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The Real Housewives of New York City (2008)

A fast-paced reality show that follows several incredibly busy and ambitious Manhattan women. Watch as they balance envious social calendars, challenging careers, and motherhood, with the hustle and bustle of the big city all around.

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Release Date: Tue, Mar 04, 2008

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 60

Season 13:

Back in the Big Apple
Episode 1: Back in the Big Apple (May 04, 2021)
The New York ladies are back; Ramona visits Luann's new apartment, and learns she has a new neighbor; Leah is working on her conversion to Judaism, and invites Eboni to join Ramona and Luann for a brunch at Sonja's townhouse.
Burning Up
Episode 2: Burning Up (May 11, 2021)
To celebrate being reunited after a long quarantine, Ramona invites the ladies to the Hamptons; Luann overshares details about her new man with Sonja; Leah hosts a Burning Man party, where the group learns devastating news during a healing session.
A High Rate of Interest
Episode 3: A High Rate of Interest (May 18, 2021)
The ladies take a day trip to a local winery; Eboni questions Ramona's choice of words; Leah confronts Ramona's questionable blood plasma donation; the ladies engage in some local retail therapy; Sonja's true feelings are revealed.
Putting the Tiff in Tiffany's
Episode 4: Putting the Tiff in Tiffany's (May 25, 2021)
On the second day in the Hamptons, the ladies get a personal training session from Luann's new fling; after having words with Ramona, Leah decides to take a vow of silence to relieve tension; Ramona hosts a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" dinner party.
How Nude
Episode 5: How Nude (Jun 01, 2021)
Luann hosts an eclectic lunch party for the ladies at her Sag Harbor home with a nude male model as the main event; Leah's frustrations with Ramona boil over; Luann and Eboni get into a heated debate that leaves everyone reeling.
Stop and Throw the Roses
Episode 6: Stop and Throw the Roses (Jun 08, 2021)
The gravity of Luann and Eboni’s paint party confrontation begins to set in, and beachside fishing turns cold when politics are brought up in conversation. Meanwhile, Heather’s faux pas comes back to haunt her as the ladies glam for Luann’s 70’s style Halloween pageant.
Electile Dysfunction
Episode 7: Electile Dysfunction (Jun 15, 2021)
After the ladies compete in Luann's 70's inspired Halloween pageant, Leah receives devastating news about her grandma. Back in the city, Ramona reviews her real estate skills, while Leah and Eboni help Sonja learn to land a punch. Eboni hosts an election party.
A Harlem Night
Episode 8: A Harlem Night (Jun 29, 2021)
Eboni hosts the ladies for an educational night in Harlem where Ramona introduces the group to her friend Bershan. Luann bonds with her daughter over their sobriety while Leah stresses over her daughter’s upcoming high school experience. And, over cocktails at Ramona's apartment, Eboni and Ramona's friendship gets put to the test.
The Salem B**** Trials
Episode 9: The Salem B**** Trials (Jul 06, 2021)
Eboni takes Sonja to Philadelphia to meet a matchmaker. Leah hosts the ladies on an excursion to the witch capital of the world: Salem, Massachusetts. At Leah's latex and leather dinner, the aftermath of the election leads Eboni to question some of the ladies' allegiances.
Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Bored
Episode 10: Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Bored (Jul 13, 2021)
In Salem, Eboni's pointed question reverberates throughout the group, leading to an emotional revelation at dinner and some new body ink. The ladies take a trip back in time to the historical Pioneer Village and later at dinner, Bershan ruffles some feathers with a few of the ladies when she voices her opinion of them.
The Witching Hour
Episode 11: The Witching Hour (Jul 20, 2021)
Sonja and Bershan's argument in Salem continues through the night, and news of their altercation spreads. Bershan attempts to smooth things over with the women, while Leah, Luann and Ramona attempt to talk to Sonja about her drinking. A psychic reading leads to major breakthroughs for the group.
Baby, It's Cold Inside
Episode 12: Baby, It's Cold Inside (Jul 27, 2021)
In the city after their trip to Salem, Eboni and Sonja get back in the boxing ring with Martin. While Luann and Leah plan a joint birthday party for Ramona and Sonja, Eboni continues her search for answers about her family history. The women join Luann to record her new holiday song for charity, but Leah has questions about legalities and the proceeds. Then the group celebrates Ramonja's birthdays with a grab bag of local eye candy.
Episode 13
Episode 13: Episode 13 (Aug 03, 2021)

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