Rob Paulsen
Saber Rider / Jesse Blue (voice)
Pat Fraley
Fireball (voice)
Pat Musick
April Eagle (voice)
Peter Cullen
Commander Eagle / Nemesis / Ramrod (voice)
B.J. Ward
Emily Wyeth / Sincia (voice)
Cam Clarke
Philip (voice)
Lennie Weinrib
Colonel Wyatt (voice)
Neil Ross
Buck / Grimmer (voice)
Tress MacNeille
Robin (voice)
Michael Bell
Snake Eyes (voice)

Season 1:

Star Sheriff Round Up
Episode 1: Star Sheriff Round Up (Sep 14, 1987)
Saber Rider recalls how he, April, Colt and Fireball met and became the dynamic frontier fighting team: Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs. Saber Rider arrives on Planet Yuma for his assignment to the special project, Ramrod, which is being led by April. He discovers that the Outrider, Vanquo, is plotting to undermine Ramrod, and, with the help of Fireball and Colt, who are on Yuma pursuing their own interests, Saber Rider defeats the Outriders and their gigantic battle machine, Renegade. With April's encouragement, the group decides to stay together to help tame the new frontier.
Cavalry Command
Episode 2: Cavalry Command (Sep 15, 1987)
When the Star Sheriffs arrive to investigate a destroyed Cavalry Command base, they are attacked by Outriders. One of the Star Sheriffs must go on a maverick mission to defeat them. Using a trick coin, Colt wins the toss against Saber Rider and flies off to battle the enemy, who trap him in a canyon. But, help comes from an unlikely source: a little iguana that Colt has befriended. With the iguana's help, Colt escapes and joins the other Star Sheriffs in defeating the Outriders.
Jesse’s Revenge
Episode 3: Jesse’s Revenge (Sep 16, 1987)
Jesse Blue hits on April, but she rebuffs him and General Whitehawk intervenes.
Iguana Get to Know You
Episode 4: Iguana Get to Know You (Sep 17, 1987)
Colt takes an iguana as a pet when the Outriders attack a Dallas settlement.
Little Hombre
Episode 5: Little Hombre (Sep 18, 1987)
A renegade unit forms and plans an attack against the Star Sheriffs.
The Greatest Show on the New Frontier
Episode 6: The Greatest Show on the New Frontier (Sep 21, 1987)
A circus comes to town.
Little Pardner
Episode 7: Little Pardner (Sep 22, 1987)
The team are ambushed during a distress call on Planet Dakota.
Brawlin' Is My Callin'
Episode 8: Brawlin' Is My Callin' (Sep 23, 1987)
A business tycoon is investigated for working with the Outriders and Saber, Colt and Fireball go undercover.
Jesse Blue
Episode 15: Jesse Blue (Oct 02, 1987)
Snake Eyes
Episode 21: Snake Eyes (Oct 12, 1987)
Episode 26: Dooley (Oct 19, 1987)
Episode 29: Snowblind (Oct 26, 1987)
Episode 30: Tranquility (Oct 27, 1987)
Episode 32: Snowcone (Nov 02, 1987)
Episode 34: Stampede (Nov 04, 1987)
April Rides
Episode 38: April Rides (Nov 16, 1987)
I Forgot!
Episode 42: I Forgot! (Aug 19, 1988)
An explosive is planted at a peace summit and Outrider agents turn on someone who is helping them.
Lend Me Your Ears
Episode 43: Lend Me Your Ears (Aug 22, 1988)
A Rainbow Planet is invaded as Outriders plant devices in the ears of its citizens.
Born to Run
Episode 44: Born to Run (Aug 23, 1988)
Fireball meets a female pilot who helps the team approach the Outrider's ship.
Legend of the Lost World
Episode 45: Legend of the Lost World (Aug 24, 1988)
Common traits surface between the humans and Outriders as Cavalry Command plans a rescue mission for Commander Eagle.
The Rescue
Episode 46: The Rescue (Aug 25, 1988)
The rescue mission begins.
Eagle Has Landed
Episode 47: Eagle Has Landed (Aug 26, 1988)
Commander Eagle returns and shares what he learned in captivity. Later: Jesse Blue arrives on planet Yuma as an ambassador of Nemesis.
Cease Fire
Episode 48: Cease Fire (Aug 29, 1988)
The peace treaty is signed.
Alamo Moon
Episode 49: Alamo Moon (Aug 30, 1988)
Suspensions are levied on Saber Rider; April; Colt; and Fireball.
Happy Trails
Episode 52: Happy Trails (Sep 02, 1988)
The team try to end the war by attacking computers in the Outriders' orbital station, but Jesse Blue throws a wrench into their plan.

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