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The Detour (2016)

A what-in-the-living-hell-is-wrong-with-this-family comedy created by comic super-couple Jason Jones & Samantha Bee and inspired by their own experiences with family trips. Unfiltered dad Nate hits the road with wife Robin and kids Delilah and Jared. Every leg of their trip is fraught with disaster as they encounter one hellish turn after another. If there's trouble on the road, this family will find it and plow into it.

Release Date: Mon, Apr 11, 2016

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 22

Season 4:

The Search
Episode 1: The Search (Jun 18, 2019)
The Parkers embark on a world-wide search to find their runaway daughter Delilah.
The Return
Episode 2: The Return (Jun 25, 2019)
Following a breakthrough, the Parkers return to their hometown to find their daughter.
The Sister
Episode 3: The Sister (Jul 02, 2019)
Nate and Robin head to Ithaca expecting to find their daughter but find a new family member instead.
Episode 4: THE B.J. (Jul 09, 2019)
Nate gets caught in the worst “parent trap” ever.
The Year
Episode 5: The Year (Jul 16, 2019)
Delilah and Jared reunite and catch up on the past year.
The Game Show
Episode 6: The Game Show (Jul 23, 2019)
The Parkers go on a Japanese Game Show.
The Entertainer
Episode 7: The Entertainer (Jul 30, 2019)
Jared comes up with a morbid plan to reunite the family.
The Same
Episode 8: The Same (Aug 06, 2019)
Nate and Robin chase their kids around the world.
The Bride
Episode 9: The Bride (Aug 13, 2019)
In order to save his family Nate ends up on a Russian bride tour.
The Groom
Episode 10: The Groom (Aug 20, 2019)
Nate finally gets married to save his family.

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