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Birthday: Jun 17, 1961
Place of Birth: Gwangju, South Korea

Lee Han-wi

Lee Han-wi (born June 17, 1961) is a South Korean actor. Since his acting debut in 1983, Lee has become a prolific supporting actor on Korean film and television. He is particularly known for his mastery of ad-libbing.

Movie Cast Year
Christmas in August Chul-goo 1998
Our School's E.T. Principal 2008
Dancing Queen Han-wi 2012
The Weird Missing Case of Mr. J Joo Jeong-Nam 2009
No Mercy for the Rude Curator Killer (uncredited) 2006
The Tower Kim Jang-ro 2012
More Than Blue President Kim 2009
Holy Daddy Kalnal 2006
Officer of the Year Lee Yong-kab 2011
The Scent Chief detective Sa 2012
War of the Arrows Gab-yong 2011
Love, Lies Manager 2016
Hanbando Evacuation Team Member 2006
Joint Security Area Major Kang 2000
200 Pounds Beauty Lee Kong-Hak 2006
House of the Disappeared Jang Ji-kwan 2017
Sector 7 Jang Moon-hyeong 2011
Solace Shim In-sub 2006
The March for the Lost 2018
Race to Freedom: Um Bok-dong Shoemaker 2019
Somewhere in Between Mr. Oh 2020
Running Wild Section Chief Bang 2006
Dead Again 2019
My Son Priest (cameo) (uncredited) 2007
Underground Rendezvous Jong-seok 2007
Swindler in My Mom's House loan shark 2007
Reversal of Fortune Dong-chun 2003
Three Kims Triplet #1 2007
April Snow In-soo's Senior 2005
Murder, Take One Manager 2005
Bravo, My Life! Physical Education Teacher 2005
Take Off Ma's Father 2009
My Love 2007
Good Morning President Lawmaker 2 2009
Romantic Heaven Civil Servant (uncredited) 2011
Righteous Ties Sung Bong-shik 2006
My Mother the Mermaid Jo Young-ho 2004
The Cat Pet Shop Owner 2011
The Last Ride [Gap-deok's father] 2016
Hello Ghost Shaman 2010
Wolves 신반장 역 2022
Polaroid 2015
Sorum Drunken 2001
Bad Guy Dal-soo 2001
My Lilac Lilac 2020
Next Door Police 2022
My Bossy Girl Hye Jin's father 2019
Paradox Circle 2012
Female War: Bloody War in Bongcheon-dong Doo-cheol (두철) 2016
Glory Again 2023
Peppermint Candy Factory Worker (uncredited) 2000
Series Cast Year
Fashion King Hwang Tae San 2012
Punch Oh Dong-choon 2014
A New Leaf Team leader Kang 2014
School 2013 Woo Soo-chul 2012
Warm and Cozy Gong Jong-bae 2015
Modern Farmer Kang Young-sik 2014
The Prime Minister and I Nam Yoo-sik 2013
Nine: Nine Time Travels Joo Sung-hoon 2013
7th Grade Civil Servant Kim Pan-seok 2013
To the Beautiful You Hwang Gye-bong 2012
Wild Romance Kevin Jang 2012
Athena: Goddess of War Park Sung-chul 2010
Passionate Love Ban Soo-bong 2013
The Slave Hunters Pogyo Oh 2010
Spring Waltz Lee Jong-tae 2006
Super Daddy Yeol Choi Nak-kwon 2015
Basketball Yoon Deok-myung 2013
Oh! My Lady Director 2010
Gye Baek, Warrior’s Fate Im-ja 2011
Neighborhood’s Hero Team Leader Song 2016
Freeze Park Hyung-joon 2006
Good Job, Good Job Mr. Min 2009
Ya Shim Man Man Himself 2003
My Shy Boss Ro-Woon's father 2017
Damo Baek Joo-Wan 2003
12 Years Promise 2014
Hospital Ship Bang Sung-Woo 2017
Revolutionary Love 2017
Mysterious Personal Shopper Hong Pil-Mok 2018
Lawless Lawyer Ha Ki-Ho 2018
Evasive Inquiry Agency 2007
Top Star, Yoo Baek Ma-Dol's father 2018
Another Miss Oh Oh Kyung-Soo 2016
The Beauty Inside Eun-ho's Father 2018
SNL Korea Self - Various Characters 2011
Home for Summer Wang Jae-Kook 2019
Perfume Jo Choon-O 2019
Psychopath Diary Yook Jong Chul 2019
My Mother Is a Daughter-in-law 2015
KBS Drama Special 2010
Undercover Bae Goo-Taek 2021
Coffee Prince Goo Young-shik 2007
Lotus Flower Fairy 2004
The K2 Blue House Chief of Staff 2016
My Little Old Boy Self 2016
True Beauty Min Jae Joon [Plastic surgeon] 2020
Oasis Go Poong Ho 2023
Korean Ghost Stories Duk Bae 2008
무작정 패밀리 2012
School Cha Hyun-Joo 1999
오늘만 같아라 Kim Joon-Tae 2011
Her Private Life Man Soo [Uhm So Hye's husband] 2019
Autumn in My Heart Yoon Ji-hwan 2000
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