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Wild Romance (2012)

Baseball player Muyeol is a star in baseball, but is known for his wild image. Eunjae is a bodyguard who is also a Diamond member of Muyeol's anti-fan club. One day, Muyeol and Eunjae get into a fight at a karaoke room, where they first meet. A video of their fight goes viral on the Internet, so in order to deal with the controversy, Eunjae has no choice but to become Muyeol's bodyguard. Originally planning to be his bodyguard for a short while, things go longer as planned when Muyeol's stalker shows up. Will the two be able to get along? 'Wild Romance' is a sweet and scary love story between Eunjae, having to protect a guy she wants to beat up, and Muyeol, who must be protected by his most dangerous anti-fan.

Release Date: Wed, Jan 04, 2012

Country: KR
Language: Ko
Runtime: 65

Lee Dong-wook
Park Mu-yeol
Lee Si-young
Yoo Eun-jae
Jessica Jung
Kang Jong-hee
Hwang Sun-hee
Oh Soo-young
Lee Han-wi
Kevin Jang
Oh Man-seok
Jin Dong-soo
Im Joo-eun
Kim Dong-ah
Lee Hee-joon
Go Jae-hyo
Lee Won-jong
Yoo Young-gil
Lee El
Kang Dong-ho
Kim Tae-han
Lee Bo-hee
Yang Sun-hee

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