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Coach Trip (2005)

Coach Trip is a reality game show originally broadcast on Channel 4 from 7 March 2005 to 30 June 2006. The programme returned to Channel 4 from 25 May 2009 to 9 March 2012 after a three-year break. In early 2013, the show went into hiatus again and was replaced by a new show called Brendan's Magical Mystery Tour. However, in September 2013, Channel 4 announced that they had renewed Coach Trip for another series. The show's format consists of four to seven teams of two undertaking a coach tour principally of continental Europe. The tours have usually lasted 30 or 50 days, with passengers remaining on the tour only until they are ejected by their companions on one day, to be replaced by a new couple the following day. The travellers are accompanied by tour guide Brendan Sheerin, who appears in every episode.

Release Date: Mon, Mar 07, 2005

Country: GB
Language: En
Runtime: 60

Season 15:

Episode 1: Split (Mar 02, 2015)
It's day one of a brand new tour as 14 fun-loving Brits begin the trip of a lifetime. The first stop is Split in Croatia, where one tourist makes an instant impression, on a fortress tour.
Episode 2: Omis (Mar 03, 2015)
The tourists visit Omis in Croatia, where Brendan struggles with teething problems and the group goes rock climbing, before spending an afternoon making a local flat pie - with varying results.
Episode 3: Makarska (Mar 04, 2015)
The tourists arrive in Makarska, Croatia, and they slip and slide their way around an inflatable assault course at a local swimming pool. The group then visits a mandarin grove before one of the couples receive some bad news at the vote.
Episode 4: Mostar (Mar 05, 2015)
Following an early morning shock, the passengers explore once war-torn areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Leader Brendan Sheerin's memory is put to the test at a karate class, and one couple are in the firing line at an emotional vote.
Episode 5: Dubrovnik (Mar 06, 2015)
The group members arrive in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where they take part in a paddle-boarding lesson. Meanwhile, Brendan Sheerin befriends some Australians during an a cappella singing class, and one of the tourists becomes besotted with a handsome local.
Herceg Novi
Episode 6: Herceg Novi (Mar 09, 2015)
The tourists visit Herceg Novi in Montenegro, where they take part in a squid ink cookery class before spending the afternoon snorkelling. Later, one couple is in the firing line at an emotional vote.
Episode 7: Budva (Mar 10, 2015)
The tourists visit Budva in Montenegro, where they tackle a tree-top rope course and a prank nearly leaves Brendan on the ground, and take part in a cocktail making contest - with some surprising results.
Episode 8: Bar (Mar 11, 2015)
The tourists visit a local beekeeper and his hives in Bar, Montenegro, and Brendan Sheerin pulls out all the stops in the afternoon with a trip to less-than-salubrious go-kart track.
Episode 9: Bari (Mar 12, 2015)
The tourists arrive in the Italian city of Bari, where they learn about the local art of Octopus Curling - despite not all of the group being happy to take part. Later, a street art class produces some mixed results before feelings are made clear at the vote.
Episode 10: Taranto (Mar 13, 2015)
The group goes sea fishing in Taranto, Italy, but Brendan soon realises that something suspicious is going on. A sculpture caricature class brings mirth, despite not everyone appreciating their likeness, before the tour guide raises the stakes at the vote.
Episode 11: Taranto (Mar 16, 2015)
The travellers try their hands at milking olive trees on the second day in Taranto, Italy, and to the delight of one particular tourist, the culinary theme continues with an afternoon of pizza-making.
Episode 12: Lecce (Mar 17, 2015)
The tourists visit Lecce in Italy, where Brendan issues them with a photo challenge, with some of the travellers being more inspired than others. Plus, the group takes part in a folk dance based on wooing your partner - which brings out some interesting techniques.
Episode 13: Corfu (Mar 18, 2015)
The tourists arrive in Greece by ferry at 4.30am, so Brendan Sheerin arranges an aerobics class to wake them up before they embark on another boat trip - this time to Corfu - where the group upsets some of the locals during a jet-skiing session. Plus, more grief follows at the vote.
Episode 14: Corfu (Mar 19, 2015)
The group continues to explore the Greek island of Corfu, and a new arrival sparks conversation as the tourists set off for a morning of sailing. After lunch they take to the streets to learn some traditional Greek dancing, before the day's all important vote.
Episode 15: Ioannina (Mar 20, 2015)
Back on the Greek mainland, the tourists sample frogs legs and eels, but one couple wriggle into the group's bad books. Then the tourists go kayaking.
Episode 16: Arta (Mar 23, 2015)
The group members visit a small village in a Greek mountain region, and observe its residents re-enact their annual food festival. Later, an afternoon spent painting the famous stone bridge in Arta sees some unlikely talent come to the fore.
Episode 17: Messolonghi (Mar 24, 2015)
The tourists arrive at Messolonghi in Greece, where some of the passengers have trouble when they head out shopping after a language lesson, before heading to a spa that proves to be less than relaxing for the unimpressed group.
Episode 18: Patras (Mar 25, 2015)
Brendan Sheerin takes the group wrestling when they arrive in Patras, Greece, but things get wrapped up early when the experts witness them in practice. The coach then gets stuck in a ditch on the way to a winery before the votes are cast and one couple is eliminated from the competition.
Episode 19: Loutraki (Mar 26, 2015)
The tourists explore the Greek seaside resort of Loutraki, but bad weather means their yoga class is moved from the beach to the middle of a busy cafe - much to the amusement of the locals. A revolt breaks out on the coach when Brendan Sheerin announces another spa visit, and doubts remain over whether all of the group will make it to the last day after the final yellow card vote.
Episode 20: Athens (Mar 27, 2015)
The coach pulls into Athens on the last day of the tour. The tourists have a Greek percussion lesson and visit a sea turtle sanctuary, before the winner is crowned.
Episode 21: Prague (Mar 30, 2015)
In Prague, love is on the cards, and beer, as well as Brendan's budget, head down the drain as the group take on an ancient bottling machine before emotions overflow at the vote.
Episode 22: Pelhrimov (Mar 31, 2015)
The passengers visit Pelhrimov in the Czech Republic, where they create a unique world record using a giant pencil at a museum of curiosities. Plus, disaster strikes when one of the tourists is hospitalised after a grass skiing accident - and also misses the vote.
Episode 23: Brno (Apr 01, 2015)
The tourists continue their adventures in the Czech Republic as they attend a sensual contact improvisation class in Brno, with some finding it more pleasurable than others. One of the group then feels a little emotional during a visit to the city's catacombs before the votes are cast.
Episode 24: Mistelbach (Apr 02, 2015)
The tourists arrive in the Austrian city of Mistelbach, and participate in a yodelling lesson. Ahead of the night's vote, tour leader Brendan Sheerin and the group learn the survival skills of prehistoric people - with mixed results.
Episode 25: Vienna (Apr 03, 2015)
Brendan makes the most of a trip to a chocolate factory when the group visits Vienna, and a new couple make a sticky start to life on the coach. A waltz class sees things running a little smoother, but one pair is left spinning at the vote.
Episode 26: Gyor (Apr 06, 2015)
Brendan Sheerin takes the tourists to Gyor, Hungary where they participate in a competitive game of water polo and visit a science museum.
Episode 27: Budapest (Apr 07, 2015)
The tourists compete in the `Trap Escape' game in Budapest in Hungary, where the men compete against the women, before taking part in massage lessons. However, the mood is far from relaxed at the vote.
Episode 28: Budapest (Apr 08, 2015)
The tourists continue their adventures in Budapest, where the teacher at a language class puts Brendan in his place, and the group tries to bribe him with treats. A bicycle tour leads to a shock departure, and another couple receive a yellow card at the vote.
Episode 29: Siofok (Apr 09, 2015)
The coach arrives in Siofok, Hungary, where the group experiences a traditional folk-dancing lesson. However, the afternoon's activity of gutting fish doesn't suit everyone's tastes.
Episode 30: Maribor (Apr 10, 2015)
Three new couples join the tourists as they arrive in Maribor, Slovenia. Brendan discovers he is travelling with a bunch of screamers on an adrenaline-filled toboggan run and the group have a mix of success and setbacks crushing grapes at a vineyard. At the end of the day, tactics come into play at the vote.
Episode 31: Zagreb (Apr 13, 2015)
Brendan hopes a visit to the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia isn't an omen for things to come. Plus, there's a battle to the bitter end over one tourist at Knight School.
Episode 32: Karlovac (Apr 14, 2015)
A disrupted night sees the red mist descend on Brendan as he dishes out the cards. In Karlovac, Croatia a dark horse is revealed as the group give aerial silk dancing a go.
Episode 33: Rijeka (Apr 15, 2015)
There's much hilarity as banana boating proves more slippery and speedy than expected, and some new arrivals are all in a whirl at a majorette class.
Episode 34: Novigrad (Apr 16, 2015)
A cocky tourist gets his comeuppance as the group goes deep sea fishing in Novigrad, Croatia, and an Olympic gold medallist helps the tourists get to grips with clay pigeon shooting.
Episode 35: Grado (Apr 17, 2015)
Disqualification and destruction abound as Brendan sets up a sandcastle competition in Grado, Italy, and there's much ado in tutus at an unusual beachside ballet class.
Episode 36: Venice (Apr 20, 2015)
Brendan Sheerin and his group are let loose on the canals as they pay a visit to Venice. The tourists enjoy a taste of Carnevale as they take part in a mask-painting class, and relax with traditional gondola rides, but it seems one couple might be heading for an early exit as the vote approaches.
Episode 37: Ferrara (Apr 21, 2015)
The tourists explore Ferrara, Italy, where the local castle disappoints certain members of the group. Later, they try their hand at balloon sculpting, before a couple are left deflated at the vote.
Episode 38: Bologna (Apr 22, 2015)
The tourists arrive in Bologna, where they enjoy a gastronomical day - but the chef at a pasta class brings back bad memories for one of the group. More than one couple struggle to get gelato-making mastered, before relations get frosty at the vote.
Episode 39: Bologna (Apr 23, 2015)
The tourists arrive in Bologna, Italy, and visit a local working farm where they try their hand at sheep-sheering. The afternoon's activity sees the group taking part in an opera class, ahead of the final yellow card vote.
Episode 40: Florence (Apr 24, 2015)
In Florence, Italy, the final day sees a sculpture lesson with a toga-clad Brendan Sheerin acting as the model. The group then views the city before this tour's winners are crowned at an emotional vote. Last in the series.

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