1995)
When Jack Drey, a South Carolina state police lieutenant, throws his weight around in the investigation of the disappearance of his adulterous brother-in-law, Hack Weller, Sheriff Buck becomes wary. Drey suspects that Weller's obsession with Selena might have driven a vicious Buck to kill him.
Strong Arm of the Law
Episode 7: Strong Arm of the Law (Nov 03, 1995)
Sheriff Lucas Buck gets revenge --in his own chilling fashion-- on four men who move to Trinity and set off a crime wave.
Episode 8: Rebirth (Jan 03, 1996)
Merlyn borrow's an unborn child's spirit and reappears as Halle. Both Lucas and Caleb realize what has happened, and while Lucas tries to keep Merlyn in his world, Caleb knows she must return the spirit to the baby before it's too late.
Episode 9: Resurrector (Jan 10, 1996)
Radio talk show host Mel Kirby approaches Lucas for help in bringing his show to television. When Lucas refuses Mel and his co-anchor wife, Gloria vow to ruin Lucas. Meanwhile, a depressed Caleb decides he wants to give Merlyn a second funeral.
Episode 10: Inhumanitas (Jan 17, 1996)
Lucas may have corrupted the local priest, Father Tilden, and he may be able to take his revenge on townspeople who cross his path. But not even he can control the seemingly miraculous activities of the dead Merlyn, determined to make Lucas answer for his crimes.
The Plague Sower
Episode 11: The Plague Sower (Jan 24, 1996)
A sudden, mysterious bleeding illness quickly spreads through Trinity, causing death and devastation, as well as the arrival of a new doctor, Dr. Peele. As the townspeople fall victim to the plague, Matt suffers a breakdown and Lucas turns to Dr. Peele for help.
Doctor Death Takes a Holiday
Episode 12: Doctor Death Takes a Holiday (Jan 31, 1996)
Dr. Matt decides to re-investigate the murder of Merlyn. He also is curious when a woman checks into his hospital as Mrs.Smith. She begins to tell Matt all about the evil of Lucas and how she wants to kill him.
The Beast Within
Episode 13: The Beast Within (Jul 03, 1996)
Artie, Ben Healy's brother, holds-up a local store in Trinity for a cheap watch. Ben and Lucas respond to the robbery and Ben accidentally shoots Artie. Artie, injured but still conscious, takes Lucas hostage.
To Hell and Back
Episode 14: To Hell and Back (Jul 03, 1996)
Dr. Matt struggles with his alcoholism and the death of his family. Lucas tries to push him over the edge by offering him a drink and forcing the bizarre memories of his wife and daughter.
Learning to Crawl
Episode 15: Learning to Crawl (Jul 04, 1996)
Lucas and Caleb forge a bond when facing matters of life and death. After Caleb is electrocuted and dies at the hospital, Lucas steps in and brings the boy back to life.
Episode 16: Triangle (Jul 10, 1996)
Upon Gail's announcement, she faints in Lucas' office and is taken to the hospital where she is told that she is pregnant. Gail threatens to have an abortion and even attempts to kill herself because she knows that she is carrying the evil offspring of Lucas Buck.
The Buck Stops Here
Episode 17: The Buck Stops Here (Jul 10, 1996)
Yancy can't find certain files and believes Lucas has them. Billy and Selena go to Lucas' house to look for the missing files and end up making love in Lucas' bed.
Episode 18: Requiem (Jul 11, 1996)
Caleb is trying to find the full potential of his powers by attempting to kill Gail, leaving him sole heir of Lucas' will. But, when Lucas finds out what Caleb is up to, he attempts to save Gail. Lucas and Caleb have an evil face-off.

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