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The Vow (2020)

The docuseries follows people deeply involved in the group NXIVM — which is faced with various charges, including sex trafficking and racketeering conspiracy — over the course of several years.

Release Date: Sun, Aug 23, 2020

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 56

Season 1:

The Science of Joy
Episode 1: The Science of Joy (Aug 23, 2020)
Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson, high-ranking former NXIVM leaders, describe the dream and mission of NXIVM to build a better world. Bonnie Piesse, Mark's wife, tells him she's worried about the organization and Keith Raniere, NXIVM's leader and Mark's mentor. Mark wonders how could tools to make a better, more ethical world be misused?
Episode 2: Viscera (Aug 30, 2020)
After seven years, Bonnie leaves NXIVM for Los Angeles and tries desperately to get through to Mark, who reassures her all is well. Mark remains loyal to Keith and NXIVM, but a series of phone calls begin to sow doubt within him.
At Cause
Episode 3: At Cause (Sep 06, 2020)
Sarah confides to Mark about DOS, a secret group involving "masters" and "slaves," and struggles in her relationships with NXIVM, her husband and her best friend. Sarah and Mark lament how many members they've recruited and question what to do next.
Building Character
Episode 4: Building Character (Sep 13, 2020)
Mark, Bonnie, Sarah and Nippy strategize with Catherine Oxenberg about how to get her daughter, India, out of DOS, even though she wants to stay. "Jane," India's close friend, describes the appeal of the organization and why she left it all behind.
Class 1 Data
Episode 5: Class 1 Data (Sep 20, 2020)
Catherine believes her daughter is in danger and wants her to come home. When she and the former members are unable to get the attention of the authorities, they approach the New York Times. Meanwhile, Mark reflects on his time at NXIVM.
Honesty & Disclosure
Episode 6: Honesty & Disclosure (Sep 27, 2020)
Sarah, Mark and Nippy contact additional news outlets to provoke outrage and pressure law enforcement to pay attention. Barbara Bouchey, a former board member and early defector, reflects on her time in Keith's inner circle.
Episode 7
Episode 7: Episode 7 (Oct 04, 2020)
Episode 8
Episode 8: Episode 8 (Oct 11, 2020)

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