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Man with a Plan (2016)

A dad finds out that parenting is harder than he thought after his wife goes back to work and he's left at home to take care of the kids.

Release Date: Mon, Oct 24, 2016

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 22

Season 4:

The V-Word
Episode 1: The V-Word (Apr 02, 2020)
When Andi's doctor advises her to stop taking birth control pills, Adam and Andi disagree on an alternate option.
Adam's Big Little Lie
Episode 2: Adam's Big Little Lie (Apr 09, 2020)
Adam promises not to lie to Andi again but finds himself in a tough spot when he has to cover for Joe.
The Ex Files
Episode 3: The Ex Files (Apr 09, 2020)
Adam and Don become super protective of Lowell when they think he might get back together with his cheating ex-wife. Also, Joe experiences an unexpected side effect from his new pacemaker that Bev is less than thrilled with.
Going All the Way
Episode 4: Going All the Way (Apr 16, 2020)
Adam and Andi offer Teddy dating advice but wind up making things super awkward for him instead.
Winner Winner Chicken Salad
Episode 5: Winner Winner Chicken Salad (Apr 23, 2020)
Adam encourages Don to give himself food poisoning to get out of babysitting his destructive grandson; Adam and Andi argue over who has to take Kate and her teenage friends dress shopping.
Couples Therapy
Episode 6: Couples Therapy (Apr 30, 2020)
When Adam buys a boat without asking Andi, they wind up in couple's therapy to settle the disagreement.
Dude, Where's My Boat?
Episode 7: Dude, Where's My Boat? (Apr 30, 2020)
Adam discovers someone is sneaking his boat out at night, and he assumes the culprits are Don and Joe. Also, after Andi makes Kate get a job at the mall, Kate decides she no longer wants to go to college.
Adam's Not Sorry
Episode 8: Adam's Not Sorry (May 07, 2020)
When Adam and Don disagree about a new house to flip for their construction business, their bickering reveals bigger issues in their relationship.
Stuck in the Middle with You
Episode 9: Stuck in the Middle with You (May 14, 2020)
Adam's mother-in-law, Alice, makes an unexpected visit and reveals some shocking news.
Full Metal Teddy
Episode 10: Full Metal Teddy (May 21, 2020)
When Adam and Andi resort to their usual punishment in response to Teddy’s bad grades, his unexpected reaction catches them off guard.
Adam and Andi See Other People
Episode 11: Adam and Andi See Other People (May 28, 2020)
Adam and Andi attempt to spice up their social life by making new friends.
Driving Miss Katie
Episode 12: Driving Miss Katie (Jun 04, 2020)
Adam has trouble helping Katie prepare for her driving test. Also, Don turns to Lowell for help romancing Marcy.
Happy Ann-RV-sary
Episode 13: Happy Ann-RV-sary (Jun 11, 2020)
Adam tries to give Andi the perfect 20th wedding anniversary gift by recreating their honeymoon. Series finale.

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