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Daniel Boone (1964)

Daniel Boone is an American action-adventure television series starring Fess Parker as Daniel Boone that aired from September 24, 1964 to September 10, 1970 on NBC for 165 episodes, and was made by 20th Century Fox Television. Ed Ames co-starred as Mingo, Boone's Cherokee friend, for the first four seasons of the series. Albert Salmi portrayed Boone's companion Yadkin in season one only. Dallas McKennon portrayed innkeeper Cincinnatus. Country Western singer-actor Jimmy Dean was a featured actor as Josh Clements during the 1968–1970 seasons. Actor and former NFL football player Rosey Grier made regular appearances as Gabe Cooper in the 1969 to 1970 season. The show was broadcast "in living color" beginning in fall 1965, the second season, and was shot entirely in California and Kanab, Utah.

Release Date: Thu, Sep 24, 1964

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 60

Fess Parker
Daniel Boone
Patricia Blair
Rebecca Boone
Darby Hinton
Israel Boone
Dal McKennon

Season 6:

A Very Small Rifle
Episode 1: A Very Small Rifle (Sep 18, 1969)
A young Cherokee boy is shot and is near death. Daniel Boone must find out who shot the boy in order to head off the angry Cherokee tribe from retaliating against everyone, killing many innocent people.
The Road to Freedom
Episode 2: The Road to Freedom (Oct 02, 1969)
A runaway slave and his son are on the run from three bounty hunters. When the father breaks his leg the son continues on and turns to Israel and Ben for help.
Benvenuto... Who?
Episode 3: Benvenuto... Who? (Oct 09, 1969)
Visiting New Orleans to sell the furs they've trapped, Daniel and Josh become mixed up with a beautiful French jewel thief who is attempting to double-cross the rest of her gang. The gullible Josh falls for the scheming woman's charms, which allows her to hide the stolen bauble inside his guitar.
The Man
Episode 4: The Man (Oct 16, 1969)
A former slave, now a chief of the Tuscarora, helps Daniel lead a ragtag group of soldiers on an operation against the British.
The Printing Press
Episode 5: The Printing Press (Oct 23, 1969)
Daniel and Israel Boone visit Benjamin Franklin at his home in Philadelphia. While there, they are forced to match wits with the British Army.
The Traitor
Episode 6: The Traitor (Oct 30, 1969)
The British commander of Fort Detroit will turn over the fort's defense plan if the Americans will reunite him with his wife. Daniel and Cully escort her back to him but Daniel doubts the Colonel's willingness to be a traitor.
The Grand Alliance
Episode 7: The Grand Alliance (Nov 13, 1969)
Josh and Gabe are captured by a Spanish officer who tells them another Spanish officer is secretly building a base from which he intends to invade the U.S. He asks them to infiltrate the fort and steal his plans to prevent another war.
Target Boone
Episode 8: Target Boone (Nov 20, 1969)
Daniel and his family find themselves being continually terrorized by an old man and his sons. The old man blames Boone for the death of his wife and for leaving him crippled, even though Daniel has no memory of ever meeting him.
A Bearskin for Jamie Blue
Episode 9: A Bearskin for Jamie Blue (Nov 27, 1969)
While trading furs Daniel acquires an indentured servant who was born in prison and has never been free. Daniel intends to release him from service but the young man has trouble adjusting to his new life.
The Cache
Episode 10: The Cache (Dec 04, 1969)
When a trapper is murdered Josh is fingered as the killer. Daniel encourages him to surrender with the idea that the real killers will be easier to catch once he is in custody. But will Josh be hanged before they're caught?
The Terrible Tarbots
Episode 11: The Terrible Tarbots (Dec 11, 1969)
While transporting a box filled with gold for the Continental army, Daniel is beset upon by thieves. Complicating matters is that Israel is taken hostage as protection from Daniel while they lug the gold over the mountains.
Hannah Comes Home
Episode 12: Hannah Comes Home (Dec 25, 1969)
A woman long thought dead is discovered by Daniel living with the Chickasaw. Daniel tells her her husband is still alive and that she should come back. She does, but her husband has trouble accepting her Indian son.
An Angel Cried
Episode 13: An Angel Cried (Jan 08, 1970)
Josh discovers that an Indian party has burned down a mission with the only surviving nun hiding in a root cellar. They struggle to elude the Indians until help can finally arrive and save them.
Perilous Passage
Episode 14: Perilous Passage (Jan 15, 1970)
Daniel and Gabe become prisoners of the British after blowing up an important bridge. After escaping custody with another prisoner, they slowly work their way home through enemy territory. But they may be pawns in a larger plan.
The Sunshine Patriots
Episode 15: The Sunshine Patriots (Jan 22, 1970)
Josh and Gabe are sent to Yorktown to intercept the arrival of Sir Peacham, an eccentric inventor, who is employed by the British but secretly sympathetic to the Americans. Josh and Gabe's mission is complicated by his daughter's intrigues.
Mama Cooper
Episode 16: Mama Cooper (Feb 05, 1970)
Gabe encounters a child with a doll that he believes could have only been made by his mother, whom he hasn't seen since he was a child, and sets out to find her.
Before the Tall Man
Episode 17: Before the Tall Man (Feb 12, 1970)
Rebecca decides to play matchmaker to Tom and Nancy, two people Daniel doesn't think go together. Considering how much they fight each other he might be right. But Rebecca thinks she knows better.
Run for the Money
Episode 18: Run for the Money (Feb 19, 1970)
Cincinnatus thinks he has found the fastest runner around and brings him to Boonesborough for a big race. His dream for success is complicated when another unknown runner enters the race and that the runners have a scheme of their own.
A Matter of Vengeance
Episode 19: A Matter of Vengeance (Feb 26, 1970)
A man who lost his parents years before blames a scarred stranger.
The Landlords
Episode 20: The Landlords (Mar 05, 1970)
Boone poses as a pirate to outwit a swindler who sold simpleton brothers a deed to Boonesborough
Readin', Ritin', and Revolt
Episode 21: Readin', Ritin', and Revolt (Mar 12, 1970)
Israel joins forces with an Indian classmate to force the teaching of a course in Indian culture.
Noblesse Oblige
Episode 22: Noblesse Oblige (Mar 26, 1970)
A cook posing as a French prince falls in love in Boonesborough;
L'Épreuve d'Israël Boone
Episode 23: L'Épreuve d'Israël Boone (Apr 09, 1970)
Israel befriends an elderly Indian plotting revenge for his tribe s near-extinction.
Bringing Up Josh
Episode 24: Bringing Up Josh (Apr 16, 1970)
While in New Orleans with Daniel, Josh 'inherits' two abandoned children from a poor widow. Unwilling to leave them to become orphans, he takes them with him back home only to find caring for two kids is a lot harder than he thought.
How to Become a Goddess
Episode 25: How to Become a Goddess (Apr 30, 1970)
Two inept brothers stumble into the middle of an Indian religious ceremony. Desperate to save their lives, they promise to bring back a woman whose hair is like fire, a description that conveniently describes Rebecca Boone.
Israel and Love
Episode 26: Israel and Love (May 07, 1970)
Israel finds first love with the daughter of a flamboyant woodcarver.

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