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Tarzan (1966)

Tarzan is a series that aired on NBC from 1966 – 1968. The series portrayed Tarzan as a well-educated character, one who, tired of civilization, had returned to the jungle where he had been raised. The show retained many of the trappings of the classic movie series, including Cheeta, while excluding other elements, such as Jane, as part of the "new look" for the fabled apeman that producer Sy Weintraub had introduced in previous motion pictures starring Gordon Scott, Jock Mahoney, and Mike Henry. CBS aired repeat episodes the program during the summer of 1969.

Release Date: Thu, Sep 08, 1966

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 46

Season 2:

Tiger, Tiger
Episode 1: Tiger, Tiger (Sep 15, 1967)
A deadly tiger is loose in the jungle but, despite a warning from Tarzan, an engineer insists on continuing work on a project although he lacks the experience to cope with the animal.
The Fanatics
Episode 7: The Fanatics (Oct 27, 1967)
The Pride of a Lioness
Episode 10: The Pride of a Lioness (Nov 17, 1967)
A young doctor is faced with two opponents in his attempt to keep his late father's clinic in operation. A native witch doctor has threatened his death and his socialite mother wants to have him deported. His mother, Mrs. Wilson, spent 30 lonely years in America while her husband was a jungle doctor in Africa. When Tarzan refuses to help her, she bands together with any evil faction in her attempt to get her son back. Tarzan helps her to realize that her husband was noble and she decides to stay with her son and help him.
The Convert
Episode 16: The Convert (Jan 12, 1968)
Alex the Great
Episode 25: Alex the Great (Mar 22, 1968)
The task of protecting a village from man-eating ""cats"" is complicated by the arrival of a man determined to prove to himself greater than Tarzan.
Episode 26: Trina (Apr 05, 1968)

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