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The Trains of Silence

Kraft Suspense Theatre is an American anthology series that was telecast from 1963 to 1965 on NBC. Sponsored by Kraft Foods, it was seen three weeks out of every four and was pre-empted for Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall specials once monthly. Como's production company, Roncom Films, also produced Kraft Suspense Theatre. Writer, editor, critic and radio playwright Anthony Boucher served as consultant on the series. Later syndicated under the title Crisis, it was one of the few suspense series telecast in color at the time. While most of NBC's shows were in color then, all-color network line-ups did not become the norm until the 1966-67 season.

Release Date: Thu, Oct 10, 1963

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 60
Subtitle     Direct Stream

Season 2:

Episode 7: Graffiti (Nov 26, 1964)
Episode 9: Threepersons (Dec 10, 1964)
The Gun
Episode 10: The Gun (Dec 24, 1964)
Won't It Ever Be Morning
Episode 18: Won't It Ever Be Morning (Mar 18, 1965)
A story of an insecure jazz singer and her demented manager who is accused of murdering a young girl.
Rapture at Two-Forty
Episode 21: Rapture at Two-Forty (Apr 15, 1965)
Paul Bryan, a lawyer with only a short time left to live, decides to spend his days hobnobbing with the jet-set on the French Riviera.
The Safe House
Episode 26: The Safe House (May 20, 1965)
Nazi scientist Jeremias Lipp having successfully eluded the War Crimes commission, prepares to leave his Swiss refuge to take a job with a Middle Eastern government. But a group of Israeli agents have no intention of allowing Lipp to continue his activities. They spearhead the scheme to kidnap Lipp and deliver him to his accusers.
Twixt the Cup and the Lip
Episode 27: Twixt the Cup and the Lip (Jun 03, 1965)
The meek and hard working Lester Pennell, who worked at the Alburn Gallery, was displaying the silver spectre of Louie XIV monarch of France, worth two million dollars. Lester lost his job by being too honest and being a ""doormat"".Lester struck back in order to impress his girlfriend and change his wimpy image,by undermining a complicated and interesting plan to break in and steal the spectre.
Kill Me on July 20th
Episode 29: Kill Me on July 20th (Jun 17, 1965)
A washed-up race car driver named Tony Camion whose beloved brother is killed in a race that he should not have been driving. The brother only drove the car because Tony could not do it himself. In an effort to redeem himself to his brother's family, Tony changes his life insurance policy to make his brother's family the beneficiary and hires an unknown hit man to kill him on July 20th. He then sets about making sure his brother's family has everything they need prior to his demise.

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