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Tarzan (1966)

Tarzan is a series that aired on NBC from 1966 – 1968. The series portrayed Tarzan as a well-educated character, one who, tired of civilization, had returned to the jungle where he had been raised. The show retained many of the trappings of the classic movie series, including Cheeta, while excluding other elements, such as Jane, as part of the "new look" for the fabled apeman that producer Sy Weintraub had introduced in previous motion pictures starring Gordon Scott, Jock Mahoney, and Mike Henry. CBS aired repeat episodes the program during the summer of 1969.

Release Date: Thu, Sep 08, 1966

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 46

Season 2:

Tiger, Tiger
Episode 1: Tiger, Tiger (Sep 15, 1967)
A deadly tiger is loose in the jungle but, despite a warning from Tarzan, an engineer insists on continuing work on a project although he lacks the experience to cope with the animal.
Voice of the Elephant
Episode 2: Voice of the Elephant (Sep 22, 1967)
Jai's pet baby elephant is charged with killing a white man. Under tribal law the elephant is entitled to a trial. Jai goes on the search for evidence and someone to present it.
Thief Catcher
Episode 3: Thief Catcher (Sep 29, 1967)
Two convicts escape while being transfered to another prison. Their actions spark a wave of crime around local villages. Tarzan must track and capture the two men before more people are put in danger.
The Blue Stone of Heaven (1)
Episode 4: The Blue Stone of Heaven (1) (Oct 06, 1967)
After a guide for an archaeological expedition is killed, Tarzan decides to accompany the group in their quest to enter the forbidden "City Of Death", not only to protect them, but also to find out why a plant specialist and an ambitious colonel are also so interested in the place.
The Blue Stone of Heaven (2)
Episode 5: The Blue Stone of Heaven (2) (Oct 13, 1967)
After uncovering the mythical Blue Stone of Baskar, Colonel Tatakombi takes advantage of the legend associated with it to declare himself the leader/god of the surrounding tribes, in the hope of later taking control of the country. Tarzan is determined to expose and stop him.
Curse of the Mugumba Tree
Episode 6: Curse of the Mugumba Tree (Oct 20, 1967)
A local white woman becomes the subject of an spiritual attack by the local witch doctor after a sacred tree is chopped down. Tarzan must find out who really destroyed the tree and try to help his friend fight of the effects of the bad voodoo.
The Fanatics
Episode 7: The Fanatics (Oct 27, 1967)
Tarzan encounters a female journalist who has arrived in the area for local tribal elections. The journalist has concerns over the conduct of a local white sponsor for one of the candidates.
Last of the Supermen
Episode 8: Last of the Supermen (Nov 03, 1967)
Four men are found murdered and Tarzan goes up country to try and establish what happens. What he discoverers shocks everyone and reveals a secret that dates back to WW2.
Hotel Hurricane
Episode 9: Hotel Hurricane (Nov 10, 1967)
A huge storm is bearing down on the area causing a plane with a very valuable cargo to crash. Tarzan helps locate the wreck and try and recover the cargo.
The Pride of a Lioness
Episode 10: The Pride of a Lioness (Nov 17, 1967)
Tarzan intervenes on behalf of a very sick girl. He insists rather than allow the girl to be treated by tribal medicine she should be treated by real doctor. The tribe reacts poorly to his actions and other lives are put at risk.
Mountains of the Moon (1)
Episode 11: Mountains of the Moon (1) (Nov 24, 1967)
Tarzan comes across a party of religious pilgrims who are being led by Rosanna McCloud to their "Promised Land". To not shatter their dreams, Mrs. McCloud does not inform her followers that her husband, whom they regard as their Prophet, has just been killed, and she is unaware that the government trader who sold the group the land from a reclusive tribe had his own motives for doing so and never intended for the group to reach it. When Rosanna finally tells her group about the death of their leader, she and Tarzan also find that their money has been stolen.
Mountains of the Moon (2)
Episode 12: Mountains of the Moon (2) (Dec 01, 1967)
Rosanna McCloud and her pilgrims are determined to continue in their trek toward their Promised Land, even after one of their people is killed. Now they are armed and determined to fight off the tribe that lives in the land. Tarzan, meanwhile, learns that the chief of the tribe was tricked into selling the land by the trader Whitehead, whom he hopes to expose before more blood is shed.
Jai's Amnesia
Episode 13: Jai's Amnesia (Dec 15, 1967)
Jai loses his memory and a group of criminals decide to exploit the situation to plan a series of robberies. Tarzan must track down the men and attempt to save Jai before he gets into serious trouble.
Creeping Giants
Episode 14: Creeping Giants (Dec 29, 1967)
Tarzan becomes concerned when news reaches him of plans to build a dam in a geologically unsound area. He needs to prove the weakness in the plan and why none of the government surveys in the area have not uncovered the same issues.
The Professional
Episode 15: The Professional (Jan 05, 1968)
Tarzan encounters a group of soldiers looking for a local tribe. He is unsure of their motives or if he can trust them, but decides to lead them to the tribe so he can keep an eye on the man.
The Convert
Episode 16: The Convert (Jan 12, 1968)
A nun returns to her village to bring medicine an treat the sick. She is torn between her tribal heritage and those who oppose her new life.
King of the Dwasari
Episode 17: King of the Dwasari (Jan 26, 1968)
Tarzan is checking on the Dwsari tribe when he discovers that somehow a white man, Arthur Brown, has become their king.
A Gun for Jai
Episode 18: A Gun for Jai (Feb 02, 1968)
Against Tarzan's wishes, Jai is given a rifle by one of the local hunters. However circumstances change and Tarzan discovers the value of allowing the boy a firearm.
Trek to Terror
Episode 19: Trek to Terror (Feb 09, 1968)
A doctor trying to control an outbreak of disease among the tribes is wanted for murder. Tarzan intervenes to allow the doctor to complete his work before being taken into custody. Tarzan is concerned however that the charges against the man may not be all they seem to be.
End of a Challenge
Episode 20: End of a Challenge (Feb 16, 1968)
Jai comes across an old man wounded in the jungle. He stops to help the man while sending word to Tarzan for help.
Jungle Ransom
Episode 21: Jungle Ransom (Feb 23, 1968)
Tarzan takes a boat to escort a convicted killer, Velasquez, to the authorities. Also on the boat is the wife of a man the killer's band is holding for ransom. She forces Tarzan at gunpoint to escort her with Velasquez to his camp where her husband is being held. She has left the ransom money hidden behind, but Jai and Cheetah find it.
Four O'Clock Army (1)
Episode 22: Four O'Clock Army (1) (Mar 01, 1968)
General Basil Bertram and missionary Charity Jones return in this two-part story, and this time must ally with Tarzan against a band of slavers who have been taking people and destroying villages.
Four O'Clock Army (2)
Episode 23: Four O'Clock Army (2) (Mar 08, 1968)
After the village is burned and Tarzan, Jai, the chief, and numerous villagers are captured by the slavers, General Bertram and Charity must work together despite their differences. Tarzan escapes his captors and comes to their aid. He decides to follow behind the slavers to discover who is leading them.
Rendezvous for Revenge
Episode 24: Rendezvous for Revenge (Mar 15, 1968)
After poacher and arsonist Dan Burton escapes from custody, Tarzan tracks him and his adoring girlfriend to an oceanside cliff, and a fateful encounter. But Burton's girlfriend and two henchmen later track Tarzan down and force him to lead them back to the scene.
Alex the Great
Episode 25: Alex the Great (Mar 22, 1968)
The task of protecting a village from man-eating "cats" is complicated by the arrival of a man determined to prove to himself greater than Tarzan.
Episode 26: Trina (Apr 05, 1968)
Trina MacKenzie, one of seven girls on an expedition, is also trying to find her uncle, who she believes to be doing humanitarian work. She finds that he has become the leader of a large tribe, and has helped them develop more peaceful ways. But Tarzan comes to believe that his latest crusade, involving a statue he claims to be obtaining but which locals insist does not exist, may involve less than noble intentions.

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