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Maybe This Time (1995)

Julia Wallace, a recently divorced woman with a precocious young daughter named Gracie, helps her mother, Shirley, run a family-owned coffee shop in a small town. Logan is the cafe's baker and Kay Ohara runs a nearby pawn shop.

  • Michael Jacobs
  • Bob Young
  • Susan Estelle Jansen
Release Date: Fri, Sep 15, 1995

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Marie Osmond
Julia Wallace
Betty White
Shirley Sullivan
Ashley Johnson
Gracie Wallace
Amy Hill
Kay Ohara
Craig Ferguson
Logan McDonough

Season 1:

Please Re-Lease Me
Episode 1: Please Re-Lease Me (Sep 15, 1995)
Julia steps in to renegotiate the shop's lease with a flirtatious landlord to prove to her mom that "you don't have to raise your petticoats to lower your rent."
Maybe This Time
Episode 2: Maybe This Time (Sep 16, 1995)
Although Julia is in no hurry to start dating again, Shirley is determined to play matchmaker.
Gracie Under Fire
Episode 3: Gracie Under Fire (Sep 23, 1995)
To escape her mother's rules, Gracie seeks freedom at Grandma's "rule-free fun zone."
Out, Out, Damn Radio Spot!
Episode 4: Out, Out, Damn Radio Spot! (Sep 30, 1995)
Julia and Logan invest ad dollars in a talk-radio show, whose shock-jock host Julia soon finds too steamy.
Snitch Doggy-Dogg
Episode 5: Snitch Doggy-Dogg (Oct 14, 1995)
Julia doggedly encourages Gracie to tell the truth at school, even though it means ratting on a classmate whose misbehavior had lead to the cancellation of an outing -- but she's ready to fudge a bit herself to retrieve their adorable puppy from the pound. Meanwhile, Shirley is convinced the puppy is the vengeful reincarnation of her grandfather.
Beasy Body
Episode 6: Beasy Body (Oct 28, 1995)
Logan's Scottish grandmother visits, and Julia is convinced to impersonate his non-existent fiancé.
Julia's Day Off
Episode 7: Julia's Day Off (Nov 04, 1995)
Sensible Julia has the time of her life throwing caution to the wind and, at Shirley's urging, taking a day off; meanwhile, Gracie ditches school and has a lousy time.
Coach Julia
Episode 8: Coach Julia (Nov 11, 1995)
The new delivery boy - a college football star on a scholarship - gets low marks from Julia, as does her ex's generous gift to Gracie.
The Other Mother
Episode 9: The Other Mother (Nov 25, 1995)
Julia, who feels like a wet blanket compared to her ex's new girlfriend, aims to change her image to impress Gracie.
The Catch
Episode 10: The Catch (Dec 16, 1995)
Julia finds that boldly asking out handsome guy Richard is the least complicated part of the dating scene, while Kyle resorts to using Gracie to snag a date with attractive customer Lauren.
Judgement Day
Episode 11: Judgement Day (Dec 23, 1995)
Shirley remonstrates church leaders who have deemed Julia unfit to teach Sunday school.
Nick at Night
Episode 12: Nick at Night (Jan 06, 1996)
Julie rushes to judgment about Gracie's new street-wise boyfriend Nicky, and encounters the wrath of Gracie and Shirley as well as that of the boy's single father Nick.
Break a Leg
Episode 13: Break a Leg (Jan 13, 1996)
Shirley's track record makes her the kiss of death for Jack; Gracie anticipates her first kiss; and Kyle would rather kiss victory goodbye than break his coach's record.
Lucky Puck
Episode 14: Lucky Puck (Jan 20, 1996)
Julia's appearance at a hockey game brings a losing player a stroke of good luck and, in turn, wins Julia an overbearing new admirer.
Acting Out
Episode 15: Acting Out (Jan 27, 1996)
Peer pressure changes Nicky's mind about acting in the school play after he's razzed by his pals for wearing tights. But Gracie hopes to lead him on the right path with a lesson from TV.
Stand Up Your Man
Episode 16: Stand Up Your Man (Feb 03, 1996)
Nick can't quite get up the nerve to ask Julia out; and looks on suspiciously when a man she stood up at their high school prom reappears, now a wealthy banker, claims not to remember the snub which has haunted Julia's guilty conscience, and begins to court her. And he's right -- the man tricks her into appearing on a tabloid television show so he can humiliate her in public.
St. Valentine's Day Massacre
Episode 17: St. Valentine's Day Massacre (Feb 10, 1996)
Gracie has a change of heart after turning down Nicky for a Valentine's Day party; and Kyle encounters double trouble with two dates.
Whose Life Is It Anyway?
Episode 18: Whose Life Is It Anyway? (Feb 17, 1996)
A visit from Julia's jet-setting friend Suzi reveals that the two old chums made very different choices in life regarding families and children.

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