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Rating: 6.2/10 by 42 users
Release Date: Mon, Sep 17, 1984

Country: CA | FR | JP | US
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Mel Blanc
Heathcliff (voice)
Donna Christie
Cleo / Iggy (voice)
Peter Cullen
Pop / Max (voice)
Jeannie Elias
Jeannie Elias (voice)
Danny Mann
Hector (voice)

Season 2:

The Whitecliffs of Dover
Episode 1: The Whitecliffs of Dover (Sep 09, 1985)
There's a new arrival in the neighborhood. A highbrow English couple, and their equally-arched cat - Reginald.
Life Saver
Episode 2: Life Saver (Sep 09, 1985)
After Riff Raff saves Mungo from a bad fall, Mungo becomes Riff Raff's servant in gratitude and slowly drives Riff Raff crazy.
Nightmare in Beverly Hills
Episode 3: Nightmare in Beverly Hills (Sep 10, 1985)
While browsing through a magazine, Heathcliff dreams of what it would be like to be a rich Beverly Hills cat. He soon finds out, slipping off into dreamland. But once in Beverly Hills, Heathcliff finds out it's not the land of milk and honey he imagined. Lacking status, clothes and manners, he is soon pursued by an angry mob who feels he doesn't fit in. Heathcliff awakens to find he's safe in the Nutmeg household, which beats Beverly Hills any day.
The Cat in the Iron Mask
Episode 4: The Cat in the Iron Mask (Sep 10, 1985)
Mungo's giant creation of a metal moving cat is ridiculed by the gang. Mungo overhears Mangle's plans to destroy the junkyard then buy it cheap. The Cats make hasty plans to defend their home, but Mangle's forces are overwhelming. It looks like all is lost until Mungo brings his Super-Cat on the scene to drive them away.
The Shrink
Episode 5: The Shrink (Sep 11, 1985)
The Nutmegs take Heathcliff to a "Shrink" -- the famous Dr. Hans Headfixer. After a few sessions, Heathcliff's a new, docile housecat. The Nutmegs aren't exactly happy with the 'new' Heathcliff when a burglar comes calling and Heathcliff actually helps the intruder out.
Brushing Up
Episode 6: Brushing Up (Sep 11, 1985)
Mungo looks into the garbage can in Screwloose's painting and literally falls into the painting. Not realizing this, Hector adds a lid to the can trapping Mungo inside....
Dr. Heathcliff and Mr. Spike
Episode 7: Dr. Heathcliff and Mr. Spike (Sep 12, 1985)
Grandpa accidentally feeds Heathcliff some Super doggy Vitamins. Gradually, Heathcliff undergoes a startling transformation which includes barking at trucks and passing up fish in favor of bones. Worst of all, he finds himself feeling friendly toward Spike. Heathcliff eventually sets things straight by taking a massive dose of cat vitamins, with Iggy's help.
Time Warped
Episode 8: Time Warped (Sep 12, 1985)
The cats put a new engine into the Catillac not realizing it is a time machine engine of Professor Craziloon. Before they know it they're back in the old West. After a few close calls with some rough and tough characters and a wild stagecoach chase in pursuit of their stolen caddy, they get the car back in the nick of time to be transported back to the future.
Spike's New Home
Episode 9: Spike's New Home (Sep 13, 1985)
Mugsy is tired of Spike losing to Heathcliff and tosses the dog into the streets. Iggy takes pity and offers to take Spike in, to Heathcliff's horror.
Mungo's Big Romance
Episode 10: Mungo's Big Romance (Sep 13, 1985)
Mungo sees the feline of his dreams, Lulu, (who looks just like him), but doesn't know how to ask her out.
The Cat and the Pauper
Episode 11: The Cat and the Pauper (Sep 16, 1985)
Heathcliff switches places with a rich cat, a look-alike named Beatcliff. They both adjust to their new lives, until Heathcliff meets Beatcliff's fiancé Agnes, and he skips out on their wedding.
Mungo of the Jungle
Episode 12: Mungo of the Jungle (Sep 16, 1985)
Mungo finds out he is worshiped as a king on an island paradise. The rest of the gang go after him to rescue him from his life of idle riches.
In the Beginning
Episode 13: In the Beginning (Sep 17, 1985)
Heathcliff remembers the story of how they first got together. Heathcliff's story of how it happened varies from Sonja's story.
Catlympic Cats
Episode 14: Catlympic Cats (Sep 17, 1985)
Mungo trains and competes in the Catlympics. Riff Raff makes a side bet with a competitor named Louie that Mungo will win every event or if he loses just one, that he'll take over the junkyard.
Rear Cat Window
Episode 15: Rear Cat Window (Sep 18, 1985)
Heathcliff thinks he witnesses Spike get dog-napped while he is laid up with a broken leg. He sends the Alley Cats on a detecting misadventure.
Cat Days, Ninja Nights
Episode 16: Cat Days, Ninja Nights (Sep 18, 1985)
Looking for some fish to eat, The Catillac Cats stop at a sushi bar. They are assaulted by a ninja cat. Riff-Raff challenges him to a fight on their turf - the junkyard!
Something Fishy
Episode 17: Something Fishy (Sep 19, 1985)
Because of his habit of stealing fishes, Heathcliff is put to a therapy where in order to break his habit.
Christmas Memories
Episode 18: Christmas Memories (Sep 19, 1985)
The Catillac Cats throw a birthday party for Leroy and they reminisce about how they all first met.
Heathcliff's Mom
Episode 19: Heathcliff's Mom (Sep 20, 1985)
Heathcliff's thrilled to learn that his Mom is coming to visit, but terrified that she'll discover he's fibbed about living with a wealthy family. He concocts a plan to fool his Mom, but learns the hard way that one should always tell the truth.
Hockey Pucks
Episode 20: Hockey Pucks (Sep 20, 1985)
It's winter, and the Catillac Cats are going to play a little hockey! Their opponents: The Catastrophe Cats, a rather large team of tough cats.
Cat Day Afternoon
Episode 21: Cat Day Afternoon (Sep 23, 1985)
Heathcliff spreads false news around the neighborhood after hearing the city plans on trimming the trees.
Hector Protector
Episode 22: Hector Protector (Sep 23, 1985)
Monty Manx hires Hector to be his bodyguard after the rest of the gang mug him, but the cats scam him out of advances on Hector's pay.
Feline Good
Episode 23: Feline Good (Sep 24, 1985)
Out-of-weight, out-of-shape Heathcliff is coerced into a crash course at the local cat health emporium.
Off Road Racer
Episode 24: Off Road Racer (Sep 24, 1985)
Cleo is "Miss Off Road" and will present the trophy and kiss the winner of the Big Race.
Spike's Coach
Episode 25: Spike's Coach (Sep 25, 1985)
Spike meets Albert, who promises to help Spike get Heathcliff back for all the bad things he's done to Spike. Unfortunately everything Albert plans winds up backfiring on Spike!
The Trojan Cadillac
Episode 26: The Trojan Cadillac (Sep 25, 1985)
The Catillac Cats find themselves starving, but they see an ad for Nevada Worthless's car lot, who is offering a free smorgasboard for anyone who trades in their car for a new one.
Heathcliff Gets Framed
Episode 27: Heathcliff Gets Framed (Sep 26, 1985)
After getting beat up, Jake, the new cat in the neighborhood, learns that Heathcliff is the boss. But Jake gets a cat costume and impersonates Heathcliff to make him look bad!
Repo Cat
Episode 28: Repo Cat (Sep 26, 1985)
The original owner of the Cadillac returns and takes it under Hector, Mungo, and Wordsworth's noses. When Riff Raff returns after a date with Cleo, he is furious and tells the others they wont eat, or sleep, or have a moment's peace until they get the Cadillac back.
Missing in Action
Episode 29: Missing in Action (Sep 27, 1985)
While robbing the fish store, Heathcliff hits his head and gets amnesia. The old neighborhood gang take advantage of him, as well as Spike.
Bag Cat Sings the Blues
Episode 30: Bag Cat Sings the Blues (Sep 27, 1985)
The Catillac Cats meet with an old friend, Elise, who tells them the story of her woe and unrequited love for Top Hat Cat.
It's a Terrible Life
Episode 31: It's a Terrible Life (Sep 30, 1985)
Heathcliff, caught doing malicious mischief, packs up to join the French Cat Legion.
Leroy Gets Canned
Episode 32: Leroy Gets Canned (Sep 30, 1985)
The Catillac Cats get Leroy fired, then realize that he was better than the new guard dog they got to replace him.
Hair of the Cat
Episode 33: Hair of the Cat (Oct 01, 1985)
Iggy is trying to perfect a plant growth formula when Heathcliff stumbles (literally) into his experiment. The result leaves Heathcliff with fur that won't stop growing, until Iggy comes up with an antidote.
Tenting Tonight
Episode 34: Tenting Tonight (Oct 01, 1985)
The cats go camping in the Caddy after they are evicted from the junkyard by Leroy. They're tormented by a bunch of wild raccoons. Meanwhile, Leroy's having some new cats move into the junkyard.
The Fortune Teller
Episode 35: The Fortune Teller (Oct 02, 1985)
A pair of con artist cats decide to burglarize the Nutmeg home, but they have to get Heathcliff out of the way first.
Cottontails, Chickens & Colored Eggs
Episode 36: Cottontails, Chickens & Colored Eggs (Oct 02, 1985)
The Easter Bunny tells the Cats how eggs became colored for Easter.
Break an Egg
Episode 37: Break an Egg (Oct 03, 1985)
Grandma Nutmeg regales Iggy with a tale about how Heathcliff wound up in the possession of a rare golden egg, and the whole neighborhood (including the crooks who stole it in the first place) wound up looking for it.
A Letter to Granny
Episode 38: A Letter to Granny (Oct 03, 1985)
Mungo writes a letter to his grandma, telling the story of a turf war between Riff Raff and Hector.
The New York City Sewer System
Episode 39: The New York City Sewer System (Oct 04, 1985)
The Nutmeg travel to New York for a vacation. Grandpa spins a yarn about how it's rumored there are alligators living in the sewer system and whoever could capture one would be a hero. While visiting a museum, Grandpa leaves Heathcliff with the hatcheck girl...but not for long. Heathcliff soon escapes and before long he's down in the sewers beneath the Big Apple, searching for an alligator. When he actually runs into one the episode turns into a wild chase in the sewers as cat and reptile clash in a titanic battle.
High Goon
Episode 40: High Goon (Oct 04, 1985)
Riff Raff and Cleo share differing views on how they first met... and her date Goon is coming back to town to give Riff Raff a "message".
North Pole Cat
Episode 41: North Pole Cat (Oct 07, 1985)
Heathcliff and Spike travel to the North Pole to deliver returned letters back to Santa Clause. It turns out an elf sent them back as a joke.
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
Episode 42: He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother (Oct 07, 1985)
Mungo's brother is sent to live in the junkyard with him. He soon starts getting into mischief, and gets involved with a rival cat gang.

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