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Tales from the Cryptkeeper (1993)

Tales from the Cryptkeeper is an animated series aimed at children made by Nelvana Limited, PeaceArch Entertainment, kaBOOM! Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television Animation. It was shown on TVO and ABC, and is still shown near Halloween on Teletoon. It was based on the live-action television show, Tales from the Crypt, which aired concurrently on HBO. Being directed at children, Tales From the Cryptkeeper was significantly milder than the live-action HBO version. The series was cancelled on December 10, 1994. In 1999, the show returned to the air as New Tales from the Cryptkeeper. The animation was different from that of the previous episodes.

  • Libby Hinson
  • Ben Joseph
Release Date: Sat, Sep 18, 1993

Country: CA
Language: En
Runtime: 22

John Kassir

Season 3:

Sharon Sharalike
Episode 1: Sharon Sharalike (Sep 09, 1999)
Selfish Shauna, unwlling to share even her most neglected toys with he younger sister Katie, spitefully hides Sharon Sharalike, the new doll that they've just recieved. But Shauna learns a lesson when she hears Sharon crying in the dead of night and comes to disover that the doll has mysteriously come to life.
Imaginary Friend
Episode 2: Imaginary Friend (Sep 16, 1999)
To relieve boredom while awaiting the grande opening of Laserland, teens Leo and Jamie decide to play ""welcome wagon"" by taunting the new neighbor, 9-year-old Mary Anne. But Mary Anne's new, ghostly ""imaginary friend"" turns the table on the bullies, escalating when Leo snatches the girl's beloved kitten, Boo.
Waste Not, Haunt Not
Episode 3: Waste Not, Haunt Not (Sep 23, 1999)
When brothers Richard and Stephen improperly dispose of the toxic waste from their failed Science Fair Project in a nearby bog, it comes back to haunt them in the form of a Bog Blob.
Unpopular Mechanics
Episode 4: Unpopular Mechanics (Sep 30, 1999)
Randall, who loves to invent destructive mechanical gadgets, gets his comeuppance as his appliances suddenly turn on him.
Competitive Spirit
Episode 5: Competitive Spirit (Oct 07, 1999)
Vincent tells Tom a ghost story about a Mountain Spirit In order to spook out his main competitor before the big ski race, but the spirit really exists and comes to torment Vincent for his deceptive ways.
Trouble in Store
Episode 6: Trouble in Store (Oct 14, 1999)
Derek and Rob, trying to steal from Rodman's Department Store, get locked in the store overnight as the mannequins come to life.
So Very Attractive
Episode 7: So Very Attractive (Oct 21, 1999)
Julia, obsessed with the idea of being more beautiful, puts on a miracle cream that fulfills her wish but causes her to attract the unwanted attention of all sorts of creatures.
Drawn & Quartered
Episode 8: Drawn & Quartered (Oct 28, 1999)
Aspiring artist Ralph finds a magic pencil that allows him to put life into his drawings and take revenge on the bullies who have been harassing him, but revenge isn't as sweet as he thought.
All Booked Up
Episode 9: All Booked Up (Nov 04, 1999)
Book-hater Greg is forced by a mysterious librarian to endlessly relive a bunch of classic stories.
Town Gathering
Episode 10: Town Gathering (Nov 11, 1999)
Erin, who has a reputation for making up stories, discovers that no one will believe her when she discovers that the people proposing a new business deal to her mother are actually aliens planning to make a meal out of the townsfolk.
It's for You
Episode 11: It's for You (Nov 18, 1999)
For Christmas, Gary recieves a phone line for his bedroom with the proviso that he doesn't ""abuse the privilege."" Naturally, Gary immediately begins making prank calls, but he soon finds the tables turned when one of the people he called begins stalking him via telephone. Gary pays the caller a visit and discovers Mrs. Emma Needham, an old lady who soon proves that she's not as nice she initially appeared...
Monsters Ate My Homework
Episode 12: Monsters Ate My Homework (Nov 25, 1999)
After Evan gets away with telling his teacher the ultimate lie that a monster ate his homework, he gets a visit from some monsters inquiring after the missing homework, and about having him for dinner.
Too Cool for School
Episode 13: Too Cool for School (Dec 02, 1999)
Junior High School friends Stephanie and Jan hate rules. They will stop at nothing to get out of their frog dissection class in Biology, including skip school. The girls end up in the Everglades where they meet John Kirby, a Professor of Zoological Biology.

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