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The Fearing Mind (2000)

Bill Fearing, a famous writer of suspense thrillers, gets his ideas from things that happen in his family. When he gets an idea, the viewers enter his mind and see the gruesome events unfold.

Release Date: Sat, Oct 21, 2000

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 60

Susan Gibney
Cynthia Fearing
Katee Sackhoff
Lenore Fearing
Rae Allen
Grandma Lucy

Season 1:

Sweet Meat
Episode 1: Sweet Meat (Oct 21, 2000)
Bill is concerned about a boy his daughter Lenore is hanging out with, Cynthia is all over Bill to do something about their problems with ants in the house, and Grandma Lucy is giving Bill a hard time as usual. Bill's newest story is instigated by the ant problem in the Fearing household. It seems that ants are attacking and killing people and Detective Sarno is put in charge of the case, only to discover that these ants have a host.
Good Harvest
Episode 2: Good Harvest (Oct 28, 2000)
Without asking Bill first, Cynthia invites one of his writing rivals, P.F. O'Horgan, over for dinner. Cynthia and Grandma Lucy are immediately warm to the man, while Bill is still suspicious for the larger part of the evening. However, he and O'Horgan eventually warm up to each other- at least for the evening. Meanwhile, Bill starts writing a new story for a literary magazine that's reminiscent of the old tale 'The Lottery.' A blind girl in a country town starts to have horrible visions left over from when she was able see.
Episode 3: Upgrade (Nov 04, 2000)
Much to his horror, Cynthia replaces Bill's typewriter with a computer. The new technology in his life leads Bill to write a story about a nineteenth century home that is renovated to bring it up to the twenty-first century. Trouble is, the house doesn't want to be changed.
The Cure
Episode 4: The Cure (Nov 11, 2000)
Bill fears that he's dying and starts to try and live his life fully before he expires. His meeting with a doctor spawns a new story about a boy that's confined to his room from sickness and starts to see horrible things taking place in the house next door.
Call Of The Wild
Episode 5: Call Of The Wild (Nov 18, 2000)
Cynthia's former boyfriend and his new wife invites the Fearings on a fishing trip, triggering a story in Bill's mind about three salesmen on a hunting trip being stalked by a menacing, unseen force.
Two Faces
Episode 6: Two Faces (Dec 02, 2000)
After Lenore tells two of her friends two different things, Bill is inspired to write a story about a man that thinks he's dating identical twins. However, one twin claims that her sister is dead and the other claims that her sister is crazy. Meanwhile, an agent from Regency Artists tries to get Bill to leave his current representative, Ann, and sign with them.
Gentleman Caller
Episode 7: Gentleman Caller (Jan 01, 1970)
After Grandma Lucy starts dating a man named Harold, Cynthia finds herself not only jealous but suspicious of his motives. This inspires Bill to write a story about a young woman who suspects that there's something odd about the man that her mother starts seeing.
Come To Papa
Episode 8: Come To Papa (Jan 01, 1970)
Bill believes that one of his students, Stacy Hancock, is interested in having more than just a student/teacher relationship. Meanwhile, Bill writes a story about a writer who comes face to face with the ghost of Papa Hemingway while looking for inspiration.
Episode 9: Will (Jan 01, 1970)
Bill watches a dog and gets inspiration for a story about a deadly inheritance.
Maximum Security
Episode 10: Maximum Security (Jan 01, 1970)
Bill writes a story about a robbery.
The Fortunate One
Episode 11: The Fortunate One (Jan 01, 1970)
Inspired by Cynthia practicing feng shui, Bill writes a story about fortune cookies.
Episode 12: Intruder (Jan 01, 1970)
Bill writes a new novel about a house intruder, while things change in his own household.
On the Road
Episode 13: On the Road (Jan 01, 1970)
As Bill tries to teach Lenore all about his car and how to drive a stick shift, he finds inspiration for a new story in which a woman on a road trip starts receiving threatening calls on her cell phone.

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