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The Visitor (1997)

The Visitor is a science fiction television series created by Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin which aired on Fox from 1997–1998. It starred John Corbett as Adam McArthur who was abducted by extraterrestrials 50 years earlier and escapes back to Earth to help improve life for humanity.

Release Date: Fri, Sep 19, 1997

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 60

John Corbett
Adam MacArthur
Grand L. Bush
Agent Douglas Wilcox
Leon Rippy
Agent Nicholas LaRu
John Storey
Agent Craig Van Patten
Steve Railsback
Colonel James Vise

Season 1:

Episode 1: Pilot (Sep 19, 1997)
Quicktime Crash-landing on a mountain side, THE VISITOR (formally Adam MacArthur) mysteriously emerges from the wreckage of the downed craft, seemingly unhurt. His sudden appearance creates a manhunt by opposing national security departments (including the FBI, headed by Douglas Wilcox, and the NSA, headed by Colonel James Vise), each with its own agenda to find out who Adam is, how he survived, and why he returned. It appears that Adam, missing in action since World War II, is still the young man he was 50 years ago prior to disappearing into the Bermuda Triangle. Adam eludes his pursuers by finding refuge with Nadine and Tyler Walden, a single mother and her 13-year-old son.
Fear of Flying
Episode 2: Fear of Flying (Sep 26, 1997)
Adam MacArthur helps repressed and banished scientist Louis Farraday realize his life-long project to conquer gravity. Chased by both the FBI and Vise, they utilize this discovery to make their escape in a vintage World War II fighter plane
The Devil's Rainbow
Episode 3: The Devil's Rainbow (Oct 03, 1997)
Adam MacArthur connects with his adult granddaughter while Vise and the FBI are hot on his trail.
Episode 4: Dreams (Oct 10, 1997)
Adam MacArthur is tormented by a message received from deep space. He and scientist Alex Burton try to decipher the message, but in a moment of synchronicity, both men are seriously injured and sent into a coma. They must try to navigate through their shared dream landscape and ultimately realize that the message may have dire consequences.
Episode 5: Remember (Oct 17, 1997)
Adam joins a community of lost souls and discovers that they are waiting for an alien mothership to save them. Upon further investigation, he learns that the group's leader is developing a weapon that can cause mass destruction by ""canceling"" human brain wave activity. Adam must convince the young scientist working on the weapon to abandon the project before it's too late and turn his talents to aiding humanity.
The Black Box
Episode 6: The Black Box (Oct 24, 1997)
To prevent a catastrophe, Adam urgently searches for mysterious objects that disappeared 30 years ago in a science lab accident. To find the objects, he befriends the Vietnam vet and his college sweetheart who survived the accident. As he tries to re-unite them, Adam finds himself in a race with time.
Episode 7: Teufelsnacht (Oct 31, 1997)
A radio DJ doing his annual ""War of the Worlds"" show on Halloween night witnesses the landing of an alien space craft, but no one believes him. Meanwhile, Adam knows the pilot of the unusual machine is looking for him and gets the help of two young siblings to help him avoid capture.
Episode 8: Reunion (Nov 07, 1997)
Things reach crisis point when Adam, his granddaughter Charlotte, Michael O'Ryan, and the FBI all converge to find Constance MacArthur, Adam's wife. While Adam is desperate to see his wife who he left in 1947, Michael O'Ryan will stop at nothing to prevent him from completing his mission on Earth and kidnaps Charlotte as bait. Meanwhile, the FBI closes in on Adam and Colonel Vise finally goes over the edge.
Episode 9: Caged (Nov 14, 1997)
The FBI finally catches up to Adam and takes him to a federal prison for questioning. Meanwhile, Col. Vise experiences flashbacks of the experience that started his alien obsession. As they try to capture Adam, Michael O'Ryan discloses himself to Vise as his long lost friend.
Going Home
Episode 10: Going Home (Dec 05, 1997)
After his escape from the FBI, Adam must get Michael O'Ryan and his craft back to their home or Earth will be endangered. Col. Vise has other plans, forcing Adam to go back to the FBI for help.
Episode 11: Miracles (Dec 19, 1997)
With the holidays approaching, Adam searches for a member of his family, but is delayed by a woman about to give birth. With the FBI and NSA hot on his trail, Adam helps the woman connect with her estranged scientist grandfather.
The Chain
Episode 12: The Chain (Jan 09, 1998)
A frightened psychic woman forsees a terrible event that will affect humankind and Adam shows her how to use her special abilities to prevent the chain of events from unfolding. Meanwhile, Col. Vise is diagnosed with a bizarre illness.
The Trial
Episode 13: The Trial (Jan 16, 1998)
Just when the FBI and NSA finally catch up to Adam, who is abducted by an alien spaceship right before their eyes. On board, Adam discovers that he was taken by a group of fellow abductees who put him on trial for his actions on Earth. Adam must defend why he disobeyed the ""Elders"" rules on non-intervention and justify his mission to the others.

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