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Republic of Doyle (2010)

Jake Doyle and his ex-cop father, Malachy, run a Newfoundland detective agency. Their rugged seaside town never lacks for intriguing cases, and the Doyles don't always land on the right side of the law.

Release Date: Wed, Jan 06, 2010

Country: CA
Language: En
Runtime: 44

Allan Hawco
Jake Doyle
Sean McGinley
Malachy Doyle
Krystin Pellerin
Leslie Bennett
Lynda Boyd
Rose Miller
Mark O'Brien
Des Courtney

Season 6:

Dirty Deeds
Episode 1: Dirty Deeds (Oct 15, 2014)
Jake must solve a case while facing the facts about Leslie; the Doyle's try to adjust.
No Rest for the Convicted
Episode 2: No Rest for the Convicted (Oct 22, 2014)
Jake traces a sketchy money trail; Leslie faces some conditions upon her return to work.
Smash Derby
Episode 3: Smash Derby (Oct 29, 2014)
Leslie resists meeting with the therapist; Mal and Jake keep a secret from Rose.
The Driver
Episode 4: The Driver (Nov 05, 2014)
Leslie offers to help Jake and the Doyles.
True Lies
Episode 5: True Lies (Nov 12, 2014)
Jake searches for evidence to prove his innocence; Mal and Rose question Doyle's return.
The Pint
Episode 6: The Pint (Nov 19, 2014)
Jake must solve a puzzling case; Ned Bishop jeopardizes an important day; Leslie's past actions come back to haunt her.
When the Whistle Blows
Episode 7: When the Whistle Blows (Nov 26, 2014)
The Doyles work with Jimmy and Wolf to protect a witness; Jake and Saul face off again; Rose discovers something about Sloan's past; Jake gets shocking news.
Body of Evidence
Episode 8: Body of Evidence (Dec 03, 2014)
The Doyle's try to keep their stories straight during a police interrogation; Leslie and Jake keep secrets; Des and Tinny disagree on their relationship.
Judgement Day
Episode 9: Judgement Day (Dec 10, 2014)
Jake's murder charge takes center stage; Leslie's job is on the line; Des is in the wrong place at the wrong time; Tinny is torn between her family and her job; the Doyle's have just 48 hours to solve a case.
Last Call
Episode 10: Last Call (Dec 10, 2014)
Jake and Leslie fight for their lives; the Doyle's get help from an unexpected ally, but they must find evidence to clear Jake of murder.

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