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Mr. Rhodes (1996)

Mr. Rhodes is an American television situation comedy which was aired by NBC as part of its 1996-97 lineup. Mr. Rhodes starred comedian Tom Rhodes as an eponymous character who taught at a small-town preparatory school after having failed as a novelist. He found that his high school fantasy girl, Nikki was on the staff as a guidance counselor, and began a relationship with her. Like the title character's writing career, Mr. Rhodes' appearance on network television was a brief one; the program was not picked up for another season and last broadcast in March 1997.

  • Jennifer Heath
  • Peter Noah
  • Mark Brésill
Release Date: Mon, Sep 23, 1996

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Season 1:

Episode 1: Pilot (Sep 23, 1996)
Hip young writer Tom Rhodes thought he could breeze back home after a few lackluster years in New York and one worst-selling -- albeit critically acclaimed -- novel under his belt, but his new life as a small town English teacher living on campus at Harkin Academy supplies some major lessons in and out of the classroom. First off, there's chemistry between the longhaired iconoclast with a blue-collar background and Harkin's high-strung, beautiful guidance counselor Nikki Harkin. Once the girl of Tom's teen-aged fantasies, Nikki's now hooked on therapy and apparently attached to a rich boyfriend. Tom hits another snag with wannabe-hip headmaster, Ray Heary, who digs his image but frowns on his casual teaching style, as does acerbic, highbrow history teacher Ronald Felcher. Meanwhile, Harkin's outlandish woman-child math teacher Amanda Reeves worships Tom, and young Milo views his maverick new teacher with skepticism -- especially on the night Tom catches the disconsolate student going o
The Crush Show
Episode 2: The Crush Show (Sep 30, 1996)
Harkin Academy's boys are agog when a movie star's gorgeous teen-aged daughter enrolls, but when smart, ""plain Jane"" Zoey's self-esteem plummets, an attentive Mr. Rhodes steps in to boost her confidence and inadvertently sparks Zoey's colossal crush on him. In the nick of time, Nikki and Amanda alert a clueless Tom to the fragile teen's feelings.
Tom Moves In
Episode 3: Tom Moves In (Oct 07, 1996)
Tom is in hot water when he becomes a dorm supervisor and holds a pizza party, only to have the boys he's responsible for sneak out for a night on the town; Nikki tries to conceal her feelings for Tom's book.
Nikki Quits Therapy
Episode 4: Nikki Quits Therapy (Oct 14, 1996)
Nikki becomes conscious of the fact that she's way too dependent on therapy, so she quits, a decision that only depresses her further.
Heary's Camera
Episode 5: Heary's Camera (Oct 21, 1996)
Seeing the great picture that Tom accidentally shot on his film, Heary considers a career with his new-found talent, the art of photography.
The Halloween Show
Episode 6: The Halloween Show (Oct 28, 1996)
At Halloween, a gift from Tom haunts Nikki, who's feeling guilty about Carl; Amanda's strange behavior spooks the staff; and Jake's scared silly over the prospect of a test.
Death, Lice and Videotape
Episode 7: Death, Lice and Videotape (Nov 04, 1996)
No synopsis.
Looking for Mrs. Goodbar
Episode 8: Looking for Mrs. Goodbar (Nov 11, 1996)
It's Parents Weekend, and wouldn't you know that the woman who picks Tom up in a bar for a passionate one-night stand turns out to be -- Zoey's mother.
Amanda's Fix-up Show
Episode 9: Amanda's Fix-up Show (Nov 18, 1996)
No synopsis.
The Thanksgiving Show
Episode 10: The Thanksgiving Show (Nov 25, 1996)
Mr. Heary is anxious to put on Tom's gritty, unpublished play for Thanksgiving. But one of the school's biggest backers wants to see something that has Pilgrims.
The Christmas Show
Episode 11: The Christmas Show (Dec 16, 1996)
No synopsis.
The Sexism Show
Episode 12: The Sexism Show (Jan 06, 1997)
Tom learns that even a sensitive man of the 90s can have his faults when a school study suggests that he and other Harkin Academy teachers have been favoring boys over girls.
The Courtroom Show
Episode 13: The Courtroom Show (Jan 13, 1997)
It's a blow to former townie Tom when a night out ends up in a barroom brawl provoked by local toughs -- and Tom gets slapped with a lawsuit.
The Italian Show
Episode 14: The Italian Show (Jan 20, 1997)
Everyone swoons over the handsome, charismatic, popular new Italian teacher. When Tom's the only one who dislikes Giorgio, it's written off as jealousy, despite his best effort to prove the newcomer a pretentious, dishonest phony.
The Welcome Back Show
Episode 15: The Welcome Back Show (Feb 03, 1997)
Tom is helped over a crisis of professionalism by spectral pep talks from the characters of Welcome Back Kotter.
Tom's not Headmaster Show
Episode 16: Tom's not Headmaster Show (Feb 17, 1997)
An obnoxious millionaire buys the school, and wants Tom to be the new headmaster.
The Valentine Show
Episode 17: The Valentine Show (Mar 10, 1997)
Cupid's arrow is especially sharp on Valentine's Day: Carl breaks up with Nikki, Nikki blames Tom, and Ronald just wants to call the whole thing off and celebrate Lincoln's birthday instead.
Feud For Thought
Episode 18: Feud For Thought (Jan 01, 1970)
No synopsis.
The Goat Show
Episode 19: The Goat Show (Jan 01, 1970)
Jake is tried in a kangaroo court for harming Billy the Goat, the school's mascot, and the fact that he refuses to rat on his friends isn't helping him any.

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