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Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats (1984)

Heathcliff is a French-Canadian-American animated television series. It was the second series based on the Heathcliff comic strip and was produced by DIC Entertainment. It ran in syndication until 1988 with a total of 86 episodes. Mel Blanc, who provided the voice of Heathcliff in the 1980 series, reprised his role as the titular cat.

  • Bruno Bianchi
  • Jean Chalopin
  • George Gately
Release Date: Wed, Sep 05, 1984

Country: US | JP | FR | CA
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Mel Blanc
Heathcliff (voice)
Jeannie Elias
Jeannie Elias
Danny Mann
Hector, Fish Market Proprietor
Marilyn Lightstone
Sonja, Grandma

Season 2:

The Whitecliffs of Dover / Life Saver
Episode 1: The Whitecliffs of Dover / Life Saver (Sep 09, 1985)
There's a new arrival in the neighborhood. A highbrow English couple, and their equally-arched cat - Reginald. / After Riff Raff saves Mungo from a bad fall, Mungo becomes Riff Raff's servant in gratitude and slowly drives Riff Raff crazy.
Nightmare in Beverly Hills / The Cat in the Iron Mask
Episode 2: Nightmare in Beverly Hills / The Cat in the Iron Mask (Sep 10, 1985)
While browsing through a magazine, Heathcliff dreams of what it would be like to be a rich Beverly Hills cat. He soon finds out, slipping off into dreamland. But once in Beverly Hills, Heathcliff finds out it's not the land of milk and honey he imagined. Lacking status, clothes and manners, he is soon pursued by an angry mob who feels he doesn't fit in. Heathcliff awakens to find he's safe in the Nutmeg household, which beats Beverly Hills any day. / Mungo's giant creation of a metal moving cat is ridiculed by the gang. Mungo overhears Mangle's plans to destroy the junkyard then buy it cheap. The Cats make hasty plans to defend their home, but Mangle's forces are overwhelming. It looks like all is lost until Mungo brings his Super-Cat on the scene to drive them away.
The Shrink / Brushing Up
Episode 3: The Shrink / Brushing Up (Sep 11, 1985)
The Nutmegs take Heathcliff to a "Shrink" -- the famous Dr. Hans Headfixer. After a few sessions, Heathcliff's a new, docile housecat. The Nutmegs aren't exactly happy with the 'new' Heathcliff when a burglar comes calling and Heathcliff actually helps the intruder out. / Mungo looks into the garbage can in Screwloose's painting and literally falls into the painting. Not realizing this, Hector adds a lid to the can trapping Mungo inside....
Dr. Heathcliff and Mr. Spike / Time Warped
Episode 4: Dr. Heathcliff and Mr. Spike / Time Warped (Sep 12, 1985)
Grandpa accidentally feeds Heathcliff some Super doggy Vitamins. Gradually, Heathcliff undergoes a startling transformation which includes barking at trucks and passing up fish in favor of bones. Worst of all, he finds himself feeling friendly toward Spike. Heathcliff eventually sets things straight by taking a massive dose of cat vitamins, with Iggy's help. / The cats put a new engine into the Catillac not realizing it is a time machine engine of Professor Craziloon. Before they know it they're back in the old West. After a few close calls with some rough and tough characters and a wild stagecoach chase in pursuit of their stolen caddy, they get the car back in the nick of time to be transported back to the future.
Spike's New Home / Mungo's Big Romance
Episode 5: Spike's New Home / Mungo's Big Romance (Sep 13, 1985)
Mugsy is tired of Spike losing to Heathcliff and tosses the dog into the streets. Iggy takes pity and offers to take Spike in, to Heathcliff's horror. / Mungo sees the feline of his dreams, Lulu, (who looks just like him), but doesn't know how to ask her out.

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