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Fury (1955)

Fury is an American western television series that aired on NBC from 1955 to1960. It stars Peter Graves as Jim Newton, who operates the Broken Wheel Ranch in California; Bobby Diamond as Jim's adopted son, Joey Clark Newton, and William Fawcett as ranch hand Pete Wilkey. Roger Mobley co-starred in the two final seasons as Homer "Packy" Lambert, a friend of Joey's. The frequent introduction to the show depicts the beloved stallion running inside the corral and approaching the camera as the announcer reads: "FURY!..The story of a horse..and a boy who loves him." Fury is the first American series produced originally by Television Programs of America and later by the British-based company ITC Entertainment.

Release Date: Sat, Oct 15, 1955

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Season 5:

The Big Leaguers
Episode 1: The Big Leaguers (Oct 10, 1959)
Joey and Packy have got baseball fever. Jim hires a drifter to work at the ranch and he turns out to be Roy Daniels, a famous baseball player. Roy (Charles Aidman) is downhearted because of an injury that he thinks will end his baseball pitching career. Joey and Packy help him realize that all is not lost.
Episode 3: Man-Killer (Oct 24, 1959)
Thunder is stolen from the Broken Wheel Ranch. Two crooks are trying to make Thunder mean so they can sell him to the rodeo. They're promoting him as the 'Man-Killer'.
Visiting Day
Episode 4: Visiting Day (Oct 31, 1959)
It's American Education Week and all the parents are invited to visit the school on Tuesday night. But Packy's parents have plans they can't break. Packy decides the best thing for him to do is become a hobo, so he skips school and goes to visit Bones Reese, a hobo who's passing through the area.
The Timber Walkers
Episode 5: The Timber Walkers (Nov 07, 1959)
Joey and Packy come across two men in the woods who claim to be surveyors. But they're really timber thieves and they want to cut down all the trees on Moose Hill.
Turkey Day
Episode 6: Turkey Day (Nov 14, 1959)
It's Thanksgiving at the Broken Wheel Ranch. Packy is not very happy because they intend to roast his pet turkey named Tom and have him for dinner. Packy has to do something to save his friend Tom.
The Map
Episode 7: The Map (Nov 21, 1959)
An oldtimer named Grubstake (Andy Clyde) comes by to visit and tells everyone about a treasure map that he has. Trouble is a couple of crooks want that map. Joey and Packy go with Grubstake to help find the gold.
The Rocketeers
Episode 8: The Rocketeers (Nov 28, 1959)
Joey, Packy, and Vic (Billy Chapin) learn about building rockets. They start a Rocket Research Society with Joey's high school teacher. Pete's worried that they'll all be blown to the moon. Vic's dad don't take much stock in rocketry and forbids Vic to join the Rocket Research Society.
The Fort
Episode 9: The Fort (Dec 05, 1959)
A man is trying to take the Broken Wheel Ranch with the help of a crooked Land Office manager. He wants to sell the land to the government for a huge profit. Joey and Packy study the law books and come up with an idea to thwart the crooks.
The Vanishing Blacksmith
Episode 10: The Vanishing Blacksmith (Dec 12, 1959)
Fury has lost a shoe and he needs a blacksmith. Eli Kane (Peter Whitney) is the local blacksmith but business has been slow and his landlord is about to foreclose on the shop. Jim has a plan to help save Eli's shop.
The Big Brothers
Episode 11: The Big Brothers (Dec 19, 1959)
Jim becomes a Big Brother to Mike (Tony Haig) to help him get his bearings in life. Mike has been kicked around so much, he thinks the whole world's against him. The Broken Wheel Ranch is just what he needs.
Packy, The Lion Tamer
Episode 12: Packy, The Lion Tamer (Dec 26, 1959)
The circus is in town and Joey and Packy are spending the whole day there. Packy wants to be a lion tamer and join the circus. The next day the lion escapes from the circus and Packy gets his chance to be a tamer.
Private Eyes
Episode 13: Private Eyes (Jan 02, 1960)
Some burglars are in the area and they've got the Sheriff stumped for clues. Joey and Packy try their hand at detective work.
The Witch
Episode 14: The Witch (Jan 09, 1960)
There's a horse bogged down in the waterhole at Stone Gorge. Joey and Packy stop in at old Mrs. McGilmore's place to call for help but she throws them off her property without letting them use the phone. Joey and Packy go back a few days later to see if they can lend Mrs. McGilmore a hand.
Episode 15: Gymkhana (Jan 16, 1960)
Joey is entered in the Capitol City Gymkhana (a Gymkhana is like a friendly rodeo). His friend Danny (Stephen Hammer) is also entered but Danny's father (Bartlett Robinson) accuses Jim of cheating because Jim is one of the judges.
A Present For Packy
Episode 16: A Present For Packy (Jan 23, 1960)
It's August 26th and it's Packy's birthday. He gets what he's been wanting, a new rifle. He and Joey go out hunting, but they run into trouble.
Trottin' Horse
Episode 17: Trottin' Horse (Jan 30, 1960)
Joey and Packy are helping out at the Eagles Nest Camp for underprivileged kids. But the new owner wants to close the camp. He wants to use the area for his brood mares. Aunt Harriet is visiting the Broken Wheel Ranch. Maybe she can help out.
Packy's Dilemma
Episode 18: Packy's Dilemma (Feb 06, 1960)
Packy has a problem and her name is Willie (Wendy Winkelman). She's good at everything. Everything! Packy has to do something or he won't be able to face the fellows again. He and old timer Jake (Doodles Weaver) hatch a plan.
Episode 19: Gaucho (Feb 13, 1960)
Carlos (Carlos Vera) is staying with Joey for the summer. Joey doesn't have a lot of time for Packy. So Packy doesn't like Carlos very much and he's mean to him. When Carlos runs away to back home, Packy has a change of heart.
The Skin Divers
Episode 20: The Skin Divers (Feb 20, 1960)
Dick Thompson (Burt Metcalfe) is diving in the streams on the Broken Wheel Ranch to look for gold. Joey and Packy want to learn skin diving so they start a Skin Diving Club.
Packy's Dream
Episode 21: Packy's Dream (Feb 27, 1960)
Packy has a lot on his mind when he falls asleep and he has an amazing dream. The dream is set back in the 1800's and takes place in a real western town. Everyone plays dual roles in the dream sequence of this episode. It has everything you would want in a top notch 1950's western movie, including Joey Newton as Billy the Kid (dressed in black). This was the last episode in the Fury (1955-1960) television series.

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