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Bad Guys: Vile City (2017)

Ordered to take down a villainous business leader who controls the city, a prosecutor gathers a team of men who may not be so clean themselves.

Release Date: Fri, Dec 15, 2017

Country: KR
Language: Ko
Runtime: 70

Yang Ik-june
Jang Sung-Cheol
Kim Moo-yul
No Jin-Pyeong
Ju Jin-mo
Heo Il-Hoo
Kim Ji-soo
Han Gang-Joo
Hong Ji-yoon
Han So-Young
Ju Jin-mo
Lee Myung-Deuk
Kim Esther
High School Student
Han Hee-jung
Prosecution Director's Assistant

Season 1:

Episode 1
Episode 1: Episode 1 (Dec 15, 2017)
Harboring a traumatic experience that led him to avoid crime scenes, prosecutor Noh Jin-pyeong begins his first day of work in the city of Seowon.
Episode 2
Episode 2: Episode 2 (Dec 16, 2017)
While tracking down their immediate suspect, Je-mun's men find an unexpected link between Jo Yeong-guk, their ultimate target, and the city's mayor.
Episode 3
Episode 3: Episode 3 (Dec 22, 2017)
To find proof that Jo Yeong-guk committed bribery, Je-mun hatches out a plan that'll make it easier to locate where his dirty money is stored.
Episode 4
Episode 4: Episode 4 (Dec 23, 2017)
Jin-pyeong, who's full of doubts after a secret meeting with deputy chief prosecutor Ban Jun-hyeok, is tasked with interrogating a key witness.
Episode 5
Episode 5: Episode 5 (Dec 30, 2017)
Despite the chief prosecutor's instructions, Je-mun orders a stop to the search and seizure, and tries to pursue a new route to catch the bad guys.
Episode 6
Episode 6: Episode 6 (Dec 30, 2017)
When his team suffers casualties, Je-mun no longer has room for mercy and calls for Jo Yeong-guk's arrest -- no matter what it may cost.
Episode 7
Episode 7: Episode 7 (Jan 05, 2018)
The day of the final hearing arrives, and Je-mun prepares to conclude Jo Yeong-guk's case, but an even worse enemy threatens to thwart his plan.
Episode 8
Episode 8: Episode 8 (Jan 06, 2018)
Hoping to find answers regarding his late colleague's case, Jin-pyeong accepts Ban Jun-hyeok's offer and joins a special investigations team.
Episode 9
Episode 9: Episode 9 (Jan 12, 2018)
To pay his sister's hospital bills, Gang-ju has no choice but to get help from a loan shark, who offers to cancel the debt in exchange for a "service."
Episode 10
Episode 10: Episode 10 (Jan 13, 2018)
Heo Il-hu searches for the missing high school girl. Je-mun secretly investigates the cases that Special Team Three supposedly solved already.
Episode 11
Episode 11: Episode 11 (Jan 19, 2018)
Soon after Lee Myeong-deuk warns him to disband Special Team Three, Ban Jun-hyeok receives news that there's a problem within the team.
Episode 12
Episode 12: Episode 12 (Jan 20, 2018)
Je-mun and his reunited team of men find out that the evidence regarding the Inbuk teen murder case may have been fabricated.
Episode 13
Episode 13: Episode 13 (Jan 26, 2018)
Detective Hwang from Special Team Three is in crunch time to catch the wanted men. Likewise, Je-mun's men prepare to take on their adversaries.
Episode 14
Episode 14: Episode 14 (Jan 27, 2018)
Not happy with how things turned out for Jo Yeong-guk, Je-mun tries to get Ha Sang-mo's testimony himself, but a shocking truth awaits.
Episode 15
Episode 15: Episode 15 (Feb 02, 2018)
Je-mun quickly closes in on Jo Yeong-guk. Meanwhile, Mayor Bae Sang-do's sister plans to do whatever she can to get her brother re-elected.
Episode 16
Episode 16: Episode 16 (Feb 03, 2018)
Mayor Bae's niece devises a foolproof political scheme for her uncle. Je-mun vows to get revenge -- for his comrades, and for all the people of Seowon.

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