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Doc Corkle (1952)

Doc Corkle is an American Television sitcom that was broadcast on NBC on Sunday nights for three weeks from October 5 to October 19, 1952. The show's sponsor, Reynolds Metals, was so disappointed with the program that it was canceled and replaced by Mr. Peepers.

Release Date: Sun, Oct 05, 1952

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Arnold Stang
Winfield Dill
Hope Emerson
Nellie Corkle
Connie Marshall
Laurie Corkle
Chester Conklin
Grandfather Corkle

Season 1:

Episode 1: Pilot (Oct 05, 1952)
Football Game
Episode 2: Football Game (Oct 12, 1952)
Doc is coaching a football team of boys aged 11 to 14 at the youth center. Because the team is in desperate need of equipment, Doc invites Windy over to discuss funding the purchase.
Episode 3: Carnival (Oct 19, 1952)
Laurie Corkle discovers that her dad failed to mail her application for a college scholarship, and so she won't be able to complete her education.

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