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Seinfeld (1989)

A stand-up comedian and his three offbeat friends weather the pitfalls and payoffs of life in New York City in the '90s. It's a show about nothing.

Release Date: Wed, Jul 05, 1989

Country: US
Language: En

Season 9:

The Butter Shave
Episode 1: The Butter Shave (Sep 25, 1997)
Kramer uses butter for shaving--and more; George's cane is an advantage at his new job; Jerry feels used by his comedy nemesis, Bania; Elaine breaks up with her boyfriend before their flight back from Europe.
The Voice
Episode 2: The Voice (Oct 02, 1997)
Kramer hires an assistant; George's boss tries to force him out; Elaine bets Jerry she won't get back with her latest ex.
The Serenity Now
Episode 3: The Serenity Now (Oct 09, 1997)
George goes to work for his father; Jerry's girlfriend wants to see his emotions; Kramer adopts a suburban feel at home; Elaine prompts two Jewish men to renounce their faith.
The Blood
Episode 4: The Blood (Oct 16, 1997)
Kramer stores his own blood to avoid a blood-bank fee; George tries to combine his two passions, sex and food; Elaine's plan to show responsibility backfires; Jerry trains with fitness guru Izzy Mendelbaum.
The Junk Mail
Episode 5: The Junk Mail (Oct 30, 1997)
Kramer battles junk mail; George thinks his parents are trying to avoid him; Jerry acquires a van; and Elaine gets a new man, whose past comes back to haunt her.
The Merv Griffin Show
Episode 6: The Merv Griffin Show (Nov 06, 1997)
Kramer turns his apartment into a talk-show set; Jerry's girlfriend won't let him play with her toys; George's clash with pigeons leads to problems with a squirrel; a new employee's silent movement rattles Elaine.
The Slicer
Episode 7: The Slicer (Nov 13, 1997)
George has a past with his new boss; Jerry's "revenge date" backfires; Kramer's deli slicer solves Elaine's problem with a neighbor.
The Betrayal
Episode 8: The Betrayal (Nov 20, 1997)
Flashbacks trace the evolution of Jerry, George and Elaine's disastrous trip to a wedding in India, and Kramer's desperate need to barter for a birthday wish.
The Apology
Episode 9: The Apology (Dec 11, 1997)
Jerry's girlfriend is naked too often; Elaine's lifestyle offends a co-worker; Kramer seeks to shorten his showers; George has a disagreement with a new AA member.
The Strike
Episode 10: The Strike (Dec 18, 1997)
Kramer returns to work after his 12-year strike is settled; Jerry dates a woman whose appearance fluctuates; George gives holiday gifts in his co-workers' names to a fraudulent charity.
The Dealership
Episode 11: The Dealership (Jan 08, 1998)
At a car dealership, Kramer takes a test drive, while Jerry's deal is threatened by a fight between Elaine and Puddy.
The Reverse Peephole
Episode 12: The Reverse Peephole (Jan 15, 1998)
Elaine gets into a hassle regarding fur; Jerry stops carrying a wallet, while George suffers from his overstuffed one; Kramer keeps Newman from being evicted.
The Cartoon
Episode 13: The Cartoon (Jan 29, 1998)
An actress turns Jerry's criticism into a one-woman show; Kramer stops talking after offending George; Elaine struggles to understand a cartoon in The New Yorker.
The Strong Box
Episode 14: The Strong Box (Feb 05, 1998)
Jerry keeps finding Kramer's hidden strongbox key. Elaine dates a mysterious man. George plans a breakup.
The Wizard
Episode 15: The Wizard (Feb 26, 1998)
Kramer retires and moves next door to Jerry's parents in Florida; Susan's parents catch George in a lie; Elaine can't tell if she's part of an interracial couple.
The Burning
Episode 16: The Burning (Mar 19, 1998)
Kramer and Mickey play ill for med students; Elaine learns that Puddy's religious; George works out how and when to make a good exit; a tractor figures into the past of Jerry's girlfriend.
The Bookstore
Episode 17: The Bookstore (Apr 09, 1998)
A bookstore busts Uncle Leo for shoplifting and George for bathroom reading; a misdeed at a company party costs Elaine; Kramer and Newman get a rickshaw, and audition homeless people to pull it.
The Frogger
Episode 18: The Frogger (Apr 23, 1998)
George buys an arcade game to preserve his high score; fear of a serial killer adversely affects Jerry's social life; Elaine eats Peterman's slice of wedding cake from the nuptials of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.
The Maid
Episode 19: The Maid (Apr 30, 1998)
Elaine's area code is changed; a co-worker steals George's desired nickname; Jerry sleeps with his maid; Kramer endures a "long-distance relationship" when his girlfriend moves downtown.
The Puerto Rican Day
Episode 20: The Puerto Rican Day (May 07, 1998)
Gridlocked by a parade, Jerry verbally spars with another driver; George goes to a movie; and Kramer looks for a bathroom. Elaine, meanwhile, searches for a crossing point with a group of strangers.
The Chronicle (1)
Episode 21: The Chronicle (1) (May 14, 1998)
Part 1 of a two-part retrospective on the series' nine seasons.
The Chronicle (2)
Episode 22: The Chronicle (2) (May 14, 1998)
A two-part retrospective on the series' nine seasons concludes.
The Finale (1)
Episode 23: The Finale (1) (May 14, 1998)
The gang plans a trip to Paris to celebrate after NBC picks up Jerry and George's sitcom. But there's an in-flight emergency, stranding them in a small town.
The Finale (2)
Episode 24: The Finale (2) (May 14, 1998)
Witnesses testify to the gang's (lack of) character as they go on trial for violating a "Good Samaritan Law."

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