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Twixt the Cup and the Lip

The meek and hard working Lester Pennell, who worked at the Alburn Gallery, was displaying the silver spectre of Louie XIV monarch of France, worth two million dollars. Lester lost his job by being too honest and being a ""doormat"".Lester struck back in order to impress his girlfriend and change his wimpy image,by undermining a complicated and interesting plan to break in and steal the spectre.

Release Date: Thu, Oct 10, 1963

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 60

Season 2:

The World I Want
Episode 1: The World I Want (Oct 01, 1964)
In San Francisco,an elderly cabinet maker has saved $62,000 and does not want his wife to inherit it when he dies.A lawyer explains how the man can leave it to his intended-an orphaned niece.The man fears his wife is trying to kill him and wants to provide for his niece and her love,an abused deaf and dumb cousin.The man is right-he is murdered.The cousin is blamed and later saves the niece from the murderous wife.
Operation Grief
Episode 2: Operation Grief (Oct 08, 1964)
France 1944 and in a secret camp men prepare for a daring mission. The unusual thing is that they are German soldiers who will masquerade as U.S. troops in order to cause confusion and buy time for a last gasp German Offensive. Later,five U.S. G.I.'s travel toward the front lines and begin to suspect each other of being a German infiltrator.
A Lion Amongst Men
Episode 3: A Lion Amongst Men (Oct 22, 1964)
In tiny Cedar Bay a tightly wound,much decorated Korean War veteran has plans to establish a para-military organization called the U.S. Vigilance Committee. Local teenagers show the man no respect and later decide to play a Halloween "prank" on him.The prank causes the re-awakening of a bad experience the man suffered during the war-and may lead to death.
That He Should Weep for Her
Episode 4: That He Should Weep for Her (Nov 05, 1964)
In small-town Hainesville, California a kindly jewelry store owner feels guilty after killing a young Mexican man during a hold-up attempt at his store. The boy's sister is angry and wants revenge. She takes advantage of the jeweler's compassion and loneliness and gets close to him-a little too close for both of them. Later, she finds the man who truly was to blame for her brother's death.
The Kamchatka Incident
Episode 5: The Kamchatka Incident (Nov 12, 1964)
A military air transport plane on a 15 hour flight from Tokyo to Seattle, Washington has engine and compass problems during a hurricane and wanders into Soviet air space. An emergency landing on uninhabited Russian soil with rough terrain is complicated further by the fact that one of the plane's passengers is an important Soviet defector.
The Jack is High
Episode 6: The Jack is High (Nov 19, 1964)
Just outside of Reno, Nevada, five men with diversely different backgrounds ambush an armored car truck and make away with $3,000,000 in cash. The men make their getaway to Los Angeles using a gas tanker truck in which the money and three of the men are hidden inside. The trip is full of uncertainty as they fight amongst themselves while, unknown to them, a veteran police inspector is cleverly piecing clues together.
Episode 7: Graffiti (Nov 26, 1964)
Gestapo agents pick up resistance leader Bertine, but fail to to recognize the value of their catch. Because Bertine must be silenced before the Nazis realize who he is, his followers arrange for a young assassin to be arrested and place in his cell.
One Tiger to a Hill
Episode 8: One Tiger to a Hill (Dec 03, 1964)
A notorious cat burglar has his activities closely watched by the police so he trains an "apprentice" to carry out his well planned thefts while at the same time providing himself with safe alibis.When the cocky trainee finds he enjoys the money and lifestyle being a "high class thief" brings,he decides to go into business for himself and eliminate the old pro.
Episode 9: Threepersons (Dec 10, 1964)
A Texas lawman wants Tom Threepersons, a Cherokee Indian with a reputation as a fighter, to work alongside him in a battle against Prohibition racketeers. But before he commits himself, Tom decides to cross the border into Mexico to see what the other side has to offer.
The Gun
Episode 10: The Gun (Dec 24, 1964)
Near Bodie Air Force Base, a mild mannered dentist has problems getting respect from his wife and son following a robbery by a junkie over his reluctance to use a gun. Further complicating his life is his slightly mentally disabled son, who finds perverse joy in teasing a somewhat touched and lonely old lady neighbor.
The Wine-Dark Sea
Episode 11: The Wine-Dark Sea (Dec 31, 1964)
A one-time college professor,who lost his wife and children in a home fire,has fallen to the level of being a skid-row drunk.He investigates a "solid citizen" when a fellow "bum" is accused of a hold-up and murder-and he changes his life to do it.
In Darkness, Waiting (1)
Episode 12: In Darkness, Waiting (1) (Jan 14, 1965)
A sinister plot to destroy the U.N. by a series of calculated assassinations is discovered.
In Darkness, Waiting (2)
Episode 13: In Darkness, Waiting (2) (Jan 21, 1965)
The intrepid pair, Lt. Lacy and newspaperwoman Karen Lownes, are out to save the United Nations from potential assassinations.
That Time in Havana
Episode 14: That Time in Havana (Feb 11, 1965)
An American wife arrives in Havana,Cuba to beg for the release of her "adventurer" husband who has been jailed on charges of espionage. He actually was in Cuba trying to recover $1,000,000 in Mafia money left behind after The 1958 Revolution. The Communist authorities want the money and the woman enlists a reporter to help her find it and clear her husband. Meanwhile, anti-Castro patriots lurk in the background.
Four into Zero
Episode 15: Four into Zero (Feb 18, 1965)
Four men with various motives plan to "make use of" printing plates recently made in Chicago for a South American country's currency.They will try to commit the crime while on the train from Chicago to Los Angeles from which the plates are being shipped. An unexpected injury could "derail" their attempt.
Streetcar, Do You Read Me?
Episode 16: Streetcar, Do You Read Me? (Feb 25, 1965)
A S.A.C. (Strategic Air Command) bomber on a routine patrol mission from March Air Force Base in the U.S. to Spain-and-back suffers an on-board fire.The co-pilot,who has dodged the responsibility of becoming a lead pilot,is suddenly thrust into command when the pilot is severely injured due to the fire.Can the co-pilot conquer his fears and master his inadequacies?
The Last Clear Chance
Episode 17: The Last Clear Chance (Mar 11, 1965)
A French underground hero and a young American hope to escape from a German prison cell in France.
Won't It Ever Be Morning
Episode 18: Won't It Ever Be Morning (Mar 18, 1965)
A story of an insecure jazz singer and her demented manager who is accused of murdering a young girl.
Nobody Will Ever Know
Episode 19: Nobody Will Ever Know (Mar 25, 1965)
An industrial research scientist who "married the boss's daughter" feels pressured to gain a promotion so he can afford her. When the chance to make money by selling company secrets is offered he takes it. Later,to his regret,he finds the choice is no longer his-he will continue to provide information or his wife will die.
The Green Felt Jungle
Episode 20: The Green Felt Jungle (Apr 01, 1965)
When a bomb intended for him kills his wife, DA Paul Maytric resigns to fight the gambling syndicate as a private citizen.
Rapture at Two-Forty
Episode 21: Rapture at Two-Forty (Apr 15, 1965)
Paul Bryan, a lawyer with only a short time left to live, decides to spend his days hobnobbing with the jet-set on the French Riviera.
Jungle of Fear
Episode 22: Jungle of Fear (Apr 22, 1965)
In Panama, casino operator Rory O'Rourke, a would be railroad builder, becomes involved with a young woman and her son who are fleeing political enemies from China.
Kill No More
Episode 23: Kill No More (Apr 29, 1965)
A U.S. scientist obsessed with putting an end to war by creating the ultimate weapon, endangers his marriage by neglecting his much-younger wife. He's a perfectionist, which riles his military overseers, who keep pressuring the physicist for quick results, because they fear he'll be nabbed by enemy agents.
The Long Ravine
Episode 24: The Long Ravine (May 06, 1965)
After his discharge from the service, Chris Sandoe heads for an almost-abandoned mining town where his sister and brother-in-law are living on credit hoping to strike it rich.
The Easter Breach
Episode 25: The Easter Breach (May 13, 1965)
A man plots to get his pregnant wife out of East Berlin by romancing her American lookalike.
The Safe House
Episode 26: The Safe House (May 20, 1965)
Nazi scientist Jeremias Lipp having successfully eluded the War Crimes commission, prepares to leave his Swiss refuge to take a job with a Middle Eastern government. But a group of Israeli agents have no intention of allowing Lipp to continue his activities. They spearhead the scheme to kidnap Lipp and deliver him to his accusers.
Twixt the Cup and the Lip
Episode 27: Twixt the Cup and the Lip (Jun 03, 1965)
The meek and hard working Lester Pennell, who worked at the Alburn Gallery, was displaying the silver spectre of Louie XIV monarch of France, worth two million dollars. Lester lost his job by being too honest and being a ""doormat"".Lester struck back in order to impress his girlfriend and change his wimpy image,by undermining a complicated and interesting plan to break in and steal the spectre.
The Trains of Silence
Episode 28: The Trains of Silence (Jun 10, 1965)
A geologist from Vancouver,Canada comes to the U.S. to see his old college roommate who is now a reclusive Howard Hughes-ish multi-millionaire industrialist. He has a mining investment to propose but is not allowed to see his friend,is rudely treated by the man's staff and is almost murdered.After being "bought off", he persists and finds an unexpected result.
Kill Me on July 20th
Episode 29: Kill Me on July 20th (Jun 17, 1965)
A washed-up race car driver named Tony Camion whose beloved brother is killed in a race that he should not have been driving. The brother only drove the car because Tony could not do it himself. In an effort to redeem himself to his brother's family, Tony changes his life insurance policy to make his brother's family the beneficiary and hires an unknown hit man to kill him on July 20th. He then sets about making sure his brother's family has everything they need prior to his demise.
The Rise and Fall of Eddie Carew
Episode 30: The Rise and Fall of Eddie Carew (Jun 24, 1965)
When a senile VIP is accidentally locked into an "impenatrable" safe, a "reformed" safe cracker is recruited from State Prison to rescue him. The "Human Can Opener" is not enthusiastic about the offer and, despite his loyal girlfriend, hatches a rescue plan with a twist.
Connery's Hands
Episode 31: Connery's Hands (Jul 01, 1965)
A very sick businessman brings his wife's piano playing ex-lover into his home in order to carry out his sadistic plan.

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