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New York Undercover (1994)

New York Undercover is an American police drama The series stars Detective J.C. Williams and Detective Eddie Torres, two undercover detectives in New York City's Fourth Precinct who were assigned to investigate various crimes and gang-related cases.

Release Date: Thu, Sep 08, 1994

Country: US
Language: En

Malik Yoba
Det. James 'J.C.' Williams
Luna Lauren Velez
Det. Nina Moreno
Josh Hopkins
Det. Alec Stone
Thomas Mikal Ford
Lt. Malcolm Barker
Marisa Ryan
Det. Nell Delaney

Season 4:

Change Change Change
Episode 1: Change Change Change (Jan 08, 1998)
Lt. Barker recruits JC and Moreno to get the armored-car robber who killed Eddie and MacNamara.
Drop-Dead Gorgeous
Episode 2: Drop-Dead Gorgeous (Jan 15, 1998)
Members of the unit target a modeling agent.
Episode 3: Pipeline (Jan 22, 1998)
Agents interfere in an undercover operation aimed at a Colombian drug kingpin.
Spare Parts
Episode 4: Spare Parts (Jan 29, 1998)
Missing teens prompt a probe of a private hospital's organ-donor program.
Mob Street
Episode 5: Mob Street (Feb 12, 1998)
The detectives go undercover on Wall Street to foil a stock-manipulation scheme.
Rat Trap
Episode 6: Rat Trap (Mar 12, 1998)
The unit probes mysterious fires in the garment district.
Quid Pro Quo
Episode 7: Quid Pro Quo (Mar 19, 1998)
The detectives discover that the CIA is involved in a money-laundering scheme at a bank in a Cuban neighborhood.
Capital Punishment
Episode 8: Capital Punishment (Mar 26, 1998)
A serial killer gives male victims tainted drugs.
The Unusual Suspects
Episode 9: The Unusual Suspects (May 28, 1998)
Nell's ex husband comes back and ask's Nell for protection from the mob. Nina and J.C. become close.
Sign o' the Times
Episode 10: Sign o' the Times (Jun 04, 1998)
Lt. Barker gets involved in a bank robery. G cathes Nina and J.C. in bed together.
Going Native
Episode 11: Going Native (Jun 11, 1998)
Nina and Stone go undercover as owners of a garbage company. Nina and J.C. deal with their emotions of sleeping together and G catching them.
The Troubles
Episode 12: The Troubles (Jun 25, 1998)
When a woman becomes a fugitive, Nina uses her only resource to help find her, her daughter. Stone's life becomes threatened.
Episode 13: Catharsis (Feb 11, 1999)
A radical group kidnaps a child for bargaining purposes; Moreno gets even for the death of her husband and her partner when she meets Jordan in prison.

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