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How Do You Play? (2019)

Yoo Jae-suk reunites the producing team of Infinite Challenge and presents you How Do You Play? The Indefinitely expanding YOONIVERSE, based on Yoo's blood, sweat, and tears, will entertain viewers at home. Let's follow Yoo and his friends' new projects every week.

  • Kim Tae-ho
Release Date: Sat, Jul 27, 2019

Country: KR
Language: Ko
Runtime: 80

Season 1:

Camera Relay (1)
Episode 1: Camera Relay (1) (Jul 27, 2019)
Jae Seok, Yunho, DinDin, Hang Ho, and Defconn come to Sae Ho’s house to watch the recorded videos together. They decide to order food while watching the video, but it’s hard to decide what to order because of Sae Ho. When they watch the video together, they share their memories and feelings about the Relay Camera.
Camera Relay (2)
Episode 2: Camera Relay (2) (Aug 03, 2019)
As the Relay Camera gets passed along to various people, the members continue to watch the recorded videos at Sae Ho’s house. There are some unexpected people to who get passed the relay camera and they travel to some surprising places as well. As the members watch the video footage, they laugh and share touching moments with the celebrities who graciously filmed a part of their personal lives for the viewers.
Jo's Apartment (1)
Episode 3: Jo's Apartment (1) (Aug 10, 2019)
The team members who each had a turn at the Relay Camera have a get-together at Sae Ho’s house. Jae Seok and Sae Ho plan activities and everybody brings food to share. Since the group is such a diverse group of people, they start off with introductions. Then, they play games such as quizzes, relay acrostic poems, and more.
Jo's Apartment (2)
Episode 4: Jo's Apartment (2) (Aug 17, 2019)
Hang Ho’s special friend visits Sae Ho’s apartment. They have a great time while eating and playing games together. After “Cho’s Apartment”, Tae Ho calls in Jae Seok as always. This time, Tae Ho wants Jae Seok to take a look at this musical genius he found recently.
Jo's Apartment (3)// Korea Live (1)
Episode 5: Jo's Apartment (3)// Korea Live (1) (Aug 24, 2019)
Jae Seok and the other members gather at Sae Ho’s apartment and watch their recordings together. This time, they take public transport to film various scenes of Korea. Each of them become a VJ and visit all over Korea. This segment is called “Live in Korea”, and you can observe various lifestyles of Koreans through this.
Yoo-plash (1)
Episode 6: Yoo-plash (1) (Aug 31, 2019)
In this week’s episode, many talented musicians are trying to make Jae Seok’s drum beat into listenable music. Sunwoo Jung A, Lee Sang Soon, Juk Jae, and other musicians do their best to create wonderful music. At first, the musicians are flustered to receive the Genius Drummer video, but they end up creating beautiful songs with their talents.
Yoo-plash (2)
Episode 7: Yoo-plash (2) (Sep 07, 2019)
In this week’s episode, Juk Jae and Jeong Dong Hwan join the members of Yuplash to watch the recording together. A trusted hit-maker, Gray, participates in the song and makes it sound more like a hip-hop song. Jae Seok’s drum beat becomes cooler thanks to a lot of talented musicians.
Jo's Apartment (4)// Korea Live (2)
Episode 8: Jo's Apartment (4)// Korea Live (2) (Sep 14, 2019)
In this week’s episode, Jae Seok and other members of Live in Korea visit various photo studios. They get to meet people there who have certain reasons to come to the studios. It is good to listen to each person's story and capture their moments at the studio. Stay tuned to see various people's interesting stories.
Bbong For Yoo (1)
Episode 9: Bbong For Yoo (1) (Sep 21, 2019)
In this week’s episode, Jae Seok challenges for a trot singer against his will. First, he goes to the songwriter Park Hyun Woo’s office and sings his favorite trot song, At Andong Station. Jae Seok is not confident about his singing skills, but the trot masters keep insisting that he should make a debut as a trot singer. Stay tuned!
Yoo-plash (3)
Episode 10: Yoo-plash (3) (Sep 28, 2019)
In this week’s episode, Sunwoo Jung A, Peakboy, Paul Kim, Lee Juck, Yu Hui Yeol, and Jae Seok gather to see the progress of Yuplash. With a lot of talented musicians’ help, Jae Seok’s drum beat is no longer shabby. They’re all surprised at the abilities of those talented artists. Stay tuned to listen to the amazing songs.
Yoo-plash (4)
Episode 11: Yoo-plash (4) (Oct 05, 2019)
In this week’s episode, Crush, Colde, Urban Zakapa, UV, Sam Kim, Mommy Son, and Zion.T participate in Yuplash. They create the song with their unique style of music. Meanwhile, Sang Won suggests Jae Seok that he should join his band to perform at a club, and Jae Seok doesn’t know what to do. Stay tuned!
Bbong For Yoo (2)
Episode 12: Bbong For Yoo (2) (Oct 12, 2019)
In this week’s episode, Jae Seok prepares to make his trot song. Thanks to the senior singers’ suggestion, Jae Seok goes to the lyricist Lee Geon Woo and writes his song. The title of the song is Hapjeong Station, Exit Five. To complete the song, Jae Seok visits Hyun Woo once again. Stay tuned to listen to the song!
Yoo-plash (5)
Episode 13: Yoo-plash (5) (Oct 19, 2019)
It is finally the day of Jae Seok’s drum recital. Jae Seok keeps practicing even right before the recital. The musicians who participated in the songs also come and enjoy the recital. Son Star always struggles with Jae Seok to pull the performance off. Stay tuned to enjoy the recital!
Yoo-plash (6)// Bbong For Yoo (3)
Episode 14: Yoo-plash (6)// Bbong For Yoo (3) (Oct 26, 2019)
In this week’s episode, the performance by UV and Urban Zakapa is awaiting. Lee Seung Hwan and Ha Hyun Woo showcase a special stage with Shin Hae Chul’s unrevealed song. All the audience and musicians are deeply impressed by the stage. Don’t miss such a touching performance!
Bbong For Yoo (4)
Episode 15: Bbong For Yoo (4) (Nov 02, 2019)
In this week’s episode, the masters of trot world start to arrange the song “Hapjeong Station, Exit Five”. With the professional session men, the arrangement seems to have a smooth start. After the arrangement, Jae Seok starts to learn the choreography of the song. Stay tuned to watch Yu San Seul’s debut project!
Bbong For Yoo (5)
Episode 16: Bbong For Yoo (5) (Nov 09, 2019)
This week, the complete version of “Hapjeong Station, Exit 5” gets revealed. With his new fancy suits ready, Jae Seok prepares for his first debut. The masters suggest that he should make his debut as a busking performance. “Redevelopment of Love” also makes a lot of progress as Jae Seok meets a famous songwriter to make the song. Stay tuned for this week’s episode!
Bbong For Yoo (6)
Episode 17: Bbong For Yoo (6) (Nov 16, 2019)
With the completion of “Redevelopment of Love”, Yu San Seul is ready to make his debut. His first busking performance takes place in Incheon Chinatown. Kim Yon Ja and Hong Jin Young help Jae Seok with his debut by heating up the atmosphere with their amazing performances. His second busking performance takes place right at Hapjeong Station. Stay tuned!
Bbong For Yoo (7)
Episode 18: Bbong For Yoo (7) (Nov 23, 2019)
In this week’s episode, the masters gather to make San Seul’s music video. The masters of music videos seem to have a unique method of working. San Seul is flustered to experience this unusual shooting. Meanwhile, Sang Cheol brings San Seul to “AM Plaza” to introduce him as a rookie singer. Don’t miss it!
Bbong For Yoo (8)
Episode 19: Bbong For Yoo (8) (Nov 30, 2019)
San Seul films another music video in a night club with two directors and a group of dancers. Also, San Seul has a meeting with several experts who have professional knowledge of promoting trot songs. They discuss how to promote San Seul and his songs. San Seul visits radio stations himself to promote his songs.
Bbong For Yoo (9)
Episode 20: Bbong For Yoo (9) (Dec 07, 2019)
In this week’s episode, Chef Yeo Kyeong Rae invites San Seul to a Chinese restaurant to treat him yusanseul. San Seul even gets to cook yusanseul, but he is not good at it. San Seul says that he is good at cooking ramyeon. One day, San Seul goes to a ramyeon restaurant all of a sudden. Stay tuned to see what's happening in the ramyeon restaurant!
Bbong For Yoo (10)
Episode 21: Bbong For Yoo (10) (Dec 14, 2019)
In this week’s episode, San Seul shows up at Jeong Dong Won’s concert to surprise him. Without knowing, the trot genius Dong Won is disappointed at the news that San Seul can’t come to the concert. After a few days later, San Seul goes to Suncheon with Sae Ho and Do Il, and they get to promote San Seul's album on their way to Suncheon.
Bbong For Yoo (11)
Episode 22: Bbong For Yoo (11) (Dec 21, 2019)
In this week’s episode, San Seul successfully gives a performance for “Gayo Best”. He gets to meet a lot of trot singers in Suncheon. A few days later, San Seul gets to hear about his first concert schedule. One day, he arrives at one Chinese restaurant and realizes that it’s a press conference for his first goodbye concert. Stay tuned!
Bbong For Yoo (12)
Episode 23: Bbong For Yoo (12) (Dec 28, 2019)
In this week’s episode, San Seul’s First Album Goodbye Concert begins. A lot of fans are expecting San Seul’s first concert, but San Seul has only two songs. After singing his two songs, fans don’t want him to go, but San Seul doesn’t have any song left. At that moment, Jae Seok appears and hosts the concert. Moreover, four talented trot singers give wonderful performances at San Seul’s concert. Stay tuned!
Bbong For Yoo (13)
Episode 24: Bbong For Yoo (13) (Jan 04, 2020)
In this week’s episode, you get to see Sim Sung Rak’s wonderful performances with talented musicians. Sim Sung Rak is the legend of Korean pop music. And it’s time to decide one version of “Ramyeon of Life”, between Jung-zart’s version and Park-thoven’s version. Which version will be chosen by more people? San Seul gets to meet Pengsoo at 2019 MBC Entertainment Awards. Stay tuned!
Bbong For Yoo (14)// Life Ramyeon (1)
Episode 25: Bbong For Yoo (14)// Life Ramyeon (1) (Jan 11, 2020)
In this week’s episode, San Seul treats his agency’s employees a warm bowl of ramyeon. There are 100 people waiting for San Seul’s ramyeon, and San Seul is all over the place to cook ramyeon for 100 people. After a few days later, San Seul gets to arrive at a restaurant. The restaurant’s name is Ramyeon of Life Restaurant, and he has to cook a special ramyeon for his customers. Stay tuned!
Life Ramyeon (2)
Episode 26: Life Ramyeon (2) (Jan 18, 2020)
In this week’s episode, many guests come to Jae Seok’s ramyeon restaurant. Sung Kyu, Do Yeon, Se Chan, Sae Ho, Gu Ra, and Myung Soo visit Ramyeon of Life Restaurant, and Jae Seok once again cooks ramyeon for them. At first, he’s having a hard time cooking yusanseul ramyeon, but he becomes skillful as time passes. They get to have a decent talk at the restaurant. Stay tuned!
Life Ramyeon (3)
Episode 27: Life Ramyeon (3) (Feb 01, 2020)
On the first day of the Ramyeon of Life Restaurant, many old friends of Jae Seok, such as Byung Jae, Myung Soo, and Jun Ha, visit the place to spend a good time together. Jae Seok gets tired after cooking many bowls of yusanseul ramyeon. That night, Se Hyeong and Hyun Hee order the food with detailed options. The next day, he unexpectedly meets the invincible customers. Stay tuned!
Life Ramyeon (4)
Episode 28: Life Ramyeon (4) (Feb 08, 2020)
On the third day of the Ramyeon of Life Restaurant, Lee Hyo Lee and Lee Sang Soon from Jeju Island visit the place to taste his unique yusanseul ramyeon. Hyo Lee and Jae Seok show off their good chemistry to draw attention. After that, he is invited to a cooking show as a chef and reveals the recipe of yusanseul ramyeon. His poor cooking skills make the staff feel embarrassed. He also meets Pengsoo to visit his new house built inside the EBS broadcast station. Stay tuned!
Bbong For Yoo (16)
Episode 29: Bbong For Yoo (16) (Feb 15, 2020)
Jae Seok is rewarded with a vacation by his agency for his successful year as Yu San Seul. When Jae Seok is asked to name a few of his closest friends to join his vacation, he calls out the names of Seok Jin, Kwang Soo, and Sae Ho. On the vacation day, they gather around and decide to eat pork cutlets and visit a book cafe as suggested by Jae Seok. Feeling somewhat unsatisfied by the fact Jae Seok is deciding on all the schedule, three friends decide to speak up for themselves. Sae Ho eventually suggests them to an escape room where you have to solve a series of problems in order to break free from it. Stay tuned to find out how happy Jae Seok is with his closest friends.
Bbong For Yoo (17)// Yoo-chestra (1)
Episode 30: Bbong For Yoo (17)// Yoo-chestra (1) (Feb 22, 2020)
Jae Seok and his friends arrive at a youth hostel near Mount Nam to wrap up their reward vacation with dinner. While doing so, Seok Jin seems to lose all mini-games, allowing him to run all the errands. Meanwhile, Jae Seok is invited to a fancy restaurant where he enjoys a delicious meal while being suspicious of an unexpected treat.
Yoo-chestra (2)
Episode 31: Yoo-chestra (2) (Feb 29, 2020)
Jae Seok is confused by the fact that he has to play the harp as a guest member of the Korean Symphony Orchestra within just a few weeks. However, Jae Seok fully commits to it and practices as much as he can. On the day of the concert, Jae Seok’s fingers don’t seem to stop trembling as he marks his ending with his unique twist.
Radio-Yoo Star// Indoor Concert (1)
Episode 32: Radio-Yoo Star// Indoor Concert (1) (Mar 07, 2020)
In this episode, Jae Seok, as a DJ, prepares a radio show to cheer up those who work the night shift. He is joined by Seok Jin, Sang Yeol, Sae Ho, and other guests to come up with his unique style of an energetic night radio show. Meanwhile, Jae Seok visits Professor Kim Kwang Min, HYUKOH, and the team “Mamma Mia! to recruit them for the upcoming “Room Concert”.
Bbong For Yoo (18) X Yoo-Chestra (3)// Indoor Concert (2)
Episode 33: Bbong For Yoo (18) X Yoo-Chestra (3)// Indoor Concert (2) (Mar 14, 2020)
In this episode, Jae Seok returns as Yu San Seul to continue with his journey to become a trot master. This time, he and his friends prepare a duet trot song composed by the famous composer, Yoon Myung Sun. With Song Ga In by his side, he is expecting yet another successful run with his love song. Meanwhile, Jae Seok and the staff are recruiting more celebrities to star in the upcoming Room Concert.
Indoor Concert (3)
Episode 34: Indoor Concert (3) (Mar 21, 2020)
In this episode, Jae Seok and the staff prepare a cheering gesture for those experiencing hardships due to COVID-19. First, Jang Beom June signals the beginning of the spring season. Second, the musical “Mamma Mia! team bursts out its energetic vibe. Third, ZICO shows off his “Any Song” challenge and how it is done. Lastly, Lee Seung Hwan, the legend of performance, sends the message of hope. Stay tuned!
Indoor Concert (4)
Episode 35: Indoor Concert (4) (Mar 28, 2020)
In this episode, Jae Seok and Ga In deliver their first duet at the Room Concert. Also joining the concert are Lee Seung Hwan, Sunwoo Jung A, Se So Neon, Simon Dominic, Code Kunst, Woo Won Jae, and Gray to cheer up those at home who are stressed and worried due to the recent COVID-19 issues.
Indoor Concert (5)// Chicken Doctor Yoo (1)
Episode 36: Indoor Concert (5)// Chicken Doctor Yoo (1) (Apr 04, 2020)
After a breathtaking pansori performance by Lee Ja Ram, Jae Seok is introduced to another new alter ego. This time, Chicken Doctor Yu presents the viewers with the world of fried chicken. Expecting a flood of orders for his chicken, Park Myung Soo joins him to support him with his two years of experience in running a chicken chain.
Indoor Concert (6)// Chicken Doctor Yoo (2)
Episode 37: Indoor Concert (6)// Chicken Doctor Yoo (2) (Apr 11, 2020)
On the last day of the Room Concert, Laundry, the musical, leaves an impression with its heartwarming and touching story. On top of that, HYUKOH delivers his unique musical interpretation, and he manages to enjoy the stage with an empty audience. After the concert, Chicken Doctor Yu returns to take care of his unfinished mission to fry the perfect fried chicken
Episode 38: Yoo-niverse (Apr 18, 2020)
This time, Jae Seok delivers a live show of his alter egos for those who are staying at home due to social distancing. Yu San Seul invites popular Trot singers such as Sook Haeng, Hong Ja, Kim So You, Jung Da Kyung, and Park Sang Cheol. On top of that, Park Joon Myeon, Jang Beom June, Lee Dong Jin, and Lee Wook Jung join Yu DJ Trot This Party for the show. Lastly, don’t miss the one and only live cooking show by Ra Sek.
Chicken Doctor Yoo (3)
Episode 39: Chicken Doctor Yoo (3) (Apr 25, 2020)
After completing their recipes with help from fried chicken artisans, Myung Soo and Jae Seok head to MBC to serve 100 employees with fried chicken. As they serve the last employee in line, more orders come in from different departments at MBC. Though they are endlessly complaining, they feel a sense of responsibility to serve the best tasting fried chicken.
Porridge Rice Teacher
Episode 40: Porridge Rice Teacher (May 02, 2020)
All that glitters is not gold. This time, Mushy Cook Master Yu delivers side dishes to those who seemed flashy on the stage but are alone when they return to their homes. Despite its being his first time preparing side dishes, he somehow makes delicious stir-fried dried squid and braised black beans with the help from viewers on his live streaming.
Summer X Dance X Yoo Jae-suk (1)
Episode 41: Summer X Dance X Yoo Jae-suk (1) (May 09, 2020)
This time, Jae Seok and his crew decide to look for a new alter ego for Jae Seok to entertain viewers who are exhausted from the COVID-19 crisis. After discussing with Sang Min, Ji Hye, Sung Su, and Il Sang, Jae Seok heads to Jeju Island to talk Hyo Lee and Sang Soon into joining his mixed gender dance group for the upcoming summer season.
Summer X Dance X Yoo Jae-suk (2)
Episode 42: Summer X Dance X Yoo Jae-suk (2) (May 16, 2020)
Jae Seok visits his old friends to see if they are suitable for his mixed-gender group for the upcoming summer season. First he visits Kwang Hee, but he somehow lacks what Jae Seok wants from a dancer. Then he visits Henry, but his unique approach to music doesn’t fit Jae Seok’s needs. Lastly, Jae Seok meets up with Rain, the legendary dancer.
Chicken Doctor Yoo (4)
Episode 43: Chicken Doctor Yoo (4) (May 23, 2020)
Jae Seok and his friends prepare to serve 100 meals of fried chicken at a drive-through food truck. If they were to successfully serve all 100 customers, 1,000 chicken coupons will be donated to children in Mapo-gu. Myung Soo, Jun Ha, Shin Young, and Yeon Koung help Jae Seok as his daily interns as well as Haha who got caught up in the chores when he originally just dropped in to say hi.
Summer X Dance X Yoo Jae-suk (3)
Episode 44: Summer X Dance X Yoo Jae-suk (3) (May 30, 2020)
While searching for the members for his mixed-gender group, Jae Seok successfully gets both Hyo Lee and Rain to join his team. However, he still needs a few younger members to complete the gang. With this being the case, ZICO, Kwang Hee, Code Kunst, and Simon Dominic visit the show to compete for the position by showing off their style of “Gang.”
SSAK3 (1)
Episode 45: SSAK3 (1) (Jun 06, 2020)
Hyo Lee, Rain, and Jae Seok once again gather around to come up with their stage names and group name. From a list of intriguing suggestions, each picks the most appealing one. Meanwhile, Jae Seok is worried that Sang Soon might not like how Hyo Lee is quickly adapting to the flashy life in Seoul.
SSAK3 (2)
Episode 46: SSAK3 (2) (Jun 13, 2020)
It turns out each member of SSAK3 has a completely different preference for a perfect summer song. Even the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator shows that Hyo Lee and Jae Seok should never work together as a group. However, what’s done is done. They have no choice but to come up with a song that can satisfy all three members of SSAK3.
SSAK3 (3)
Episode 47: SSAK3 (3) (Jun 20, 2020)
Now that the members of SSAK3 have anonymously prepared the song of summer, it’s time for their songs to be tested among many other songs by trending composers. Meanwhile, the very last song on the table grabs Jae Seok’s attention. Although the composer still remains unknown, Jae Seok feels certain that this song will make a hit.
SSAK3 (4)
Episode 48: SSAK3 (4) (Jun 27, 2020)
The Superstar Stylist, Han Hye Yeon, visits the show to give SSAK3 the ‘90s look. The members feel shy when they first see the fancy outfits. However, they soon become one with the outfits and start to fight over the center stage. As expected, Linda G takes the center while the other two members reluctantly try their best to assist her.
SSAK3 (5)
Episode 49: SSAK3 (5) (Jul 04, 2020)
After thorough preparation, SSAK3 heads off to shoot a music video for their cover song, “In Summer” by Deux. As expected, Caregiver Hwang also joins other members to complete the bundle. Although B-Dragon gets constantly bullied by other members, he is willing to take the humiliation in order remain center stage.
SSAK3 (6)
Episode 50: SSAK3 (6) (Jul 11, 2020)
This time around, Sang Soon visits the show as the songwriter to complete the recording of Summer Ocean Again. While doing so, B-Dragon does everything he can to attract all attention to himself. In the end, Linda G and U-Doragon lose their temper and complain about his self-centeredness. Nevertheless, B-Dragon is determined to stay in the spotlight.
SSAK3 (7)
Episode 51: SSAK3 (7) (Jul 18, 2020)
Although U-Doragon wants to minimize the budget for SSAK3’s music video, the two other members want it to be as fancy as possible. Moreover, U-Doragon might not be as experienced in shooting music videos as Linda and B-Dragon, but he still shows off his unique skills. Meanwhile, they make a pledge to do an unprecedented challenge if they win first place in a music program.
SSAK3 (8)
Episode 52: SSAK3 (8) (Jul 25, 2020)
The members of SSAK3 are visited by Park Seul Gi as a reporter for the group’s much anticipated debut interview. The fierce competition for center stage doesn’t seem to stop until the release of the music video, “Summer Ocean Again.”
SSAK3 (9)
Episode 53: SSAK3 (9) (Aug 01, 2020)
The squabbling among the three members of SSAK3 doesn’t seem to stop even at the last practice before the debut. With Upset Rain on the verge of bursting into tears due to continuous bullying, they officially debut on Show! Music Core. When all fellow singers gather on the stage for the final score, the members of SSAK3 realize that they are on the list of first place candidates.
SSAK3 (10)
Episode 54: SSAK3 (10) (Aug 08, 2020)
After weeks of hating and nagging, B-Dragon and other members of SSAK3 gather for their final performance together on a music show. While other idol groups are surprised at their unprecedented, fancy meals as well as U-Doragon’s surpassing live performance, SSAK3 waits for the final score as one of the first place candidates.
SSAK3 (11)
Episode 55: SSAK3 (11) (Aug 15, 2020)
After a short but exciting roller coaster ride as SSAK3, the members meet for the last time before their disbandment. As a special treat, B-Dragon prepares a feast of abalones, wishing the older members a brighter future. While Linda and U-Doragon respond to him with gratitude, a surprise, tear-inducing gift from the fans awaits them.
Refund Sisters (1)
Episode 56: Refund Sisters (1) (Aug 22, 2020)
Jimi Yu, an experienced businessman with connections, negotiates with Refund Sisters about whether to take on the position as a producer. After interviewing the members one by one, he decides to give more thought to what may seem to be a reckless and self-destructive challenge.
Refund Sisters (2)
Episode 57: Refund Sisters (2) (Aug 29, 2020)
Jimi Yu schedules a meeting for all the members of Refund Sisters to sign a contract at his agency. As expected, Jimi finds it difficult to get over with even the smallest issue due to each member’s unwavering demands. Meanwhile, a group of applicants is interviewed one by one as a road manager for Refund Sisters.
Refund Sisters (3)
Episode 58: Refund Sisters (3) (Sep 05, 2020)
With advice from Lee Sang Min in his mind, Jimi Yu interviews Kim Jong Min, and it turns out that he couldn’t be more perfect. Meanwhile, Jimi invites Jessi over to a beautiful Korean traditional house to go over the contract out of the concern that she might have misunderstood its terms. At an online group meeting with all the related parties present, Jimi’s patience reaches its limit due to one of the members’ irrational behaviors.
Refund Sisters (4)
Episode 59: Refund Sisters (4) (Sep 12, 2020)
Jimi Yu once again gathers the members of Refund Sisters to prove how much he cares for each member. This time, Kelly is put under the spotlight, which makes her open her heart to other members. Meanwhile, Jimi Yu visits his friend for a debut song. While doing so, he makes what seems to be a risky decision regarding the manager position.
Refund Sisters (5)
Episode 60: Refund Sisters (5) (Sep 19, 2020)
Jimi finally signs two managers, after contemplating it for a while. Although they seem a bit inexperienced, Jimi believes the managers will satisfy the needs of the members. When the members meet the managers for the first time at a meeting, they are shocked and relieved at the same time.
Refund Sisters (6)
Episode 61: Refund Sisters (6) (Sep 26, 2020)
After a quick photoshoot at a popular studio, Refund Sisters and Original Entertainment head out on their first schedule of events. While having fun making Chuseok greetings, Jimi subtly implies that the title song is ready. Even though other members seem to like the song, Cheon Ok pauses and sits in silence.
Refund Sisters (7)
Episode 62: Refund Sisters (7) (Oct 03, 2020)
For the Chuseok holidays, Jimi Yu hosts a special gathering for the members and managers of Original Entertainment. The band members dressed in beautiful hanbok attire, which might make them look like possessed shamans. They play games with a big prize on the line for the winning team.
Refund Sisters (8)
Episode 63: Refund Sisters (8) (Oct 10, 2020)
Even though Man Ok went through a hard time due to her vocal cord condition, she manages to participate in the official recording. With Eun Bi and Sil Bi swiftly wrapping up the recording, Cheon Ok also delivers the best possible performance thanks to Jimi Yu’s support. In the end, Rado and Jimi are mesmerized with the incredible result.
Refund Sisters (9)
Episode 64: Refund Sisters (9) (Oct 17, 2020)
For their debut performance, the members of Refund Sisters gather to choose their outfits. Before making the final decision, Jimi Yu is literally forced to try on some of the outfits that were actually worn by idol singers. Later on, Original Entertainment participates in a choreography session with one of the famous choreographers.
Refund Sisters (10)
Episode 65: Refund Sisters (10) (Oct 24, 2020)
With only several days left before the debut, the members of Refund Sisters focus on making their performance as perfect as possible. Meanwhile, one of the managers heads off to MBC in Sangam to attend the meeting with the director of the show. Now that the preparation work is complete, the members stand nervously on the stage for the music to start.
Refund Sisters (11)
Episode 66: Refund Sisters (11) (Oct 31, 2020)
The members of Refund Sisters gather to shoot the music video. Man Ok’s enormous outfit brings back good old memories, while other members show off their unique charms as well. When the girls are busy doing their best, the director asks Jimi Yu to quickly film a short scene without the members’ knowing.
Refund Sisters (12)
Episode 67: Refund Sisters (12) (Nov 07, 2020)
Due to the severity of the global crisis, the members of Refund Sisters never thought they could perform in front of an audience. However, thanks to Jimi’s initiative and drive, the members get a chance to perform at the Korea Armed Forces Nursing Academy. At the end, when the members watch KAFNA’s cheer squad perform, their eyes brim with tears.
Refund Sisters (13)// Life Ramyeon (5)
Episode 68: Refund Sisters (13)// Life Ramyeon (5) (Nov 14, 2020)
With a few more meetings left before they part ways, the members of Refund Sisters put on a passionate performance in front of baseball fans. After their last official performance, the members receive a surprise gift from the staff, and they all get emotional.
Kimchi Expedition Team
Episode 69: Kimchi Expedition Team (Nov 21, 2020)
Because of the help he received from many friends, Jae Seok was able to handle all the alter egos. To show their gratitude, the production crew prepares a kimchi-making challenge. The final products will be delivered to each of his friends. Although he’s not totally confident, Jae Seok does his best to show how grateful he feels to have them by his side.
H&H Corporation (1)
Episode 70: H&H Corporation (1) (Nov 28, 2020)
This time, Yupin of Heart and Heart Limited delivers messages from those who can’t afford to do so. From one’s touching feelings to one’s mere curiosity toward an old lover, precious stories await Yupin and his two colleagues to be delivered. Among these stories, Yupin picks those that linger in his heart.
H&H Corporation (2)
Episode 71: H&H Corporation (2) (Dec 05, 2020)
Yupin continues on with the Heart to Heart Delivery Service for his clients. With Jongbell and Dae Buk Gon by his side, Yupin successfully finds the place full of the client’s good memories. After a short talk, Yupin leaves the place, not knowing whether the recipient has agreed to meet her. Meanwhile, Yupin delivers a hilarious message of gratitude to Jun Hyun Moo from his fans.
Winter Songs Resurrection Plan (1)
Episode 72: Winter Songs Resurrection Plan (1) (Dec 12, 2020)
Sad that there aren’t many winter songs these days, Jae Seok visits those who sang his favorite winter songs. First up is Tak Jae Hoon of Country Kko Kko. His songs bring back the memories of Jae Seok’s first kiss, which apparently only occurred after he was married. After that, he visits Yoon Jong Shin who persistently recommends one of his sad songs against Jae Seok’s liking.
Winter Songs Resurrection Plan (2)
Episode 73: Winter Songs Resurrection Plan (2) (Dec 26, 2020)
Jae Seok is looking for more winter songs to rescue. This time, he aims for Kim Bum Soo, one of Korea’s best vocalists. Although many remember him as a faceless singer, he once again surprises the viewers with his perfect performance. With Kim Bum Soo’s promise to appear on the main stage, Jae Seok continues with his rescue operation and heads out to meet Lee Moon Sae.
Winter Songs Resurrection Plan (3)
Episode 74: Winter Songs Resurrection Plan (3) (Jan 02, 2021)
At the small concert hosted by Jae Seok and the crew, special guests Ailee, Kim Bum Soo, and Yoon Jong Shin are surprised to see the appearance of a legendary singer and his singing. After that, to wrap up the whole project, Lee Moon Sae gives a performance that takes the viewers on a trip down memory lane.
Variety Investor (1)
Episode 75: Variety Investor (1) (Jan 09, 2021)
Canola Yoo starts the year with his two assistants, Dong Seok and Young Gil, as he looks for the next big stars in the variety show industry. With a list of candidates in mind, he invites a few of them to his office. The first guest is Jo Byeong Gyu, who’s known for his roles in “Sky Castle” and “Hot Stove League'.' Later on, Kim So Yeon from “The Penthouse" shows her natural side of silliness.
Variety Investor (2)
Episode 76: Variety Investor (2) (Jan 16, 2021)
Canola Yoo and his big data analysts meet up with promising candidates for variety show stars. Director Jang Hang Jun impresses the gang with his storytelling with a twist, and comedian Lee Jin Ho and rapper Lee Young Ji show their new-generation vibes. Later, Kim Sook, who has recently won the Grand Award, pays a visit to the show to share her lingering but annoying past regarding Jae Seok.
Let's Have A Meal
Episode 77: Let's Have A Meal (Jan 23, 2021)
Jae Seok is fed up with the fact that he cannot enjoy a simple meal with his close friends. For this very reason, the crew has prepared an event for Jae Seok and his boys to enjoy a meal together with the viewers through a live stream. Although they may not be together in person, it feels less lonely to have someone to talk to while having a meal.
Variety Investor (3)// Chief Investigation Officer Yoo (1)
Episode 78: Variety Investor (3)// Chief Investigation Officer Yoo (1) (Jan 30, 2021)
Talented comedians join Canola Yoo as he looks for the perfect individuals to star in his upcoming variety show. Being nervous to the point of feeling sick, the rookies try their best to show their true worth. Behind all these future stars is the legendary comedian, Ms. Na Dae Ja. Canola’s search for future stars continues.
Chief Investigation Officer Yoo (2)
Episode 79: Chief Investigation Officer Yoo (2) (Feb 06, 2021)
On the verge of losing his underperforming team, Chief Inspector Yu strives to solve a mysterious murder case. To do so, he gets help from Korea’s very first profiler, Kwon Il Yong. Now that the team is capable of scientifically approaching the case, the chief and his fellow detectives carefully go over the crime scene in hopes of finding the culprit.
2021 Live And Fall Together (1)
Episode 80: 2021 Live And Fall Together (1) (Feb 13, 2021)
Back in the past, many top celebrities, led by Yu Jae Seok for all of us to enjoy, appeared on the “Star Survival: Live and Enjoy Together.” Since then, only a few celebrities have visited. For this reason, the 2021 version of the show will only reminisce and laugh about the good times.
2021 Live And Fall Together (2)
Episode 81: 2021 Live And Fall Together (2) (Feb 20, 2021)
With the help from MC Yu’s unrivaled hosting skills, the popular games of Star Survival continue to throw everything into chaos. The games become more active as they require all members to somehow contribute to the team. While some are determined to win every game, others are only focused on playing pranks.
2021 Live And Fall Together (3)// Heart & Heart (3)
Episode 82: 2021 Live And Fall Together (3)// Heart & Heart (3) (Feb 27, 2021)
As Love Yoo reminisces about the time he appeared on a show to find his first love, he decides to help those with unfulfilled love once again with Love Delivery Service by Heart and Heart Limited. With his colleagues and a few more counselors, he goes through a pile of requests and hopes to find the perfect couple to develop their relationship.
Heart & Heart (4)
Episode 83: Heart & Heart (4) (Mar 06, 2021)
More stories flood in as Love Yoo prepares to deliver treasured feelings that were treasured for many years. While doing so, one of the requests mentions a famous basketball player whom a lady fell in love with at first sight. Love Yoo can’t miss this and gets right on to it. Meanwhile, a friendship of five years is at risk when an applicant finally decides to confess.
With Yoo (1)
Episode 84: With Yoo (1) (Mar 13, 2021)
Jae Seok has no idea what he will be running into today when no one would tell him anything. That’s when he gets a text message asking him to come to the address shown in the text. He finds himself at a barbeque place and realizes that he’s there to have a meal with a total stranger. This marks the beginning of Jae Seok’s mysterious journey.
With Yoo (2)
Episode 85: With Yoo (2) (Mar 20, 2021)
Jae Seok walks into a restaurant without a clue of what’s happening. He looks for Jackson as he was told, but Jackson doesn’t show up until Jae Seok finishes a fancy meal. He then meets up with a lady who expects Jae Seok’s singing lesson. Finally, Jae Seok visits a chicken restaurant where people are willing to sacrifice themselves for a better world.
MSG Wannabe (1)
Episode 86: MSG Wannabe (1) (Mar 27, 2021)
Although they are brothers, they are totally different from each other. Yaho prefers solely relying on the skills one has instead of one’s looks or popularity when it comes to picking his singers. Accordingly, Yaho decides to form a group of male vocalists. In doing so, he goes through a series of audition videos as he cherry-picks potential candidates.
MSG Wannabe (2)
Episode 87: MSG Wannabe (2) (Apr 10, 2021)
In search of the perfect candidates for the members of “MSG Wannabe,” Yu Yaho carries on with the blind interview. To pass the interview, all one has to do is to captivate Yu Yaho’s Top 10 Ears. With Yaho’s years of experience in the industry, it is not easy for even a decent singer to qualify for his test. Stay tuned to find out who will hear the magical words “Yu Yaho” and pass the interview.
MSG Wannabe (3)
Episode 88: MSG Wannabe (3) (Apr 17, 2021)
It’s been a rough road for Yaho, who’s trying to put together a male vocal group, MSG Wannabe. Today, a few guests, whom he’s longed to meet for many years, greet him. Now that they are here, he asks for advice on his hand-picked candidates. He goes on and praises how good one of the participants is, only to find out this very singer is ill-fated.
MSG Wannabe (4)
Episode 89: MSG Wannabe (4) (Apr 24, 2021)
The second phase of the blind auditions officially sets off, as Yu Yaho listens carefully to his favorite candidates. The candidates are randomly divided into four groups of three, and will be performing a song in harmony. One of the things to notice is how this particular candidate’s identity seems peculiarly obvious. Who will be dropped out of the audition?
MSG Wannabe (5)
Episode 90: MSG Wannabe (5) (May 01, 2021)
Although many viewers have already identified some contestants, Yu Yaho continues with the blind audition as promised. With a few more contestants eliminated, Yaho finalizes the Top 8 and moves on to the next phase of MSG Wannabe member selection. Now that they have revealed their faces, the contestants feel tenser and pressured to live up to their own and Yaho’s expectations.
MSG Wannabe (6)
Episode 91: MSG Wannabe (6) (May 08, 2021)
After a long and fair blind audition, the final eight members finally gather with their identities disclosed. Now that they know who other candidates are, they plan for the next stage of the competition in becoming the members of MSG Wannabe. In two groups of four, each team decides on the song to perform as a group, a song that will prick up Yu Yaho’s ears.
MSG Wannabe (7)
Episode 92: MSG Wannabe (7) (May 15, 2021)
With the final competition just around the corner, the candidates in two teams take the practice seriously and put all their effort and resources into it. However, some things just don’t add up from Yaho’s perspective, and he summons a few of the potential MSG Wannabe members for a one-on-one meeting. Is Yaho planning to let some members go?
MSG Wannabe (8)
Episode 93: MSG Wannabe (8) (May 22, 2021)
The competition day has finally arrived, and the show starts with all eight members singing as a group. However, once it’s over, some may inevitably have to leave the team. All worries aside, each team begins to fill the stage with resonating harmony. A few days later, at a dining table, the members realize that the results are in..
Director Yoo (1)
Episode 94: Director Yoo (1) (May 29, 2021)
Long ago, General Manager Yu was well-known for his competence as a leader. Today, his competence continues as he embarks on a journey as a director of Joy and Music Technology. He plans to interview the candidates for new recruits, and while doing so, he comes across one of the employees he used to work with.
Director Yoo (2)// MSG Wannabe (9)
Episode 95: Director Yoo (2)// MSG Wannabe (9) (Jun 05, 2021)
As General Manager Yu continues on with the interviews for JMT’s new recruits, he comes across a few candidates whom he thinks are ideal for the company. Meanwhile, Yu Yaho gathers the eight final members of MSG Wannabe to deliver important announcements regarding their upcoming promotion.
MSG Wannabe (10)
Episode 96: MSG Wannabe (10) (Jun 12, 2021)
Kim Jung Min was once the most demanded ballad singer of his time. However, it’s been long since people lost interest in him and his songs. Even so, the members still consider him the best rock balladeer in the industry and prepare a surprise event. Meanwhile, the two teams, M.O.M and Jungsangdongki, finally get to hear their title songs written by esteemed composers and lyricists.
MSG Wannabe (11)
Episode 97: MSG Wannabe (11) (Jun 19, 2021)
It’s official now. The release date has been set, and each team starts recording its song. The members of Jungsangdongki can’t seem to hide their happiness, singing under Naul’s directing. At the same time, M.O.M is fascinated by how many popular songs were made by the legendary composer, Park Keun Tae. Above all, the composers themselves are also surprised how good the members are.
MSG Wannabe (12)
Episode 98: MSG Wannabe (12) (Jun 26, 2021)
Yu Yaho and the MSG Wannabe members get together for their first official schedule. It’s the Spoiler Live Event where they do a live broadcast and spend time with the fans. Also, Jungsangdongki and M.O.M sing the first verse of their debut songs, and Yu Yaho makes an important announcement about their plans.
MSG Wannabe (13)
Episode 99: MSG Wannabe (13) (Jul 03, 2021)
With the help from actress Jeon Yeo Been and director Dong Hwi, the members of MSG Wannabe are assigned with a new mission to come up with a short music video within just one day. However, nothing seems impossible for these passionate artists. One scene after another, the music video begins to take shape and develops into a full heartrending love story.
MSG Wannabe (14)
Episode 100: MSG Wannabe (14) (Jul 10, 2021)
Every step toward the performance on a Show! Music Core stage was nervous but exciting at the same time for the members of MSG Wannabe and Yu Yaho. It’s been a great ride, and there is one more thing before they part ways. At the Top 10 Ears Concert, members and legendary guest singers celebrate how great the journey has been, and in fact, some members even get teary-eyed. Stay tuned!
MSG Wannabe (15)
Episode 101: MSG Wannabe (15) (Jul 17, 2021)
The last journey as MSG Wannabe begins, and the members can’t hide how sad they are to leave everything behind and move on. Bigmama and SG Wannabe also join the parade both as colleague singers and respectful seniors. It may be the last itinerary planned for the group, but they will always be remembered as one of the best male vocal groups.
Squid Game
Episode 107: Squid Game (Sep 25, 2021)
Work Together
Episode 113: Work Together (Nov 06, 2021)
It’s been some time since the five members started to film together. As a chance to know each other a little better, the crew prepares a small game. Each member is given several options of destination to choose from. If all five members choose the same option, they will get to go home early. Will the five manage to gather at the same place?
With Yoo +
Episode 114: With Yoo + (Nov 13, 2021)
Earlier this year, Jae Seok visited those who requested assistance through the Karrot application. In this sequel, he and his team set out to do the same. They first arrive at a 40-year-old Chinese restaurant in which the requestor wanted them to enjoy the food instead. After having a hearty meal, each member heads to complete individual requests.
With Yoo +, Dotori Live
Episode 115: With Yoo +, Dotori Live (Nov 20, 2021)
As Haha and Mi Joo wrap up their requests, the members gather again at a familiar place. This time, they look back on a playlist of hot songs from the early 2000s when the Cyworld, a mini homepage platform, was very popular. As a sequel to the much-loved cover song by Jae Seok, Mi Joo, and Haha, Bong Sun and Jun Ha present another cover song.
Acorn Fest
Episode 122: Acorn Fest (Jan 15, 2022)
New Year Greeting Squad/How Do You Cover
Episode 124: New Year Greeting Squad/How Do You Cover (Jan 29, 2022)
The cast goes to greet people that helped the program over the past year. Cover performance of "The Reason I Wanted You" by Cool.
WSG Wannabe (3)
Episode 134: WSG Wannabe (3) (Apr 23, 2022)
The first round of the blind audition wraps up, and the first round contestants on hold get another interview.
WSG Wannabe (4)
Episode 135: WSG Wannabe (4) (Apr 30, 2022)
The judges are in disagreement in the second group of the blind auditions.
WSG Wannabe (5)
Episode 136: WSG Wannabe (5) (May 07, 2022)
The second group of blind auditions concludes.
WSG Wannabe (6)
Episode 137: WSG Wannabe (6) (May 14, 2022)
The second round of auditions start. Those who passed are divided into groups to see how they harmonize with other singers.
WSG Wannabe (7)
Episode 138: WSG Wannabe (7) (May 21, 2022)
The second round group auditions continue with the next two group of qualifiers.
WSG Wannabe (8)
Episode 139: WSG Wannabe (8) (May 28, 2022)
The last group of the second round auditions. And the 8 finalists' identities are revealed.
WSG Wannabe (9)
Episode 140: WSG Wannabe (9) (Jun 04, 2022)
The 12 finalists get to know each other. And WSG Wannabe's group song is revealed.
WSG Wannabe (10)
Episode 141: WSG Wannabe (10) (Jun 11, 2022)
The CEO's of the 3 companies have a breakfast meeting to choose their members and listen to candidate songs for the groups.
WSG Wannabe (11)
Episode 142: WSG Wannabe (11) (Jun 18, 2022)
The 12 members choose their agencies by listening to the song each agency chose.
WSG Wannabe (12)
Episode 143: WSG Wannabe (12) (Jun 25, 2022)
The last members choose their song and company. The members of Antenna meet up for lunch and record their song.
WSG Wannabe (13)
Episode 144: WSG Wannabe (13) (Jul 02, 2022)
Members of QuanMuJin ans SiSo groups meet up and prepare for their recording.
WSG Wannabe (14)
Episode 145: WSG Wannabe (14) (Jul 09, 2022)
SiSo members have a photo session. WSG Wannabe members gather for an interrim review, and a live shocase of their songs.
WSG Wannabe (15)
Episode 146: WSG Wannabe (15) (Jul 16, 2022)
Each group has a debut showcase at a random location.
WSG Wannabe (16)
Episode 147: WSG Wannabe (16) (Jul 23, 2022)
The three groups shoot their music videos, and make their music show debut.
WSG Wannabe (17)
Episode 148: WSG Wannabe (17) (Jul 30, 2022)
As the project come to the end, WSG Wannabe hold their long awaited concert with a live audience.
WSG Wannabe (18)
Episode 149: WSG Wannabe (18) (Aug 06, 2022)
The second part of WSG Wannabe's concert, with special guests and surprise performances from the members.
First Day of School
Episode 150: First Day of School (Sep 03, 2022)
Teacher Yoo Bong-du heads to his classroom at the start of the first school day with 2 transfer students.
Chuseok Special: The Slave Party
Episode 151: Chuseok Special: The Slave Party (Sep 10, 2022)
The seven slaves compete to get each other to laugh. The loser will be severely punished.
HDYP Restoration Center (3): Old Car / Watching The New Year's Sunrise
Episode 167: HDYP Restoration Center (3): Old Car / Watching The New Year's Sunrise (Jan 07, 2023)
The last hidden request from HDYP restoration center. 30-year-old Old Car Restoration Operation!🚘 A special project with a real master🎇. 24 specialists deployed. Restore period 18 days. The transformation of the old car that surprised everyone is coming. And we'll leave right away in the middle of the night. Managers, take a rest today! A day that starts out of nowhere 💦. 🗣️ Is this a penalty? It's amazing. My nose is stuffy. Out of the blue ⚡ rude(?) bare face. So where are we going? Watching the sunrise in the new year 🌞. I can't stand the New Year's sunrise. It's the new year, why aren't you going to see the sunrise?🌅
The Youngest Son of a Chaebol Family That No One Cares: Jindo Jun-ha (1)
Episode 168: The Youngest Son of a Chaebol Family That No One Cares: Jindo Jun-ha (1) (Jan 14, 2023)
There's an unidentified kidnapping in the city. Authorities have launched an investigation.' A mysterious incident in broad daylight!🚨 Mr. Jung in his 50s who was kidnapped, He is the youngest son of the nation's largest conglomerate. He is known to be 278th in line of succession!' The youngest son of a chaebol family that no one care. And to save the youngest son in danger, specially dispatched top professionals (?) 👮🚔 Team Leader Yoo of Detective Team 1, Jincheol of Detective Team 1, and Jaesik. Detective Team 2 who can't lose. Detective Team 2 Mi-gae, Detective Team Leader Yoon Gae-sang, Detective Team 2 Seok-gu. Stop it, you sedentary people. Fireworks from the start 🔥 Can we find our missing youngest son?
The Youngest Son of a Chaebol Family That No One Cares: Jindo Jun-ha (2) / National Snack Competition (1)
Episode 169: The Youngest Son of a Chaebol Family That No One Cares: Jindo Jun-ha (2) / National Snack Competition (1) (Jan 21, 2023)
Jin Do Jun Ha is still trapped inside! The rescue mission continues, and it's still Detective Team One versus Detective Team Two. They get closer to him, but who will get to him first? Later, the National Snack Competition gets underway. Snacks from all over the country have gathered before their eyes. Which snack will shock the snack agents as they travel to taste them all?
National Snack Competition (2)
Episode 170: National Snack Competition (2) (Jan 28, 2023)
The crew is divided into three teams in order to explore famous snacks throughout Korea. Each team covers a certain area and reviews its exclusive snacks. The new types of amazing snacks make everyone busy eating and even make them forget that they must review them.
2023 HDYP Sports College Winter Training (1)
Episode 171: 2023 HDYP Sports College Winter Training (1) (Feb 04, 2023)
As the peak of winter is now here, the students of HDYP Sports College must go through winter training. While fighting against the snow, the team must work as one to accomplish various missions. The physical ability of every student and their overall teamwork will be tested thoroughly.
2023 HDYP Sports College Winter Training (2): Everything Everywhere All at Once
Episode 172: 2023 HDYP Sports College Winter Training (2): Everything Everywhere All at Once (Feb 11, 2023)
The members enjoy their time on a snow field, riding a cute, duckling train to glide over the field. Not realizing what's waiting for them at the end, the members wrap up their leisure time. The last training is revealed, and there are staff members waiting in front of each member's house. Just like that, the actual training begins. The clock starts ticking, and members are in a rush to get to the destination in time. Hurry up, guys, or we won't make it!
HDYP Police Station: Jindo Jun-ha 2 -
Episode 173: HDYP Police Station: Jindo Jun-ha 2 - "Find CEO Park!" (Feb 18, 2023)
Upon meeting, the two teams immediately engaged in a heated conflict regarding their prior investigation, provoking each other from the outset. Despite their mutual animosity, they set aside their differences to resume the search for the man responsible for Jin Do Jun Ha's kidnapping, who provides them with a critical lead that points to CEO Park. Pieces of clues are put together, and the members just might be able to find Park.
HDYP Police Station: Jindo Jun-ha 3 -
Episode 174: HDYP Police Station: Jindo Jun-ha 3 - "We Found CEO Park!" / Yoo Jae-suk's Secret Private Life (Feb 25, 2023)
Detectives identify CEO Park but are hesitant to arrest him. When they do, he claims innocence and points to someone else. Despite CEO Park's repeated claims, the detectives pay little heed to his statements. CEO Park's new evidence leads the investigation in a different direction, prompting the detectives to move forward gradually in their pursuit of the truth.
Throwaway Entertainment (1)
Episode 175: Throwaway Entertainment (1) (Mar 04, 2023)
The team from Jae-suk's side project, which he began three years ago, has reunited for the show. Despite their initial enthusiasm for the project, they are now uncertain if they should continue with it after all this time. For the moment, they are setting aside their worries and enjoying a private party, reminiscing about the times they spent rehearsing. Stay tuned to find out what Jae-suk of Throwaway Entertainment will decide regarding the project.
Throwaway Entertainment (2)
Episode 176: Throwaway Entertainment (2) (Mar 11, 2023)
Each member is fully focused on their character as the girls of JooJoo Secret greet everyone with their unique introduction. The boys are also preparing for their own group, but currently, everything appears to be out of sync. Putting all worries aside, JooJoo Secret's choreography unfolds. There is dissatisfaction among some members who receive only a small number of parts. Can they make it in the fiercely competitive world of K-pop? Stay tuned to find out!
Throwaway Entertainment (3)
Episode 177: Throwaway Entertainment (3) (Mar 18, 2023)
The artists from Throwaway Entertainment are preparing for their upcoming releases, and as a part of their preparation, they will be meeting with their mentors. During this meeting, the actual members of TEEN TOP appear on the show to give them a congratulatory gesture. They showcase the original look, which leaves everyone in awe due to the uninterrupted sequence of dance moves. As everyone is immersed in the experience, one of the members shares some unfortunate news.
Throwaway Entertainment (4)
Episode 178: Throwaway Entertainment (4) (Mar 25, 2023)
As the final evaluation period approaches, the members prepare themselves to showcase their best selves. After keeping it a secret, JooJoo Secret's choreography is finally revealed, and even the other members are pleased with their outstanding performance. Keeping in mind that it took 3 years to craft, the performance is almost ready to be presented to the public. Nerves are running high among the members, who can almost hear each other's racing hearts.
Throwaway Entertainment (5)
Episode 179: Throwaway Entertainment (5) (Apr 01, 2023)
A vote will decide whether the members will continue to perform as a team, and the outcome of the vote will be the only determining factor. Unfortunately, the outlook is not very optimistic for the hardworking members. Nonetheless, they strive to bring their best selves to the stage. Nothing in the world is flawless, but what's faultless is their appreciation for the chance to perform on stage.
National Snack Competition for Spring
Episode 180: National Snack Competition for Spring (Apr 08, 2023)
Spring has arrived after a long, chilly winter, and the members are brimming with energy as they search for the most popular snacks in different regions. Some of these snacks are unheard of, while others bring back fond memories. With this in mind, the members have gathered at a place and are eagerly waiting to try out the snacks for themselves.
Teacher Yoo Bong-du's Happy New Semester
Episode 181: Teacher Yoo Bong-du's Happy New Semester (Apr 15, 2023)
As the new semester kicks off, Mr. Yoo Bong-du introduces the class to their diverse group of new classmates, hailing from various corners of the world. To add to the excitement, a new trainee teacher, Ms. Lee Bo-ram, pays the class a visit. The students are all unique in their personalities, and with Bong-du and Bo-ram's guidance, the classroom transforms into a lively dance party. The festivities begin in high spirits.
A Meal On Jeju Island
Episode 182: A Meal On Jeju Island (Apr 22, 2023)
The group, along with Woo Jae, had made plans to indulge in a memorable meal on Jeju Island. However, their excitement wanes when they witness some members being forcefully taken out of a car to work, making them question if it's truly a rejuvenating trip. They realize that nothing on the show comes without a cost. Nevertheless, they still manage to relish the serene atmosphere of nature as they eagerly await meeting their newfound equine companions.
A Meal on Jeju Island (2)
Episode 183: A Meal on Jeju Island (2) (Apr 29, 2023)
In Jeju, only those who work get to eat. The members have to lead the life of a diver or a stableman to earn their daily bread. Despite the difficulties, the opportunity to witness nature up close is priceless. The members who take care of horses are constantly amazed by their beauty, and even more surprisingly, the horses seem to enjoy their company as they spend time together.
Episode 220
Episode 220: Episode 220 (Feb 10, 2024)
Jessi makes an appearance on the Lunar New Year episode, and it's heartening to witness the members collaborating to prepare a feast. Later, Jae Seok recounts a tale about an acquaintance he contacts annually during this period. Soon after, Jae Seok's friend, dressed remarkably stylishly, joins the group. The tour for this special guest commences, and he appears thoroughly delighted by the experience.
Episode 221
Episode 221: Episode 221 (Feb 17, 2024)
In this week's episode, the members go on a Half-day Tour! Within four hours, they get to have some time to relax, pursue hobbies, and recharge, just like the office workers do after taking a half-day off. Furthermore, if they complete their mission, they can get the money to enjoy the activities. Where is the destination of the tour? Stay tuned!
Episode 222
Episode 222: Episode 222 (Feb 24, 2024)
After enjoying the sweet half-day off, the members go back to work. Jae Seok becomes the rookie manager at a new office, and Haha starts his day by attending a meeting. Meanwhile, Yi Kyung and Mi Joo are thrown into a pile of interviewees to do a job interview for the first time. What fate will befall these rookie office workers? Stay tuned!
Episode 223
Episode 223: Episode 223 (Mar 02, 2024)
While Jae Seok, Haha, Yi Kyung, and Mi Joo work at the office, Woo Jae and Jin Joo end up at a theme park. Those two extreme introverts are assigned as the cast at Amazon Express, where the most outgoing and energetic people work. Will they be able to survive? Meanwhile, Kwang Kyu invites all the members to his house in Incheon.
Episode 224
Episode 224: Episode 224 (Mar 09, 2024)
In this week's episode, the members are divided into two teams to barter a bag of millet with items from random people they meet on the street, just like in the folk tale One Grain of Millet. The team that brings the item with the highest value will be able to exchange that item for its value in gold. Stay tuned!
Episode 225
Episode 225: Episode 225 (Mar 16, 2024)
With the spring season just around the corner, Suk Hoon and his friends decide to take a quick tour of his neighborhood. While Suk Hoon is thrilled to be flooded with old memories at every turn, his friends aren't as enthusiastic. After a long journey, they eventually arrive at a market. Realizing that this moment is a rare opportunity, they eagerly start grabbing whatever catches their eye.
Episode 226
Episode 226: Episode 226 (Mar 23, 2024)
The members are on a quest to find the true masters of performance in this generation, individuals who will ignite their passion for dancing. Leading the lineup is MC Seop, unrivaled in the country for his ability to elevate the atmosphere at festivals. He guarantees that every attendee under his command will dance the night away. Moving on, the group encounters their next expert, someone Jae Seok is bound to admire deeply.
Episode 227
Episode 227: Episode 227 (Mar 30, 2024)
The members set out to find guests for their festival, and their first recruit is Lovelyz. Celebrating their tenth anniversary, Lovelyz reminisces about their journey, sharing cherished memories. Afterward, they delight everyone with a medley of their popular songs, bringing joy to all. Finally, the much-anticipated guest arrives, showering everyone with affection and warming their hearts. Stay tuned!
Episode 228
Episode 228: Episode 228 (Apr 06, 2024)
The rumor-sparked selection of rookie elite detectives by Chief Yu has formed Team 1 at Munhwa Police Station. Leading the pack is the sharp-nosed investigator, Detective Lee Je Hoon, renowned for his expertise in apprehending cow thieves. Alongside him is Detective Lee Dong Hwi, fearless in the pursuit of justice. Together, they display extraordinary investigative prowess. Stay tuned for the duo's exploits.
Episode 229
Episode 229: Episode 229 (Apr 13, 2024)
In the heated competition between Detective Team 1 and Team 2, the hunt for clues intensifies, leading them closer to their targets. As the investigation enters a critical stage, individual instincts start to overshadow team unity, transforming the race from a collective effort to a pursuit of personal gain. Their next stop is Mindungsan Station, where they return a favor from their past.
Episode 230
Episode 230: Episode 230 (Apr 20, 2024)
The swallows are prepared to reciprocate the kindness they've received in the past, filled with eager anticipation. Upon finally reuniting with their benefactor, they are once again greeted by her delectable, affection-laden food. The atmosphere is already imbued with joviality and warmth, but it is further enriched when it transpires that the grandmothers are enthusiastic supporters of the Premier League.
Episode 231
Episode 231: Episode 231 (Apr 27, 2024)
Accompanied by Suk Hoon, who has rejoined the members, they meet with special guests for a joyous day of feasting at HYBE's lively cafeteria. Grateful for the invitation, the group enters the cafeteria, greeted by a breathtaking view of the Han River. As they take in the surroundings, Suk Hoon abruptly draws attention to an apartment out the window, disclosing a personal secret.
Episode 232
Episode 232: Episode 232 (May 04, 2024)
The members and their close-knit group of friends gather for the 2024 Spring Picnic. Being so familiar with each other, they start teasing one another, showcasing their strong bond. Laughter fills the air without pause as everyone enjoys themselves to the fullest. Soon, a competitive spirit emerges as they split into Team Singer and Team Actor for some friendly sports day activities.

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