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Tropical Heat (1991)

Tropical Heat is a Canadian action series The plot revolves around private investigator, ex-DEA agent Nick Slaughter who after arriving in the fictional resort town of Key Mariah, Florida and setting up a detective agency there, met up with local tourist agent Sylvie Girard to solve a variety of different cases.

Release Date: Mon, Apr 08, 1991

Country: CA
Language: En
Runtime: 60

Rob Stewart
Nick Slaughter
Carolyn Dunn
Sylvie Girard
Ian Tracey
Spider Garvin
Ari Sorko-Ram
Sgt. Gregory

Season 3:

Twice as Dead
Episode 1: Twice as Dead (Sep 14, 1992)
Linda Stone asks Nick and Sylvie for help. Her husband who died two years ago, reappears and is killed. His name wasn't Stone, it was Streeter. Linda realizes that her husband had feigned his death two years ago and took a new name. A clue leads Nick and Sylvie to a yacht club. They posed as a married couple and Sylvie teases him by making as if Nick is very silly. Nick gets revenge while they are at a clinic. But suddenly Sylvie is in danger.
Deadly Switch (1)
Episode 2: Deadly Switch (1) (Sep 28, 1992)
In Dr. Cooper's dental clinic a girl named Monica Cobb dies. The reason: heart stoppage. Nick begins to investigate when a woman from the insurance company tells him that Monica had a life insurance policy of about $2.5 million. Her business partner Morris now gets the money. And there is also a mysterious friend: Sandy Parker. After the money is stolen, Sandy is suspected. While Nick talks to Zach Sanders who knows all of them from college, Dr. Cooper is killed. And then the next surprise: The dead girl from the dentist isn't Monica Cobb.
Deadly Switch (2)
Episode 3: Deadly Switch (2) (Oct 05, 1992)
Monica Cobb has feigned her dead in order to collect on her life insurance. But it must be realistic so another woman had to die instead of Monica. Monica's accomplice was the dentist in whose office the unknown woman died. But although Nick and Sylvie already know a lot, they can't catch Monica. She works with too many tricks.
Over My Dead Body
Episode 4: Over My Dead Body (Oct 12, 1992)
Nick is seriously injured. Very concerned, Sylvie sits at his bedside and thinks about the evolution of their relationship.
White Hot
Episode 5: White Hot (Oct 26, 1992)
Nick goes to Israel to find the little girl; Susanna, kidnapped and taken there by her own father.
Stranger in Paradise
Episode 6: Stranger in Paradise (Nov 09, 1992)
When a young girl, student of an exclusive school, is killed, Nick and his partner are asked to find the murder. To do this, they are going to work in the school. Sylvie as a secretary and Nick as a teacher of English.
The Pro and the Con
Episode 7: The Pro and the Con (Nov 16, 1992)
D.J. Littlefield, a famous football player, has to end his career because of health and his investment advisers ruined him by speculation. Later one of them is killed and everyone believes that the hothead Littlefield is the murderer. Nick is the only one who is sure that he is innocent. The courts acquit Littlefield, but instead of beginning a new life, he gets himself more and more into trouble.
Don't Say Nothin' Bad About My Baby
Episode 8: Don't Say Nothin' Bad About My Baby (Nov 23, 1992)
Spider's old love Anita visits him in order to ask him for help. She fears that Melito, her lover, would kill her because she ran away. Although Spider has had some bad experiences with Anita, he realizes that he still loves her and persuades Nick to help them. Melito is found dead in his hotel room. Anita swears that she isn't the murderer but it was her pistol that killed Melito. Spider tries to hide her but Anita found and is arrested. Anita tells him that she thinks Melito's accomplices had killed him because they wanted the money Anita had stolen. But that isn't her only secret.
Ocean Park
Episode 9: Ocean Park (Nov 30, 1992)
Carl Morrisson is dead and his wife Julie, dolphin scientist, is suspected. Matt Grady, the director of the Ocean Park where both worked, wants Nick and Sylvie to find the murderer. They soon find out that Julie had an affair with Grady and that his wife Sara knew that. Jealousy? Then Grady is killed too and Nick's in danger.
Jack of Diamonds
Episode 10: Jack of Diamonds (Dec 07, 1992)
A mature and debonair man is entertaining his elegant young lady friend with champagne in a posh hotel apartment. With seductive piano music tinkling in the background, he watches her safely lock away her expensive diamond necklace, then receives a phone call and excuses himself for a short while. The following morning when Nick and Sylvie are in the office, Sylvie reads in the newspaper headlines that wealthy socialite Christine Atherton has been murdered in her hotel room. Then Nick has a phone call from the Police Department to inform him that his father has been arrested for her murder. Through Nick reminiscing about his past to Sylvie, we learn that his father, Jack Slaughter, abandoned fatherhood to become a professional con-artist who now lives off wealthy women. Nick though, does not believe that his father killed Christine for her diamond necklace.
His Pal Joey
Episode 11: His Pal Joey (Feb 08, 1993)
Teenage Joey; a girl whom Nick has once helped, visits him. Nick takes her to Silvie. Joey is jealous. She also needs help once again.
Grasping at Shadows
Episode 12: Grasping at Shadows (Feb 15, 1993)
Whilst Yasmin, a new waitress at the Tropical Heat Bar is working, two Middle Eastern type thugs appear and try to abduct her. In the ensuing disturbance, Nick has to use a wooden tray as a shield when a big sharp pointy knife is thrown at him. The abductors flee after their failure, and afterwards, Yasmin tells Nick that they probably work for Jabril, a dangerous man who thinks that she has secrets pertaining to a certain Middle Eastern government (her homeland). As Nick feels he might be out of his depth with sensitive international issues, he and Sylvie go to see a US government expert in such delicate matters, the enigmatic, charming and suspicious Jack Laslo. Then the case and Yasmin's life are placed in jeopardy when Sylvie uncharacteristically loses her professional focus and falls for Laslo's charms.
The Last of the Magnificent
Episode 13: The Last of the Magnificent (Feb 22, 1993)
Clint Walker is an aging actor in western movies, and one of Nick's childhood hero's. There are mysterious accidents on the set of his last movie. He hires Nick and Sylvie to find out who is sabotaging his picture. Nick goes under cover as a stunt man, while Spider is under cover as a fire and safety inspector.
The Patsy
Episode 14: The Patsy (Mar 01, 1993)
Nick and Sylvie are called upon to visit posh English couple Patsy and Nigel Stratten. The Strattens are staying with their friend, Divo Melini, after being shot-at in their hotel. They believe that Nigel's ex-accomplice, Clement St John, may be trying to kill them if they don't co-operate with his blackmail demands. St John allegedly wants money and revenge after Nigel's evidence had him imprisoned for illegal drug trafficking. Trying to get a lead on St John from the manager of some apartments, the trail leads Nick to an Italian model called Lucia de Morfi. 'Investigating' Lucia through her apartment window, Nick sees the stunning model being passionate with non other than... Nigel Stratten. Soon afterwards, Nick's investigation is severely hampered when some key characters wind up dead.
May Divorce Be with You
Episode 15: May Divorce Be with You (May 03, 1993)
With Noah Sterne and his wife Alicia filing for divorce, Nick and Sylvie end up on opposing sides of the same case after a bet they make. Nick, working for the beautiful Alicia, tries to find evidence of her husband having an affair. Likewise, Sylvie wants to know if Alicia is being unfaithful to her client, Noah, and finally prove to Nick that she is the better investigator.
Episode 16: Feedback (May 10, 1993)
A married woman's affair turns deadly when a man who has been recording her liaisons with her young lover blackmails her. He gives her a choice: pay up or die. Nick and Sylvie are hired to find out the identity of the blackmailer, but things get out of hand when the woman is found murdered, and her lover is framed for the crime.
Basic Black
Episode 17: Basic Black (May 17, 1993)
On the beach, Nick meets an old P.I. colleague from way back, called Danny Le Beck. During their chit-chat, Danny suddenly excuses himself, then secretly follows an attractive beach-babe to her brief rendezvous with a grey haired guy old enough to be her father, to her entering a holiday apartment alone. Danny then joins her, strips down to his pants whereupon they kiss and embrace passionately. Nick, our ever nosy P.I. has followed and sees all this. Next time Nick sees Danny, Danny's back on the beach, all washed up... and DEAD! Back at the office, Sylvie introduces Nick to their next client, one Mary Lee Rush, who wants them to take over from the 'other' P.I. (Danny) and investigate the murder of her father, a wealthy property developer. Trouble is, he's not actually dead... YET!
Born Tomorrow
Episode 18: Born Tomorrow (May 24, 1993)
Big Marv Pardee and his attractive wife Casey are having a domestic situation with the 'goldfish' coming off worse. When Casey goes missing, Big Marv assigns Nick to the case, but not before we discover that Bob Sterling, the President of Marv's business corporation has a 'thing' for Casey.
Object of Desire
Episode 19: Object of Desire (May 31, 1993)
An attractive brunette girl is flirting with Nick in a grocery store at night. Unfortunately for Nick, this pleasant diversion is rudely interrupted by a masked armed robber. The criminal is soon dispatched dead through a window by our pony-tailed hero, but the girl sees another gunman at the back of the shop, who escapes. Later at the Police Department, the grocery store clerk tells Lt Gregory that he didn't see the other gunman and neither did Nick. After a few interesting plot developments, which include Morgan (the girl) practically stalking Nick, she claims that the second gunman is now trying to kill her, and Nick comes across more twists.
Royal Pain
Episode 20: Royal Pain (Jun 07, 1993)
Russell Wyndham accidentally kills his girlfriend with an enhancing drug during a lovemaking session, then seconds later... his wife Alexandra walks in. Fearing for her life after Russell threatens to kill her if she calls for help, Alexandra turns to Nick for help. Russell Wyndham though, just happens to be the 6th Duke of Stowbridge, and he'll resort to any means to cover his murky tracks and keep his regal reputation clean.
Poison Ivy
Episode 21: Poison Ivy (Jun 14, 1993)
Industrial espionage has Nick tailing a woman, who's found dead after slipping him a drug.
Massage in a Bottle
Episode 22: Massage in a Bottle (Jun 21, 1993)
Evidence implicating a doctor in a nurse's death is stolen while in Nick's care.
Mutiny and the Bounty
Episode 23: Mutiny and the Bounty (Jun 28, 1993)
When Nick and Sylvie go out of town to follow up on a kidnapping case, Spider gets himself into hot water by getting involved with two bounty hunters, Rip Chase and his partner Gina, who have tracked their prey to Key Mariah. His situation isn't helped by the fact that Rip is a loose cannon who is partial to blowing things up, and that his partner Gina is just as reckless.
Seen at the Crime
Episode 24: Seen at the Crime (Jul 05, 1993)
Nick and Sylvie are hired to protect restaurant critic Sherry Fox who feels that her life is in danger. When Sherry is murdered in her home, a young woman who claims to be psychic and that she dreamt about Sherry's death approaches Nick. She predicts that more deaths will occur including Nick's, but Nick is skeptical. However, he soon changes his mind when she is proved right.
You Stole My Heart
Episode 25: You Stole My Heart (Jul 12, 1993)
Nick, Sylvie and Spider find their lives threatened when Rollie's brother, a mortician, arrives in Key Mariah carrying the transplanted heart of a crime lord. To make things worse, the heart is also being pursued by a reckless female cop who will stop at nothing to get it.
Gun Shy
Episode 26: Gun Shy (Jul 19, 1993)
While on a case, Sylvie is forced to defend herself and shoots a suspect dead. However, the suspect turns out to be an undercover cop and Sylvie is charged with manslaughter. With Sylvie's self-confidence all but gone, Nick sets out to prove that the dead cop was in fact being bribed.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Episode 27: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Jul 26, 1993)
Nick discovers that an assassin is in Key Mariah.
Spider's Tale
Episode 28: Spider's Tale (Aug 02, 1993)
Spider tells to his female friends from the beach about one of Silvie and Nick's investigations. He explains to them what kind of relationship both investigators have, as well.
Turning Screws
Episode 29: Turning Screws (Aug 09, 1993)
Tricked by a client into helping her plan a robbery, Nick is arrested by Gregory and charged with theft and attempted murder. Sylvie and Spider struggle to prove Nick's innocence, while Nick gets involved with the gang responsible for framing him.
Episode 30: Tess (Aug 16, 1993)
A beautiful woman lures Nick into a plot to kill her jealous husband.
Deal of a Lifetime
Episode 31: Deal of a Lifetime (Aug 23, 1993)
A famous painter blackmails Nick into a casino heist in Africa.
Katie's Secret
Episode 32: Katie's Secret (Sep 13, 1993)
Sylvie's niece Katie arrives in town for a fashion shoot, and takes an instant liking to Nick. Before long, however, Nick is investigating a different kind of shooting.
Slummin’ It
Episode 33: Slummin’ It (Sep 20, 1993)
Nick and Sylvie are hired by a wealthy, but unscrupulous lady, who owns several slums in Key Mariah, to investigate her son's fiancé. However, they soon find themselves having to protect the woman from a dangerous young man who blames her for the death of his father.
Man with the Midas Touch
Episode 34: Man with the Midas Touch (Sep 27, 1993)
After an elderly friend of Nick's is conned out of her life savings, Nick comes up with a plan to con the money back from the man responsible. Despite help from Sylvie and Spider, the plan gets dangerously out of hand when it starts to include a local mob boss and the con artist's former partner who has her own score to settle.
Forbidden Fruit
Episode 35: Forbidden Fruit (Oct 04, 1993)
Nick and Sylvie are hired to prove that a wealthy businessman didn't murder his unpleasant wife. Among the suspects are the woman's two grown up children, and her business partner. A business partner who is very eager that Nick stays off the case.
Smut and Nothin' But
Episode 36: Smut and Nothin' But (Oct 18, 1993)
Nick and Sylvie are hired by an insurance company to investigate the head of an adult film studio that took out a large insurance policy on a studio actress shortly before her murder. During their investigation they uncover a much deeper and sinister plot involving other murders.

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