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Fighting Spirit (2000)

Ippo, the son of a fishing boat tour owner, takes up boxing to increase his confidence. Through intense training and willpower Ippo claims the Japanese featherweight title.

  • Satoshi Nishimura
Release Date: Tue, Oct 03, 2000

Country: JP
Language: Ja
Runtime: 23

Season 3:

The Strongest Challenger
Episode 1: The Strongest Challenger (Oct 06, 2013)
Makunouchi Ippo defeated Sendou Takeshi with his Dempsey Roll and became the Japanese Featherweight Champion! Reflecting on his recent title defenses, Ippo reminisces about his late father Kazuo, and his own desires to be as strong as his dad was.
The Dempsey Roll Destroyed
Episode 2: The Dempsey Roll Destroyed (Oct 12, 2013)
With his title on the line, Ippo goes toe-to-toe with Shimabukuro. The battle is so intense Ippo doesn’t even have room to breathe, to the point he starts turning blue! With Ippo struggling at the “bottom of the ocean,” has Shimabukuro met his goal of destroying the Dempsey Roll?!
A Woman's Battle
Episode 3: A Woman's Battle (Oct 19, 2013)
Ippo emerges victorious after a vicious war with Shimabukuro, and Itagaki’s sister Nanako comes to pay him a visit at home while he rests. Meanwhile, Aoki is busy preparing for his first ever title match against the lightweight champion Imae Katsutaka.
The Goddess of Victory
Episode 4: The Goddess of Victory (Oct 25, 2013)
After an infuriating face-off with Imae, Aoki turns to his girlfriend Tomiko for comfort. Meanwhile, Imae chooses to focus all his energy on boxing and his upcoming title defense, rebuffing his former girlfriend Sachiko’s attempts to rekindle their romance. Will Tomiko’s support carry Aoki to victory, or will Imae’s intense focus keep the belt on his waist?
100% Fake
Episode 5: 100% Fake (Nov 01, 2013)
Imae’s long hours of research quickly pay off as he decimates Aoki by countering every one of his trademark attacks, even the Frog Punch! As Tomiko watches on and the crowd awaits the inevitable knockout, Aoki does something that leaves the whole arena in shock.
The Distance Between Me and Glory
Episode 6: The Distance Between Me and Glory (Nov 08, 2013)
Imae, cowed by Aoki’s fearsome new move, suddenly realizes what it is Aoki has that he lacks. Summoning up all the energy he has left, he faces his challenger once again. As the fight drags on, will Imae retain his championship, or will Aoki finally reach the belt?
Cheese Champion
Episode 7: Cheese Champion (Nov 15, 2013)
Sendou Takeshi, the "Naniwa Tiger," returns to the ring! But it's his sparring partner, Sawamura Ryuuhei, who knocks Ippo for a loop when he calls the Dempsey Roll a "clumsy technique" and declares he's gunning for the Featherweight Title!
The Mad Dog and the Red Wolf
Episode 8: The Mad Dog and the Red Wolf (Nov 22, 2013)
Ippo's next title defense is confirmed to be against Sawamura Ryuuhei, and after realizing the Dempsey Roll is vulnerable to counter punches, Ippo realizes he doesn't stand a chance. His only option is to somehow evolve the Dempsey Roll into a more effective move, but as he mulls over exactly how to do it, a surprisingly familiar face appears in front of him.
A Savage Scenario
Episode 9: A Savage Scenario (Nov 29, 2013)
Volg has return to Japan to take back his boxing gloves from Ippo. He hopes to travel to America, but with no contacts there he must rely on Coach Kamogawa to introduce him to someone. The gang at the gym asks Volg to spar with Ippo to help him prepare for the Sawamura fight, but after such a long time away from the ring, can the Russian get in fighting shape in time?
The Face Of Determination
Episode 10: The Face Of Determination (Dec 07, 2013)
As the fight with Sawamura draws near, Ippo has pinned all his hopes on the newly-evolved Dempsey Roll, to the point where practicing it has left him worn out and overtrained. Left with a dire warning from his massage therapist about the toll his new move is taking, will Ippo be able to perfect his technique in time for the fight?!
Fearless Challenger
Episode 11: Fearless Challenger (Dec 28, 2013)
Sawamura's blatant fouls and bullet-like left jabs leave Ippo scrambling to establish some kind of rhythm. He stubbornly forces his way inside, but is he charging headfirst into a trap?
The Anti-Dempsey Perfected
Episode 12: The Anti-Dempsey Perfected (Jan 04, 2014)
Ippo mounts a desperate, full frontal assault as Sawamura continues to toy with him. Determined to take back the pace, Ippo begins to dodge the Bullets and get into a rhythm as he strikes back. Almost naturally he falls into the Dempsey Roll pattern, and Sawamura makes his move!
A Fist That Picks You Up
Episode 13: A Fist That Picks You Up (Jan 04, 2014)
The evolved Dempsey Roll saved Ippo from the jaws of defeat. Bolstered by the cheering fans, he chases down Sawamura. But with Sawamura more willing than ever to risk an illegal move, will Ippo's last bit of energy be enough to defend the title?
Empowering Words
Episode 14: Empowering Words (Jan 11, 2014)
Ippo visits Dr. Yamaguchi and learns the full extent of the damage caused by the evolved Dempsey Roll. As he walks home on crutches, Umezawa drives by and gives him a lift. Ippo's relief is short-lives, however, as Umezawa suddenly reveals he plans to quit working on the Makunouchi fishing boat!
A Storm Descends on Makunouchi Fishing Boat
Episode 15: A Storm Descends on Makunouchi Fishing Boat (Jan 17, 2014)
To celebrate Ippo's win and recovery, the whole gym gang hops aboard the Makunouchi Fishing Boat for a fun fishing trip. Yagi suggests they liven things up with a little contest, and suddenly a relaxing afternoon turns into an all-out war!
Golden Eagle
Episode 16: Golden Eagle (Jan 25, 2014)
While Takamura approaches his physical limits as he cuts weight for his upcoming world title match, the American champion David Eagle arrives in Japan. Talented, dedicated, respectful, and honorable, he exudes the aura of a true champion.
Eleki's Shocker and Papaya's Coconut
Episode 17: Eleki's Shocker and Papaya's Coconut (Feb 01, 2014)
It's time for Kimura and Aoki to step into the ring at the Yokohama Arena! Kimura's up first, and nerves come into play as he stands before a huge crowd for the first time. Then when Aoki's turn comes up, he finds himself perplexed by a boxer every bit as unorthodox as himself! Can the duo set the right tone for Takamura's title match?!
The Unfinished New Counter
Episode 18: The Unfinished New Counter (Feb 08, 2014)
It's the semifinal match, Miyata vs. Dachboy, and the Miyata camp recognizes a familiar face in the opponent's corner... Mister Sakaguchi, the former manager of the boxer Miyata beat for the OPBF title!
Hawk vs. Eagle
Episode 19: Hawk vs. Eagle (Feb 15, 2014)
It's finally time for the main event, Takamura Mamoru vs. David Eagle! The challenger is full of vim and vigor, but even in the face of Takamura's fury, Eagle's face remains calm and collected.
A Lesson Never Forgotten
Episode 20: A Lesson Never Forgotten (Feb 22, 2014)
Despite being stymied by Eagle, Takamura assures his corner he has a plan for victory. Just as he seems to be making progress, a shocking development changes the entire fight.
The End of the Death Match
Episode 21: The End of the Death Match (Mar 01, 2014)
Blood sprays across the ring as Takamura and Eagle pound at each other's cuts. Takamura's good eye is quickly swelling shut, and the ringside doctor stands ready to call the match at any time.
Flower of Hope
Episode 22: Flower of Hope (Mar 08, 2014)
And old photo and a little prodding from Ippo and Aoki prompts Coach Kamogawa and Nekota to take a trip down memory lane. Theirs is a tale of hope, frustration, and ultimately redemption in the early days of postwar Japan.
The Courage to Live
Episode 23: The Courage to Live (Mar 15, 2014)
Prizefighting turns out to be no match for boxing as Sergeant Ralph Anderson easily manhandles Kamogawa and Nekota. The two fighters redouble their training even as they adjust to their new lives living with Yuki...and each other.
Iron Fist
Episode 24: Iron Fist (Mar 22, 2014)
Kamogawa breathes a sigh of relief as he watches Nekota run circles around Anderson with his spectacular footwork... Until round four, when the soldier's frustration reaches a critical mass and things take a dark turn.
A Vow
Episode 25: A Vow (Mar 29, 2014)
Kamogawa resorts to pounding a log with his bare fists as he trains to face Anderson and avenge Nekota. Anderson rediscovers his pride as a boxer and brings Miguel along as his cornerman. Everything comes down to this!

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