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Dark Realm (2001)

Dark Realm is an anthology series hosted by Eric Roberts. The series aired in syndication in the United States for a total of 13 episodes, from May to December 2001.

  • Paul Corcoran
  • Helen Francis
Release Date: Sat, May 26, 2001

Country: CA
Language: En
Runtime: 44

Season 1:

Castle Keep
Episode 1: Castle Keep (May 26, 2001)
A love triangle between students and a professor on an archaeological dig turns deadly as they conduct a dig in a haunted castle.
She's The One
Episode 2: She's The One (Jun 02, 2001)
A man tries to rescue his beauty-obsessed girlfriend from undergoing extensive plastic surgery at a sinister spa.
Organizer 2000
Episode 3: Organizer 2000 (Jun 09, 2001)
After causing an accident that kills his long-time crush, a young man is given an electronic organizer that takes him back in time to experience scenes from his life with her.
Party On
Episode 4: Party On (Jun 16, 2001)
Two brothers looking for a party stumble into purgatory.
Episode 5: Exposure (Jun 23, 2001)
A ruthless investment banker makes a deal with the Devil.
Skin Deep
Episode 6: Skin Deep (Jun 30, 2001)
An innocent young woman undergoes a personality change after being bitten by a were-tiger.
See No Evil
Episode 7: See No Evil (Nov 03, 2001)
A genuine crystal ball makes business boom for a phony psychic.
The Housesitter
Episode 8: The Housesitter (Nov 10, 2001)
A college student housesitting for a cranky woman finds the situation getting out of control as she copes with mysterious warnings, odd neighbors, and an escaped killer who seems to be filling the local park with body parts.
Johnny's Guitar
Episode 9: Johnny's Guitar (Nov 17, 2001)
A struggling musician discovers the secret — and the curse — behind a music legend when he inherits the man's demonic instrument. The episode featured Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott, and Corey Feldman.
Murder One
Episode 10: Murder One (Nov 24, 2001)
A lawyer finds himself in the middle of a nest of vampires when he joins a local law firm.
Emma's Boy
Episode 11: Emma's Boy (Dec 01, 2001)
A couple expecting their first child pays a visit to the wife's ancestral land and encounters evil.
Blackout, Part 1
Episode 12: Blackout, Part 1 (Dec 08, 2001)
An amnesiac takes his new bride to visit his childhood home, but a stranger with a terribly familiar face leads to an argument between the newlyweds.
Blackout, Part 2
Episode 13: Blackout, Part 2 (Dec 15, 2001)
Brad's shocking recollection has landed him in jail for murder but his suspicions are aroused when he realizes that no one around him is who they claim to be.

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