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Growing Pains (1985)

Growing Pains is an American television sitcom about an affluent family, residing in Huntington, Long Island, New York, with a working mother and a stay-at-home psychiatrist father raising three children together, which aired on ABC from September 24, 1985, to April 25, 1992.

Release Date: Tue, Sep 24, 1985

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Alan Thicke
Jason Seaver
Joanna Kerns
Maggie Seaver
Kirk Cameron
Mike Seaver
Tracey Gold
Carol Seaver
Ashley Johnson
Chrissy Seaver

Season 7:

Back to School
Episode 1: Back to School (Sep 18, 1991)
Mike teaches at an urban high school.
Stop, Luke, and Listen
Episode 2: Stop, Luke, and Listen (Sep 25, 1991)
Mike gets involved when he learns his prize pupil Luke is homeless.
In vino veritas
Episode 3: In vino veritas (Sep 28, 1991)
Mike persuades Jason and Maggie to let Luke stay with them temporarily; then Jason's wine cellar goes missing.
Paper Tigers
Episode 4: Paper Tigers (Oct 05, 1991)
Jason and Maggie compete to write a newspaper column; Ben hates his glasses.
The Young and the Homeless
Episode 5: The Young and the Homeless (Oct 12, 1991)
Mike gears up for his big day as a TV soap opera star just as Luke gears up to move out of the Seavers'.
Jason Sings the Blues
Episode 6: Jason Sings the Blues (Oct 19, 1991)
Luke is afraid to visit the doctor, so Jason accompanies him -- but it's Jason who turns out to need surgery.
The Kid's Still Got It
Episode 7: The Kid's Still Got It (Oct 26, 1991)
Carol accompanies Maggie to a resort, which turns out to be hosting a singles convention; meanwhile, the all-male weekend planned at home is ruined when Chrissy is set home with head lice.
There Must Be a Pony
Episode 8: There Must Be a Pony (Nov 02, 1991)
Nouveau riche neighbors move in next door; Ben is forced to look after Luke on his first day of high school; Jason's scheme to let Chrissie stay up late backfires when the neighbors throw a lavish party.
The Big Fix
Episode 9: The Big Fix (Nov 09, 1991)
Consumer advocate Maggie raps a vacuum cleaner that Ben broke without telling her.
Home Malone
Episode 10: Home Malone (Nov 14, 1991)
The ghost of Maggie's father oversees the Seavers' visit to her childhood home.
Bad Day Cafe
Episode 11: Bad Day Cafe (Nov 23, 1991)
While Jason and Maggie are away, the principal informs Mike that Luke's birth father is back in town -- and wants him back.
Episode 12: B=MC2 (Nov 30, 1991)
Ben crams for a college entrance exam, but gets no help from Jason.
It's Not Easy Being Green
Episode 13: It's Not Easy Being Green (Dec 21, 1991)
Christmas brings anger and angst to the Seavers.
The Call of the Wild
Episode 14: The Call of the Wild (Jan 04, 1992)
Penniless Mike schemes to give Kate a skiing trip.
Honest Abe
Episode 15: Honest Abe (Jan 17, 1992)
Luke's homeless friend steals a Seaver momento.
Vicious Cycle
Episode 16: Vicious Cycle (Feb 01, 1992)
Maggie and Jason put Mike on the spot for Luke's curfew problems.
Menage a Luke
Episode 17: Menage a Luke (Feb 08, 1992)
A love triangle involves Ben, Luke and a classmate.
The Five Fingers of Ben
Episode 18: The Five Fingers of Ben (Feb 22, 1992)
Tired of being bullies, Ben takes karate lessons.
Don't Go Changin'
Episode 19: Don't Go Changin' (Feb 29, 1992)
Mike thinks his friend is a bad influence on Luke.
The Truck Stops Here
Episode 20: The Truck Stops Here (Mar 21, 1992)
Luke's father George visits the Seavers hoping that Luke has mellowed a little and would like to spend some time with him but Luke doesn't. He was about to leave when he collapses outside the door. He says that can't move, so they take him in. Jason and Ben offer to deliver his load, and they experience all sorts of chaos on the way. Mike thinks that George is faking his injury so that he could stay and Luke would have to talk to him. But the doctor tells Maggie who tells Mike that unless George stops driving trucks, he could become paralyzed. Mike talks to George and tells him to tell Luke but doesn't want Luke to pity him and doesn't anything else to do but be a trucker. Mike suggests that maybe he could open a truck stop. Luke finds George struggling to get up and they finally talk. The next day after Jason and Ben return, George tells them that he is giving up trucking and will open a truck stop and Luke's going with him. Luke says goodbye to the Seavers.
Maggie's Brilliant Career
Episode 21: Maggie's Brilliant Career (Apr 04, 1992)
Maggie wants to fulfill a dream by climbing a mountain.
The Wrath of Con Ed
Episode 22: The Wrath of Con Ed (Apr 11, 1992)
A power failure causes dissensions in the Seaver household.
The Last Picture Show (1)
Episode 23: The Last Picture Show (1) (Apr 25, 1992)
Maggie is offered a plum job in Washington, D.C.
The Last Picture Show (2)
Episode 24: The Last Picture Show (2) (Apr 25, 1992)
The Seavers move to Washington, D.C., but share a final meal and memories in the empty house.

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