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Ultraseven (1967)

In the not-too-distant future, the Earth finds itself constantly under attack from extraterrestrial threats. The Terrestrial Defense Force establishes the Ultra Garrison, a team of six elite members who utilize high-tech vehicles and weaponry. Joining their fight is the mysterious Dan Moroboshi, secretly an alien from the Land of Light in Nebula M-78, who transforms into his true form in times of crisis, Ultraseven.

Release Date: Sun, Oct 01, 1967

Country: JP
Language: Ja
Runtime: 25

Season 1:

The Invisible Challenger
Episode 1: The Invisible Challenger (Oct 01, 1967)
Aliens from the planet Kuuru have kidnapped a number of humans for experimental purposes leading to an impending invasion of the planet Earth. The Terrestial Defense Force is sent to investigate and meets a mysterious wanderer named Dan Moroboshi who helps destroy the invading alien forces. No one knows his true identity, but Moroboshi transforms into Ultraseven, a silver and red dressed superhero from another galaxy committed to protecting the Earth from monsters and alien threats.
The Green Terror
Episode 2: The Green Terror (Oct 08, 1967)
A strange metallic rock lands outside the home of Agent Ishuguro, one of the Ultra Garrison members.
The Secret of the Lake
Episode 3: The Secret of the Lake (Oct 15, 1967)
An unidentified object has landed somewhere near the Kiso Mountains. Dan and Furuhashi are sent to find any wreckage, or signs of life. They find a young girl swimming in Lake Azuma as well as a spaceship nearby.
Respond, Max
Episode 4: Respond, Max (Oct 22, 1967)
Three members of the Ultra Garrison are sent to a secret meeting with Commander Takenaka aboard the Max, one of the elite vessels in the Ultra Guard. This secret mission is to learn of the origin of several oceanic disappearances.
The Erased Time
Episode 5: The Erased Time (Oct 29, 1967)
A supersonic jet leaves the Ultra Guard Science Center in Antarctica with renowned scientist, Dr. Yushima. aboard. Heading for Japan to the Ultra Garrison command center, the jet inexplicably freezes in the air; momentarily caught in some bizarre beam.
Dark Zone
Episode 6: Dark Zone (Nov 05, 1967)
Upon returning from investigating a mysterious light source, Dan is called to agent Anne Yuri's quarters after a strange shadow like figure appears there.
Alien Prisoner 303
Episode 7: Alien Prisoner 303 (Nov 12, 1967)
Aboard Space Station V3, agent Mizuno receives multiple transmissions from an alien source, but has been unable to decipher them. Meanwhile, two hunters find a small, single passenger alien spacecraft in the woods and are attacked by the fish-eyed, gas drinking alien traveling inside.
The Targeted Town
Episode 8: The Targeted Town (Nov 19, 1967)
In the town of Kitagawa, a string of perplexingly fatal accidents have claimed the lives of hundreds of people.
Android Zero Directive
Episode 9: Android Zero Directive (Nov 26, 1967)
Furuhashi and Moroboshi are on patrol one evening. They stop for a woman who asks to speak with Dan. Furuhashi pretends to be Dan and the mysterious woman ends up severely shocking Furuhashi.
The Suspicious Neighbor
Episode 10: The Suspicious Neighbor (Dec 03, 1967)
Akira, a young boy with a broken leg, spies peculiar goings on at his neighbors house. He tries to tell his mother, but she doesn't believe him. With recurring strange phenomena, the Ultra Guard get involved.
Fly to the Mountain of Evil
Episode 11: Fly to the Mountain of Evil (Dec 10, 1967)
The Ultra Guard seek answers into the deaths of over two dozen people at Mt. Iwami. While there, Dan is apparently killed by an assassin using an unusual rifle.
From a Planet With Love
Episode 12: From a Planet With Love (Dec 17, 1967)
A number of young ladies have fallen ill and all seem to be wearing peculiar looking metallic watches.
The Man Who Came From V3
Episode 13: The Man Who Came From V3 (Dec 24, 1967)
Captain Kurata, aboard the V3 space station, reports that they are under attack from an enemy ship. Kurata manages to escape during the skirmish, although the chase leads Alien Iyros to Earth.
The Ultra Garrison Goes West, Part 1
Episode 14: The Ultra Garrison Goes West, Part 1 (Dec 31, 1967)
An Anglo assassin has been snuffing out various foreigners in Japan. It's learned that all the victims were secretly part of the Washington Terrestial Defense Force Scientific Team.
The Ultra Garrison Goes West, Part 2
Episode 15: The Ultra Garrison Goes West, Part 2 (Jan 07, 1968)
After the Pedan's robot monster King Joe retreats, Captain Kiriyama plans to ready the Ultra Guard forces for their next attack.
The Eye That Shines in the Darkness
Episode 16: The Eye That Shines in the Darkness (Jan 14, 1968)
After going missing for three months while en route to study the planet Annon, Cherry Blossom 9 suddenly reappears and initiates contact with the Terrestrial Defense Force. Landing near Mt. Hades, Moroboshi, Anne and Amagi are sent to investigate.
Underground Go! Go! Go!
Episode 17: Underground Go! Go! Go! (Jan 21, 1968)
A cave-in traps Jiro, a miner, 3,000 feet below the Earth's surface. The Ultra Guard is asked to help in learning of the cause of the disruption inside the cave.
Escape Space X
Episode 18: Escape Space X (Jan 28, 1968)
On a skydiving exercise, Amagi and Soga disappear, landing in a fog enshrouded forest in what seems like some alternate dimension.
Project Blue
Episode 19: Project Blue (Feb 04, 1968)
Dr. Miyabe is working on Project Blue, a plan to develop a defense barrier around the Earth to protect from alien threats.
Destroy Earthquake Epicenter X
Episode 20: Destroy Earthquake Epicenter X (Feb 11, 1968)
The Ultra Guard have reports of earthquakes in the area, but there's something strange about them. Meanwhile, two female racers on their way to a rally find an unusual rock just as another tremor shakes the ground near Aosawa Mountains.
Pursue the Sea Bottom Base
Episode 21: Pursue the Sea Bottom Base (Feb 18, 1968)
A cargo ship has gone missing at sea and the Ultra Guard are sent to investigate this newest disappearance.
The Human Farm
Episode 22: The Human Farm (Feb 25, 1968)
During a birthday party for a young woman named Ruriko, a alien known as Braco walks out of the ocean, kills her dog and makes off with the girl. Anne, who is attending the party, alerts her comrades.
Search for Tomorrow
Episode 23: Search for Tomorrow (Mar 03, 1968)
Captain Kiriyama and Furuhashi find a terrified old man named Yasui being chased by a mysterious driver of a chain-draped dump truck. Later revealed to be a fortune teller, Yasui divulges some information about an impending warehouse explosion where all the Ultra Guard weapons are kept.
Return to the North!
Episode 24: Return to the North! (Mar 10, 1968)
An Ultra Squad patrol craft mysteriously crashes into a commercial plane in mid-air.
Showdown at 140 Degrees Below Zero
Episode 25: Showdown at 140 Degrees Below Zero (Mar 17, 1968)
A monumentally deadly snowstorm engulfs the Earth. The Ultra Garrison headquarters is frozen after a mysterious monster drills underground and breaches the walls of the base.
Super Weapon R-1
Episode 26: Super Weapon R-1 (Mar 24, 1968)
Two Ultra Guard scientists, Doctors Segawa and Maeno create a new devastating weapon -- the anti-planet device they christen the R-1.

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