poster of Dr. Kildare
Rating: 5.375/10 by 16 users
Release Date: Wed, Sep 27, 1961

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 60

Raymond Massey
Dr. Leonard Barry Gillespie
Eddie Ryder
Dr. Simon Agurski
Jud Taylor
Dr. Thomas Gerson
Ken Berry
Dr. John Kapish
Jean Inness
Nurse Beatrice Fain

Season 5:

Fathers and Daughters (1)
Episode 20: Fathers and Daughters (1) (Nov 22, 1965)
Sister Benjamin is forced to give up her missionary work when she's stricken with leukemia, an illness she hides from her father.
The Tent-Dwellers (3)
Episode 22: The Tent-Dwellers (3) (Nov 29, 1965)
Joe Quinlan becomes the talk of Blair Hospital when he slips out of his sick bed to hustle a wealthy patient in a pool game.
Going Home (4)
Episode 23: Going Home (4) (Nov 30, 1965)
Despite a serious heart ailment, Joe Quinlan competes in a strenuous pool tournament to win the money for his daughter's hospital bill.
Duet for One Hand (2)
Episode 31: Duet for One Hand (2) (Dec 28, 1965)
Gillespie is impressed with intern Jessie Martel's handling of patient Frederic Foray, a temperamental pianist whose career is threatened by Parkinson's disease.
The Atheist and the True Believer (1)
Episode 32: The Atheist and the True Believer (1) (Jan 03, 1966)
Dr. Gillepsie expects fireworks: Attorney Justin Post, an outspoken atheist, will be visiting the hospital at the same time as evangelist Andrew Webb.
A Quick Look at Glory (2)
Episode 33: A Quick Look at Glory (2) (Jan 04, 1966)
A reporter tricks Andrew Webb into implying that Justin Post's heart attack may have been divine punishment.
A Sort of Falling in Love (3)
Episode 34: A Sort of Falling in Love (3) (Jan 10, 1966)
Amy Post seeks a medical explanation for her father's abrupt conversion from atheism to religion after his near brush with death.
The Last to Believe in Miracles (4)
Episode 35: The Last to Believe in Miracles (4) (Jan 11, 1966)
Amy Post learns that her father wants to join Dr. Webb in his evangelistic crusade.
The Next Thing to Murder (5)
Episode 36: The Next Thing to Murder (5) (Jan 17, 1966)
Dr. Kildare feels that he must prevent Justin Post from making a television appearance. He plans to do it by declaring the former atheist mentally incompetent.
Never So Happy (6)
Episode 37: Never So Happy (6) (Jan 18, 1966)
Justin Post is determined to appear on television with evangelist Andrew Webb despite the danger to himself and the effect of his actions on his daughter.

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