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Doctors (2016)

A recalcitrant, delinquent teen girl meets a compassionate teacher, who inspires her to alter her path and become a street-savvy neurosurgeon.

Release Date: Mon, Jun 20, 2016

Country: KR
Language: Ko | Es
Runtime: 60

Kim Rae-won
Hong Ji-hong
Park Shin-hye
Yoo Hye-jeong
Yoon Kyun-sang
Jung Yoon-do
Kim Min-seok
Choi Kang-sik
Yoo Da-in
Jo In-joo
Baek Sung-hyun
Lee Young-gook
Kim Ji-soo
Uhm Hyo-seop
Jin Myung-ho
Kal So-won
Young Yoo Hye-jeong
Jeon Kuk-hwan
Jin Seong-jong
Pyo Ye-jin
Hyun Soo-jin
Moon Ji-in
Cheon Soon-hee
Ji E-su
Yoo Byeol
Jo Hyun-sik
Ahn Jong-dae
Yoon Hae-young
Yoon Ji-young

Season 1:

Those Who Are Destined To Meet
Episode 1: Those Who Are Destined To Meet (Jun 20, 2016)
Yoo Hye Jung, a rebellious teenager, ends up in the care of her grandmother. She doesn't back down from anyone, whether adults, another youth, or even gang members. Unfortunately, she butts heads with Professor Hong Ji-Hong who turns out to be her new classroom teacher.
Love Comes From The Brain
Episode 2: Love Comes From The Brain (Jun 21, 2016)
Jo-Hong takes a new approach in instructing Hye Jung. When Ji-hong and Hye-Jung save a pregnant woman, she becomes inspired and decides to change her life around. Hye-Jung finds friendship in Chun Soon-hee and Jin Seo-woo.
The Insanity Called Love
Episode 3: The Insanity Called Love (Jun 27, 2016)
Seo-Woo's jealousy leads to drastic events and destroys the friendship bonds. Soon-Hee stays loyal to Hye-Jung. Kang Mal-Soon, Hye-Jung's grandmother, goes in for an operation. Ji Hong tenders his resignation as a teacher.
The Unresolved Past
Episode 4: The Unresolved Past (Jun 28, 2016)
13 years after the big rift, Hye-Jung transfers to Gul Il Medical Center as a Surgeon. Although happy to reunite with her friend, Soon-Hee, she is not welcomed by everyone. She starts off on the bad side of Dr. Jung Yoon-Do and some old enemies.
Habits And Forgiveness
Episode 5: Habits And Forgiveness (Jul 04, 2016)
Ji-Hong and Hye-Jung have a sparring match and later confesses his feelings to her. Director Myung-Ho plots to maintain and solidify his control over the hospital. Hye-Jung discovers a suspicious person.
Little Things In Life
Episode 6: Little Things In Life (Jul 05, 2016)
Hye-Jung asks Ji Hong to retrieve a patient's file that she does not have access to. Hye-Jung is surprised by a new patient. Ji-Hong steps up his courtship game.
Love And Fear
Episode 7: Love And Fear (Jul 11, 2016)
As budding romances start budding and dying, things start popping at Soon-Hee's "Sooni Hawaii" cafe. Ji-Hong takes on a special patient. Hye-Jung is surprised by an old friend which leaves Yoon-Do and Ji-Hong feeling jealous.
The Best Gift
Episode 8: The Best Gift (Jul 12, 2016)
Soo-Chul is badly injured in a motorcycle accident. Doo-Shik attempts to clear his reputation. Lee-Soo-Jung, an Olympic Gold Medalist, undergoes surgery. Yoo Min-Ho attempts to reestablish family ties with Hye-Jung. A celebration party at Sooni Hawaii takes a drastic turn.
Trust And Betrayal
Episode 9: Trust And Betrayal (Jul 18, 2016)
A quality fishing trip gets broken up when news of a unannounced National Tax Service inspection on the hospital is received. Hye-Jung grants Intern Kang-Soo and Nurse Hyun Soo-Jin a special favor.
True Relationship
Episode 10: True Relationship (Jul 19, 2016)
Hye-Jung is called in for questioning by Internal Affairs. The staff prepares for the upcoming surgery for Hong Doo-Shik, Ji-Hong's father.
What Real Love Does to You
Episode 11: What Real Love Does to You (Jul 25, 2016)
Old scars for Ji-Hong to do some self-reflection after he oversteps his boundaries with Hye-Jung. Do Jo In-Joo returns to Guk Il Medical Center as Staff Surgeon in the general surgery department. A distraught husband brings a wife in that has fallen and is comatose. Jeon Gook-Hwan threatens Hong Doo-Shik.
The Essence of Life
Episode 12: The Essence of Life (Jul 26, 2016)
Jin Sung-Jong takes the helm as Director. Patient Jo Su-Ji's case takes an unexpected turn. Empty nested Yoon-Do's home isn't so sweet since encroachers arrived.
The Key of Love
Episode 13: The Key of Love (Aug 01, 2016)
Director Jin Myung-Hoon is basking in his own glory. Nam Ba-Ram brings his children in for a checkup. Office romance is in full bloom and hard for Ji-Hong and Hye-Jung to hide. Yoon-Do is missing his own sweet pad.
Episode 14: Scars (Aug 02, 2016)
Ji-Hong wants to start the process of healing by identifying old scars. Nam Ba-Ram is at wits end from coping with the pressures concerning payment demands. Second Year Resident Doctor Ahn Jong-Dae is on the lamb due to the abuse he has suffered.
Episode 15: Miracle (Aug 08, 2016)
Hye-Jung and Mr. Nam help each other to heal some of their life's trauma. Jong-Dae is busted and dragged back to work. Seo-Woo does some major growing up. A couple on their wedding day are involved in an automobile accident. The beagles have taken over Yoon-Do's home, so he goes slumming.
Danger Comes Without Warning
Episode 16: Danger Comes Without Warning (Aug 09, 2016)
Kang-Soo runs into trouble and starts doubting himself. Soon-Hee tells Hye-Jung she is going to divorce her. Complications arise in Congressmen Nam In-Soon's case. Jin Myung-Hoon seizes an opportunity to rid himself of a pest.
The Past and the Present
Episode 17: The Past and the Present (Aug 15, 2016)
Hye-Jung goes before the Disciplinary Board. Kang-Soo collapses. Hye Jung finally gets the anesthesiology report, but things don't go according to plan.
Episode 18: Karma (Aug 22, 2016)
Hye-Jung threatens Myung-Hoon. Ji-Hong is transferred to a research branch. The Board convenes to vote on the Geriatrics Center issue. Ji-Hong and Tae-Ho try to find out what Doo-Shik had on Sung-Jong and Myung-Hoon.
Episode 19: Sacrifice (Aug 22, 2016)
Things are turning disastrous for the Jin family. Seo-Woo discovers the secret between Hye-Jung and her father. Stress is taking a toll on her father, Myung-Hoon.
Real Love
Episode 20: Real Love (Aug 23, 2016)
Director Jin Myung-Hoon undergoes surgery. Hye-Jung has to make a difficult decision. Seo-Woo finally gets a boyfriend. Lee Hi-Young has her baby.

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