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Luis Miguel: The Series (2018)

The series dramatizes the life story of Mexican superstar singer Luis Miguel, who has captivated audiences in Latin America and beyond for decades.

Release Date: Sun, Apr 22, 2018

Country: MX
Language: En | Es

Diego Boneta
Luis Miguel

Season 2:

Qué nivel de mujer
Episode 1: Qué nivel de mujer (Apr 18, 2021)
In 1992, a desperate Luis Miguel goes to great lengths to discover the truth about his mother's disappearance while also fighting for custody of Sergio.
Noche de paz
Episode 2: Noche de paz (Apr 18, 2021)
Luis Miguel is delivered devastating news about his health in 2005. Years earlier, Hugo advises the singer not to be consumed by his search for Marcela.
Episode 3: Suave (Apr 25, 2021)
Micky's competitive jealousy threatens to upend his relationship with his family. Many years later, he hopes to make amends with his estranged daughter.
Episode 4: Ayer (May 02, 2021)
Micky struggles to balance filming his "Ayer" music video with spending time with Michelle. In the future, the father-daughter duo faces new challenges.
Te extrano
Episode 5: Te extrano (May 09, 2021)
The possibility of a duet with Frank Sinatra brings Luis Miguel to New York, but back home, tragedy strikes. In 2006, he attempts to sing again.
Episode 6
Episode 6: Episode 6 (May 16, 2021)
Episode 7
Episode 7: Episode 7 (May 23, 2021)
Episode 8
Episode 8: Episode 8 (May 30, 2021)

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