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Wonder Showzen (2005)

Wonder Showzen is an American sketch comedy television series that aired between 2005 and 2006 on MTV2. It was created by John Lee and Vernon Chatman of PFFR. The show is rated TV-MA. The show's format is that of educational PBS children's television shows such as Sesame Street and The Electric Company, parodying the format with adult-oriented content. In addition to general controversial comedy, it satirizes politics, religion, war, sex, and culture with black comedy. Every episode begins with a disclaimer, accompanied by the sound of someone screaming "Don't eat my baby!", which reads: "Wonder Showzen contains offensive, despicable content that is too controversial and too awesome for actual children. The stark, ugly and profound truths Wonder Showzen exposes may be soul-crushing to the weak of spirit. If you allow a child to watch this show, you are a bad parent or guardian."

Release Date: Fri, Mar 11, 2005

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Season 2:

Episode 1: Body (Mar 31, 2006)
Pop sensation Letter P is literally ready to blow up, and it is making the gang sick. Luckily, she learns that liposuction will not only make you a better person, it can save the world.
Episode 2: Time (Apr 07, 2006)
When Chauncey decides to travel in his time machine to mess with mental slowpokes, he discovers that he already beat himself to it. Which Chauncey will survive?
Episode 3: Knowledge (Apr 14, 2006)
Middle America visits the show and the gang falls in love with his stupidity. They even let him take control of Wonder Showzen. The result is a big stinky horse apple.
Episode 4: Justice (Apr 21, 2006)
In today's Ye Olde Wonder Showzen, the gang celebrates the idyllic good old days of America, when slavery and rape was more than a gleam in ye eye.
Episode 5: Science (Apr 28, 2006)
When Wordsworth is afraid to fight his fear, Chauncey and Him have a climb into his brain and change his mind from a boy into a man.
Episode 6: Cooperation (May 05, 2006)
Wonder Showzen is so broke the gang buys a bootleg rip off and decide to show that instead. Naturally, this results in war, and a compromise of apocalyptic dimensions.
Episode 7: Mathematics (May 12, 2006)
Attention: Due to the results of a recent network test marketing session, Wonder Showzen has been slightly retooled. Today's Wonder Showzen has been replaced by a full episode of Horse Apples!
Clarence Special Report
Episode 8: Clarence Special Report (May 19, 2006)
A Clarence Special Report: Compelling Television. Clarence seeks, captures, and defeats the notion of compelling television.

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