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Run for Your Life (1965)

Run for Your Life is an American television drama series starring Ben Gazzara as a man with only a short time to live. It ran on NBC from 1965 to 1968. The series was created by Roy Huggins, who had previously explored the "man on the move" concept with The Fugitive.

  • Roy Huggins
Release Date: Mon, Sep 13, 1965

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 60

Ben Gazzara
Paul Bryan

Season 3:

Who's Che Guevara?
Episode 1: Who's Che Guevara? (Sep 13, 1967)
Paul's seaplane is hijacked and flown to Cuba, supposedly to bring out an enemy of the regime, but virtually everything told to him is untrue.
The Inhuman Predicament
Episode 2: The Inhuman Predicament (Sep 20, 1967)
Paul is romancing a princess on the lavish yacht of his friend Rachel Pike (Vera Miles) when pal Ramon de Vega (Fernando Lamas) inveigles him into arranging an introduction to the financier, but Rachel is too much of a match for the gigolo.
Three Passengers for the Lusitania
Episode 3: Three Passengers for the Lusitania (Sep 27, 1967)
In Acapulco Paul meets a dare devil who seems to think he has nothing to lose when risking his life.
The Frozen Image
Episode 4: The Frozen Image (Oct 04, 1967)
Middle-aged entertainer Jamey Burke (Mel Torme) feels a Peter Pan image is necessary for success, and when he fires his manager and picks Paul at random to replace him, a significant catalyst is introduced into his life.
Trip to the Far Side
Episode 5: Trip to the Far Side (Oct 11, 1967)
A casual relationship with Paul is taken too seriously by Valerie Phillips (Marianna Hill) and her industrialist father Cal Phillips (Ralph Bellamy) when the couple join a safari after two weeks together in Rome.
The Company of Scoundrels
Episode 6: The Company of Scoundrels (Oct 18, 1967)
Paul investigates the death of his friend who headed a committee for a Constitutional amendment to outlaw gambling.
At the End of the Rainbow There's Another Rainbow
Episode 7: At the End of the Rainbow There's Another Rainbow (Oct 25, 1967)
When Alex Ryder (Bruce Dern) availed of the opportunity to fake his death and collect substantial insurance money, his wife Molly (Anne Helm) turns to Paul for help.
Down with Willy Hatch
Episode 8: Down with Willy Hatch (Oct 30, 1967)
Paul goes to the aid of an old friend who's been arrested on a trumped-up morals charge, but finds that's only where the problems of Willy Hatch (Don Rickles) begin.
The Naked Half Truth
Episode 9: The Naked Half Truth (Nov 06, 1967)
Multi-millionaire Andrew Dawson (Edward Andrews) asks Paul to track down a possibly long-lost daughter in Andorra, and with the help of Ramon de Vega (Fernando Lamas), he extracts her from two rival smuggling families there.
Tell It Like It Is
Episode 10: Tell It Like It Is (Nov 13, 1967)
Against Paul's advice, distinguished jurist Taliaferro Wilson (Franchot Tone) goes on the sensationalist talk show of scandal-monger host Jerry Haines (James Daly) with horrendous consequences for both men.
Cry Hard, Cry Fast (1)
Episode 11: Cry Hard, Cry Fast (1) (Nov 20, 1967)
A horrific crash killing four people occurs when Paul's car stalls on a highway.
Cry Hard, Cry Fast (2)
Episode 12: Cry Hard, Cry Fast (2) (Nov 27, 1967)
As Frank Frazer (James Farentino) schemes to recover the money he stole from a bank, other survivors of the crash caused by Paul's car deal with insurance matters and their futures.
The Mustafa Embrace
Episode 13: The Mustafa Embrace (Dec 01, 1967)
Lucia Van Vorst (Katherine Crawford) believes she should keep a valuable wedding present from her Moroccan husband Jamal Mustafa (Stanley Waxman) when he discards her, and Paul's initial assistance as a courier turns into full-blown cat burglary when he obtains it for her to get revenge on Ahmed Mustafa (Edmund Hashim).
It Could Only Happen in Rome
Episode 14: It Could Only Happen in Rome (Dec 15, 1967)
Trying to find his way past the ever-changing smoke screen she creates. Paul becomes enchanted by Tia (Tisha Sterling), a girl he meets singing in a café on his Christmas sojourn in Rome.
Fly by Night
Episode 15: Fly by Night (Dec 22, 1967)
Paul acts as a catalyst to expose the killers responsible for the murder his friend Garrett Hamilton (Jason Evers) is suspected of.
A Dangerous Proposal
Episode 16: A Dangerous Proposal (Jan 03, 1968)
Paul is asked to purchase a rare car for industrialist Sir Harry Hiller (Albert Dekker), but the real objective is something quite different.
One Bad Turn
Episode 17: One Bad Turn (Jan 10, 1968)
A casual remark to Deputy Sheriff Potter (Warren Oates) in a small American town leads Paul facing a certain 15-year prison sentence.
The Rape of Lucrece
Episode 18: The Rape of Lucrece (Jan 17, 1968)
Failing, possibly scheming, author Lucrece Lawrence (Julie Harris) accuses Paul of attempted rape when her mind misconstrues an unromantic dinner with him.
The Killing Scene
Episode 19: The Killing Scene (Feb 01, 1968)
With just hours left Paul, who prosecuted the case six years earlier, tries to save Lou Patterson (Tom Skerritt) from the gas chamber.
Sara-Jane, You Never Whispered Again
Episode 20: Sara-Jane, You Never Whispered Again (Feb 08, 1968)
As a favor to her father Paul searches the hippie enclaves of San Francisco and Los Angeles for Sara Prentice (Barbara Hershey), who writes erotic poems and charms all men.
Strategy of Terror
Episode 21: Strategy of Terror (Feb 15, 1968)
A calculating position.
The Dead on Furlough
Episode 22: The Dead on Furlough (Feb 22, 1968)
Paul accompanies Lisa Sorrow (Ina Balin) on the archaeological dig of her former lover David Navan (Hans Gudegast) in Israel, but jubilation over a find turns into sorrow for everyone.
Beware My Love
Episode 23: Beware My Love (Mar 02, 1968)
Paul helps Barbara Sherwood (Susan Trustman) investigate what she believes to be the suspicious drowning of her sister in Italy.
Episode 24: Carol (Mar 09, 1968)
When the boy she thought she married tells her that the wedding was a fake, Carol Sherman (Kim Darby) accepts a ride to San Francisco from Paul to get an abortion.
Life Among the Meat Eaters
Episode 25: Life Among the Meat Eaters (Mar 16, 1968)
A gambling syndicate considers Paul a threat to their getting a debt paid by Alejandro Orsini (Jacques Bergerac) who is about to marry wealthy Mona Morrison (Anne Baxter).
The Exchange
Episode 26: The Exchange (Mar 27, 1968)
Paul is asked to be a go-between to exchange the husband of Alicia Stuyvesant (Janice Rule) for an East German agent being held in the US.

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