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SPY x FAMILY (2022)

Master spy Twilight is the best at what he does when it comes to going undercover on dangerous missions in the name of a better world. But when he receives the ultimate impossible assignment—get married and have a kid—he may finally be in over his head! Not one to depend on others, Twilight has his work cut out for him procuring both a wife and a child for his mission to infiltrate an elite private school. What he doesn't know is that the wife he's chosen is an assassin and the child he's adopted is a telepath!

Release Date: Sat, Apr 09, 2022

Country: JP
Language: Ja
Runtime: 24

Takuya Eguchi
Loid Forger (voice)
Atsumi Tanezaki
Anya Forger (voice)
Saori Hayami
Yor Forger (voice)
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Franky Franklin (voice)
Yuko Kaida
Sylvia Sherwood (voice)
Kazuhiro Yamaji
Henry Henderson (voice)
Kenichirou Matsuda
Narrator (voice)

Season 1:

Episode 1: OPERATION STRIX (Apr 09, 2022)
Twilight is an agent that works for WISE, Westalis's intelligence agency, and he is tasked with investigating Desmond, who is in Ostania and planning to start a war. Twilight disguises himself as the psychiatrist Loid Forger and adopts a girl named Anya so that he can enroll her into the prestigious Eden College to get closer to his target. Unbeknownst to him, Anya is actually a telepath who can read people's minds. One day, members of a mafia group that is after Twilight kidnaps Anya. Loid realizes that he needs to reconsider his priorities and...
Episode 2: SECURE A WIFE (Apr 16, 2022)
Civil servant Yor Briar has a secret identity: an assassin named the Thorn Princess. Lately, single women had been suspected of being spies, which was making Yor nervous. Meanwhile, Loid was searching for someone to play Anya's mother so they could attend the interview at Eden College. He just happens to run into Yor at a boutique. Anya reads Yor's mind and finds out that she's an assassin and tries to get Loid to ask Yor to play her mother.
Episode 3: PREPARE FOR THE INTERVIEW (Apr 23, 2022)
Yor moves in with Loid and Anya. Now that they are a family, they need to prepare for the interview. But Loid realizes with how Anya and Yor currently are, the interview probably won't go well. In order to make sure they all understand how an upper-class family should be, Loid decides that they should all go out as a family. They go to the theatre and a museum, but it's just not clicking with Anya and Yor. Twilight begins to lose hope, but...
The day they had been preparing for has finally arrived! The Forgers are fully prepared and head to the interview. As soon as they enter the school grounds, Loid feels someone watching them. All of the applicants were being observed from the shadows by the instructors of the academy. The exam had already begun. Housemaster Henderson, who would be grading their performance, kept a keen eye on how the Forgers were acting and seeing if they were truly worthy of the prestigious Eden College.
Episode 5: WILL THEY PASS OR FAIL? (May 07, 2022)
The day that Eden College would announce the applicants that successfully got into the school had finally arrived, but Anya's number is not listed. The Forgers fall into the depths of despair but are greeted by Henderson. He praises them for their interview and tells them that Anya is at the top of the waiting list. Three days later, they find out that Anya got into the school! Franky comes over to celebrate with the Forgers and they all agree to reward Anya for working so hard. What Anya asks for...
Episode 6: THE FRIENDSHIP SCHEME (May 14, 2022)
Anya's uniform is finished. Loid has to go to a WISE strategy meeting, so he has Yor pick up the uniform as he heads to the safehouse. At the meeting, he finds out that Anya will have to receive 8 Stellar Stars and become an Imperial Scholar at Eden College in order for him to successfully complete Operation Strix. Meanwhile, Anya is very excited about getting her new uniform. But there are always criminals on the lookout for wealthy students from Eden College and Anya gets targeted by a group of hoodlums.
Episode 8
Episode 8: Episode 8 (May 28, 2022)
Episode 9
Episode 9: Episode 9 (Jun 04, 2022)
Episode 10
Episode 10: Episode 10 (Jun 11, 2022)
Episode 11
Episode 11: Episode 11 (Jun 18, 2022)
Episode 12
Episode 12: Episode 12 (Jun 25, 2022)
Episode 13
Episode 13: Episode 13 (Jan 01, 1970)
Episode 14
Episode 14: Episode 14 (Jan 01, 1970)
Episode 15
Episode 15: Episode 15 (Jan 01, 1970)
Episode 16
Episode 16: Episode 16 (Jan 01, 1970)
Episode 17
Episode 17: Episode 17 (Jan 01, 1970)
Episode 18
Episode 18: Episode 18 (Jan 01, 1970)
Episode 19
Episode 19: Episode 19 (Jan 01, 1970)
Episode 20
Episode 20: Episode 20 (Jan 01, 1970)
Episode 21
Episode 21: Episode 21 (Jan 01, 1970)
Episode 22
Episode 22: Episode 22 (Jan 01, 1970)
Episode 23
Episode 23: Episode 23 (Jan 01, 1970)
Episode 24
Episode 24: Episode 24 (Jan 01, 1970)
Episode 25
Episode 25: Episode 25 (Jan 01, 1970)

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