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Space Precinct (1994)

Space Precinct is a British television series that aired from 1994 to 1995 on Sky One and later on BBC Two in Britain, and in first-run syndication in the US. Many US stations scheduled the show in late night time slots, which resulted in low ratings and ensured cancellation. The series was created by Gerry Anderson and was a mix of science fiction and police procedural that combined elements of many of Anderson's previous series such as Space: 1999, UFO and Thunderbirds, but with an added dash of Law & Order and Dragnet. Gerry Anderson was Executive Producer along with Tom Gutteridge. One of the series' directors was John Glen who had previously helmed various James Bond movies.

Release Date: Mon, Oct 03, 1994

Country: GB | US
Language: En
Runtime: 45

Ted Shackelford
Lieutenant Patrick Brogan
Jerome Willis
Captain Rexton Podly
Mary Woodvine
Officer Aurelia Took
Simone Bendix
Officer Jane Castle
Rob Youngblood
Officer Jack Haldane
Megan Olive
Liz Brogan
Tom Watt
Officer Beezle

Season 1:

Protect and Survive
Episode 1: Protect and Survive (Oct 03, 1994)
Lt. Patrick Brogan and Officer Jack Haldane, both new to Demeter City's Precinct 88, are assigned to protect the alien witness to the murder of a police informer.
Episode 2: Enforcer (Oct 10, 1994)
Precinct 88 investigates a grisly murder in the Skall Street district which leads to a pair of telekinetic vigilantes.
Body & Soul
Episode 3: Body & Soul (Oct 17, 1994)
While on a trip to Merlin's Asteroid, Brogan and his son Matt come across a wrecked ship containing an old corpse, leading to an investigation of the ship's owner, the mysterious industrialist Alden Humes.
Double Duty
Episode 4: Double Duty (Oct 24, 1994)
Brogan and Haldane search for an alien killer who targets dealers of the illegal substanse, Black Cyrstal.
The Snake
Episode 5: The Snake (Oct 31, 1994)
When an executive of Brett Interplanetary is murdered, Precinct 88 turn their attentions to the notorious extortionist-assassin known as the Snake.
Time to Kill
Episode 6: Time to Kill (Nov 07, 1994)
A counterfeiting operation is busted by the officers of Precinct 88 and a mysterious cyborg, which proceeds to eliminate members of the counterfeiter's gang.
Episode 7: Deadline (Nov 14, 1994)
Brogan and the others invesigate an alien organ harvesting operation run by a seemimgly respectable surgeon.
Seek and Destroy
Episode 8: Seek and Destroy (Nov 21, 1994)
A series of murders in Demeter City leads Brogan to an alleged alien invasion of Altor and a canine connection that may endanger his daugter Liz.
The Power
Episode 9: The Power (Jan 09, 1995)
The death of a Tarn burglar on a space station leads the officers of Precinct 88 to track competing parties vying for the powerful energy of Luxorian Ice.
Episode 10: Illegal (Jan 16, 1995)
Brogan attempts to help two illegal immigrants to Altor, Tildon Alreeuh and his son Nillim, who are avoiding the planet's Immigration Department.
Divided We Stand
Episode 11: Divided We Stand (Jan 30, 1995)
Brogan and Haldane reluctantly provide protection to the crooked Creon politician Vinny Artak, whose life is threatened when he runs for Demeter City Council.
Two Against the Rock
Episode 12: Two Against the Rock (Feb 06, 1995)
While transporting a prisoner to the space prison known as the Rock, Officers Haldane and Castle come across a plot to release a notorious ganglord.
Episode 13: Takeover (Feb 13, 1995)
Brogan and Haldane are bought before an internal affairs inquiry, when a mobster sets up a murder frame, so as to discredit their testimony in his impending trial.
Predator and Prey
Episode 14: Predator and Prey (Feb 20, 1995)
Brogan, Haldane and Castle investigate the murder of an undercover cop at a strip joint with the officer's disgruntled partner. The trail leads to an a killer that was thought to be an urban legend. Meanwhile Officers Orrin and Romek try to hide a friendly but undocumented apelike creature which is in danger of termination.
The Witness
Episode 15: The Witness (Apr 24, 1995)
Sergeant Fredo's daughter Estes is placed in danger when she is able to read the thoughts of rampaging serial killer in Demeter City.
Hate Street
Episode 16: Hate Street (May 01, 1995)
Brogan investigates the activitis of race riot instigator Burl Flak, whose gang is causing trouble in Demeter City. An old friend of Brogan's, the bounty hunter Erika Brandt, turns up on Flak's trail and her reacquaintence with Brogan causes Sally to become jealous.
Episode 17: Friends (May 08, 1995)
Jack Haldane realises his personal feelings for Jane Castle, when she is taken hostage by anarchists in return for the release of one of their comrades.
Smelter Skelter
Episode 18: Smelter Skelter (May 15, 1995)
When Sally and Liz Brogan witness a jewellry store robbery at first hand, the ensuing police investigation leads to agang with a weapon which fires sub-atomic particles that break up the structure of matter.
Episode 19: Flash (May 29, 1995)
Demeter City's latest illicit drug craze is for Flash, a substanse which causes users to combust when they overdose. Brogan is displeased when his daughter takes an interest in becoming a police officer.
The Fire Within (1)
Episode 20: The Fire Within (1) (Jun 26, 1995)
Officer Took joins a religious cult called the Pyrists. When one of their elders is immolated in a fire, her colleagues believe that the Pyrists themselves, were responsible.
The Fire Within (2)
Episode 21: The Fire Within (2) (Jul 03, 1995)
Precinct 88 continues its investigation at the Pyrist Temple in the wake of the disappearance of Captain Podley's daughter.
The Forever Beetle
Episode 22: The Forever Beetle (Jul 10, 1995)
A bug containing a healing chemistry is stolen from a company lab. The thief is Tommy Murphy, Brogan's best friend from his NYPD days, who happens to pay a visit to his former colleague.
Deathwatch (1)
Episode 23: Deathwatch (1) (Jul 17, 1995)
When a meteor crashes on farmland in Altor, Brogan and Haldane become involved in an investigation into a landlord attempting to force his tenants at a nearby tower block. Brogan's suspicions are further fueled by the involvement of military intelligence agents.
Deathwatch (2)
Episode 24: Deathwatch (2) (Jul 24, 1995)
Continuing from part one, a meteor fragment is taken by Militay Intelligence to be analysed, but the substanse has dire effects beyond their control.

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