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Gravity Falls (2012)

Twin brother and sister Dipper and Mabel Pines are in for an unexpected adventure when they spend the summer helping their great uncle Stan run a tourist trap in the mysterious town of Gravity Falls, Oregon.

Release Date: Fri, Jun 15, 2012

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 22

Jackie Buscarino
Pacifica Northwest (voice)
Jennifer Coolidge
Lazy Susan (voice)
Jessica DiCicco
Tambry (voice)
Dee Bradley Baker
Waddles (voice)
Kristen Schaal
Mabel Pines (voice)
Linda Cardellini
Wendy (voice)
Keith Ferguson
Deputy Durland (voice)
Grey DeLisle
Additional Voices
Will Forte
Tyler Cutebiker (voice)
Gregg Turkington
Toby Determined (voice)
Jason Ritter
Dipper Pines (voice)
Alex Hirsch
Grunkle Stan / Soos / Old Man McGucket
Kevin Michael Richardson
Sheriff Blubs (voice)
T. J. Miller
Robbie (voice)
John DiMaggio
Manly Dan (voice)
Carl Faruolo
Grenda (voice)
Scott Menville
Nate (voice)
Michael Rianda
Lee / Thompson
Stephen Root
Bud Gleeful (voice)
Thurop Van Orman
Gideon Gleeful (voice)
Kari Wahlgren
Shandra Jimenez (voice)
Frank Welker
Gompers (voice)
Niki Yang
Candy (voice)
Nathan Fillion
Preston Northwest (voice)
John Roberts
Xyler (voice)
Greg Cipes
Craz (voice)

Season 2:

Episode 1: Scary-oke (Aug 01, 2014)
The Pines family is starting to get everything back to normal after the Lil' Gideon incident. They throw a “Mystery Shack Is Back” party, but some unwelcome guests intend to crash it.
Into the Bunker
Episode 2: Into the Bunker (Aug 04, 2014)
Dipper’s secret journal pages lead him and the gang to the author’s hidden bunker where they find themselves face-to-face with a mysterious figure from Gravity Falls’ lore.
The Golf War
Episode 3: The Golf War (Aug 11, 2014)
After being belittled by Pacifica one too many times, Mabel challenges her to a miniature golf-off which gets a tad out of control when some local residents offer their help.
Sock Opera
Episode 4: Sock Opera (Sep 08, 2014)
Mabel decides to put on a sock puppet rock opera to impress a local puppeteer, but her show goes awry when Dipper's drive to uncover more of the journal's secrets leads to a supernatural disaster.
Soos and the Real Girl
Episode 5: Soos and the Real Girl (Sep 22, 2014)
Soos needs a date for his cousin Reggie's engagement party and looks to a dating simulator game to help him talk to girls.
Little Gift Shop of Horrors
Episode 6: Little Gift Shop of Horrors (Oct 04, 2014)
In three separate mysterious tales, Stan is cursed by a Witch, Waddles accidentally eats a bowl of brain-enhancing jelly and builds a machine that allows him to speak, and Mabel faces her fear of claymation.
Society of the Blind Eye
Episode 7: Society of the Blind Eye (Oct 27, 2014)
The kids, along with Old Man McGucket's help, discover there is a secret society in Gravity Falls.
Blendin's Game
Episode 8: Blendin's Game (Nov 10, 2014)
Blendin returns to face off with Dipper and Mabel in a futuristic battle that could trap them forever in time jail.
The Love God
Episode 9: The Love God (Nov 26, 2014)
Mabel takes matchmaking too far when she steals a love potion from a real Love God.
Northwest Mansion Noir
Episode 10: Northwest Mansion Noir (Feb 16, 2015)
Pacifica enlists Dipper’s help to rid the Northwest Mansion of a ghost before he wreaks havoc on her fancy party.
Not What He Seems
Episode 11: Not What He Seems (Mar 09, 2015)
After agents Powers and Trigger take Stan into custody, Dipper and Mabel begin to wonder how much they actually know about their Grunkle Stan.
A Tale of Two Stans
Episode 12: A Tale of Two Stans (Jul 13, 2015)
Cornered underneath the Mystery Shack, Stan must finally reveal the secrets of his past and his mysterious portal to Dipper and Mabel.
Dungeons, Dungeons, & More Dungeons
Episode 13: Dungeons, Dungeons, & More Dungeons (Aug 03, 2015)
Dipper finds an unlikely friend to join him with his newest obsession, a board game called “Dungeons, Dungeons & More Dungeons.”
The Stanchurian Candidate
Episode 14: The Stanchurian Candidate (Aug 24, 2015)
When Grunkle Stan decides to run for mayor, Dipper and Mabel have their work cut out for them trying to turn their gaffe-prone uncle into the perfect candidate.
The Last Mabelcorn
Episode 15: The Last Mabelcorn (Sep 07, 2015)
A new threat leads Mabel to venture into the enchanted realm of the unicorns. Meanwhile, Dipper learns an unexpected twist about the enigmatic Bill Cipher.
Roadside Attraction
Episode 16: Roadside Attraction (Sep 21, 2015)
Grunkle Stan takes the kids with him on a road-trip to sabotage all the other tourist traps in Oregon.
Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future
Episode 17: Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future (Oct 12, 2015)
Mabel makes plans for her and Dipper's 13th birthday party; Dipper ventures below the town and discovers its most shocking secret.
Weirdmageddon Part I
Episode 18: Weirdmageddon Part I (Oct 27, 2015)
Bill has returned to take down the Pines family. But this time he has brought some of his friends with him.
Weirdmageddon 2: Escape from Reality
Episode 19: Weirdmageddon 2: Escape from Reality (Nov 23, 2015)
Dipper, Soos and Wendy must save Mabel from a strange new world, while Bill's forces plan their next move.
Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back the Falls
Episode 20: Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back the Falls (Feb 15, 2016)
Ford discovers Bill’s true motives and a final confrontation with Bill leads to the Pines family’s ultimate fate and greatest sacrifice.

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