image of Lee Han-wi
Birthday: Jun 17, 1961
Place of Birth: Gwangju, South Korea

Lee Han-wi

Lee Han-wi (born June 17, 1961) is a South Korean actor. Since his acting debut in 1983, Lee has become a prolific supporting actor on Korean film and television. He is particularly known for his mastery of ad-libbing.

Movie Cast Year
Somewhere in Between Mr. Oh 2020
Dancing Queen Han-wi 2012
Solace Shim In-sub 2006
Dead Again 2019
House of the Disappeared Jang Ji-kwan 2017
Christmas in August Chul-goo 1998
More Than Blue President Kim 2009
The Scent Chief detective Sa 2012
Running Wild Section Chief Bang 2006
Underground Rendezvous Jong-seok 2007
Reversal of Fortune Dong-chun 2003
Wolves 2022
Love, Lies Manager 2016
Sector 7 Jang Moon-hyeong 2011
The March for the Lost 2018
The Last Ride 2016
Holy Daddy Kalnal 2006
200 Pounds Beauty Lee Kong-Hak 2006
Three Kims Triplet #1 2007
The Weird Missing Case of Mr. J 2009
The Tower Kim Jang-ro 2012
War of the Arrows Gab-yong 2011
Swindler in My Mom's House loan shark 2007
Joint Security Area Major Kang (uncredited) 2000
Righteous Ties Sung Bong-shik 2006
My Mother the Mermaid Jo Young-ho 2004
Take Off Ma's father 2009
Hello Ghost shaman 2010
My Son Priest (cameo) (uncredited) 2007
Bravo, My Life! Physical Education Teacher 2005
My Love 2007
Hanbando Evacuation Team member 2006
Romantic Heaven Civil Servant (uncredited) 2011
Good Morning President Lawmaker 2 2009
April Snow In-soo's Senior (uncredited) 2005
Murder, Take One Manager 2005
Our School's E.T. Principal 2008
No Mercy for the Rude Curator killer (uncredited) 2006
The Cat 2011
Officer of the Year Lee Yong-kab 2011
Race to Freedom: Um Bok-dong Shoemaker 2019
Polaroid 2015
Series Cast Year
Fashion King Hwang Tae San 2012
Punch Oh Dong-choon 2014
7th Grade Civil Servant Kim Pan-seok 2013
Warm and Cozy Gong Jong-bae 2015
Nine: Nine Time Travels Joo Sung-hoon 2013
To the Beautiful You Hwang Gye-bong 2012
Wild Romance Kevin Jang 2012
Athena: Goddess of War Park Sung-chul 2010
The Prime Minister and I Nam Yoo-sik 2013
A New Leaf Team leader Kang 2014
Modern Farmer Kang Young-sik 2014
School 2013 Woo Soo-chul 2012
Passionate Love Ban Soo-bong 2013
The Slave Hunters Pogyo Oh 2010
Spring Waltz Lee Jong-tae 2006
Basketball Yoon Deok-myung 2013
Super Daddy Yeol Choi Nak-kwon 2015
Oh! My Lady Director 2010
Gye Baek, Warrior’s Fate Im-ja 2011
Neighborhood’s Hero Team Leader Song 2016
Freeze Park Hyung-joon 2006
Good Job, Good Job Mr. Min 2009
Ya Shim Man Man Himself 2003
My Shy Boss Ro-Woon's father 2017
Damo Baek Joo-Wan 2003
12 Years Promise 2014
Hospital Ship Bang Sung-Woo 2017
Revolutionary Love 2017
Mysterious Personal Shopper Hong Pil-Mok 2018
Lawless Lawyer Ha Ki-Ho 2018
Evasive Inquiry Agency 2007
Top Star, Yoo Baek Ma-Dol's father 2018
Another Miss Oh Oh Kyung-Soo 2016
The Beauty Inside Eun-Ho's fathe 2018
SNL Korea Self 2011
Home for Summer Wang Jae-Kook 2019
Perfume Jo Choon-O 2019
Psychopath Diary Yook Jong Chul 2019
My Mother Is a Daughter-in-law 2015
KBS Drama Special 2010
Undercover Bae Goo-Taek 2021
Coffee Prince Mr. Koo 2007
Lotus Flower Fairy 2004
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