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Release Date: Tue, Sep 07, 2004

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 24

Lindsey Shaw
Jennifer Ann 'Moze' Mosely
Christian Serratos
Susan Crabgrass
Austin Butler
Zippy Brewster
Hamilton Mitchell
Vice Principal Crubbs
Daniel Curtis Lee
Simon "Cookie" Nelson-Cook

Season 3:

Guide to: New Grade & Dodgeball
Episode 1: Guide to: New Grade & Dodgeball (Sep 24, 2006)
New Grade: Ned accidentally becomes the new class bully, while Moze deals with a not-so-friendly new English Teacher. Cookie tries to get to know the new no-braces, non-sniffling Lisa Zemo.

Dodgeball: Ned must battle the dark side, Loomer and his ‘secret weapon’ in a dodgeball game, and he must do it without Moze, the best player in school!

Guide to: Reading & Principals
Episode 2: Guide to: Reading & Principals (Oct 01, 2006)
Reading: Ned tries ways to avoid his reading assignments, and Moze starts a girls-only book club that Cookie desperately wants to be in it. Principals: Principal Pal is retiring. It’s up to Ned, Moze and Cookie to find a new replacement, or VP Crubbs will get the job.
Guide to: Popularity & Stressin' Out
Episode 3: Guide to: Popularity & Stressin' Out (Oct 15, 2006)
Halloween: Ned and the gang create a Haunted House for halloween and scare Principal pal to death while he is still in charge of the school. They must figure out a way to hide his death from the other students, or else. Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, and Zombies: The gang have become their costumes. Ned needs to avoid summer school by turning into a bat, Moze needs to find another Ghost friend, and Cookie needs to avoid FrankenLumor.
Guide to: Halloween & Vampires, Ghosts, Werewolves and Zombies
Episode 5: Guide to: Halloween & Vampires, Ghosts, Werewolves and Zombies (Oct 29, 2006)
Art Class: Art class is in debt, and so the course is going to be canceled. To save it, they have an art show to raise money. Ned makes a Orange Naked Lady painting by mistake. Cookie hires a bunch of 6th Graders to make pots for him for Christmas presents. Moze takes pictures of people without them knowing an exposes many disturbing facts. Lost & Found: Ned discovers a pair of shoes in the lost and found box, and attempts to make sure no one claims them before the end of the day, so they will become his. Moze tries to stop him, and so he needs to figure out a way to make her quit. Cookie loses an MP3 player with a very embarrassing file on it, and needs to get it back before the entire school hears it.
Guide to: Social Studies & Embarrassment
Episode 6: Guide to: Social Studies & Embarrassment (Nov 12, 2006)
Social Studies: Ned and friends social studies teacher assigns a group project. The two winners get to on to the Capital for an entire weekend. Cookie wants to work with Lisa, but is assigned with his arch rival, Evelyn. Ned and Moze work together, but Ned is so busy with Susie that he blows off Moze, who in turn becomes jealous. Meanwhile, Mr. Wright needs to get enough courage to get Principal Pal out of the Principal's office, for Pal is supposed to be retiring. But he does not leave. Embarrassment: Ned farts in class and is completely embarrassed. He needs to keep from being embarrassed for the rest of the day so Susie wont think he is gross. Moze hurts herself playing volleyball, and is trying to impress a new kid. But she keeps embarrassing herself. Loomer calls a "Pants Cookie" tournament, and now half of the eighth grade is out to pants Cookie.
Guide to: The Bus & Bad Hair Days
Episode 7: Guide to: The Bus & Bad Hair Days (Nov 26, 2006)
The Bus: Ned needs to get to school as quickly as possible to get a love note he left for Suzie that could ruin their relationship. Moze tries to get the new kid to sit with her, but Martin is making it difficult for her. Meanwhile, Cookie misses the bus and needs to find a way to get to school or his perfect no tardy record will be no more.Bad Hair Days: Ned needs to sneak over to the high school to get a free haircut so he will have enough money to take Suzie out on a date. Moze tries many different hair styles to try and get the new kid to like her. Finally, Cookie attempts to get Lisa to notice his very, very tiny mustache.
Guide to: Dismissal & The School Play
Episode 8: Guide to: Dismissal & The School Play (Oct 22, 2006)
Dismissal: Suzie moves into Ned's locker, Moze has to go to the bathroom and Cookie accidentally kisses Evelyn.School Plays: Ned tries to stop Suzie from kissing another boy, Moze tries to stop Ned from ruining the play and Cookie tries anything to get on stage.
Guide to: Revenge & School Records
Episode 9: Guide to: Revenge & School Records (Jan 15, 2007)
Revenge: When Ned gets revenge on Loomer, Martin notices and gives him names like "The Revenger." All the kids start to ask him to get revenge for them. A girl named Stacey wants revenge on Moze and the Wolf volleyball team. School Records: Ned wants to beat the hallway speed record, he runs into Crubbs. Crubbs marks Ned's permanent record. Cookie loses his perfect attendance award. Moze tries to beat the school record for the most school records in sport.
Guide to: Volunteering & The Library
Episode 10: Guide to: Volunteering & The Library (Jan 27, 2007)
Hallway: Ned becomes Hall Monitor, Moze tries to spend time with Faymen and Cookie creates a Hallway Traffic Report. Friends Moving: Ned and Moze find out Faymen is moving away and help him stay and Cookie lies to everyone that he's moving away.
Guide to: Hallways & Friends Moving
Episode 11: Guide to: Hallways & Friends Moving (Feb 03, 2007)
Boys: Ned goes through a phase when Suzie moves away. The guys try and get him back to normal, so he can continue his guide. Meanwhile, Moze starts a class to help girls with understanding guys. Girls: Ned has a hard time writing more tips when he realizes he has no tips about girls. So he asks Moze to take over for some tips. Cookie dresses up as a girl to find out what Liza Zemo likes in a guy.
Guide to: Boys & Girls
Episode 12: Guide to: Boys & Girls (Feb 10, 2007)
Cellphones: Suzie and Ned try to keep their long-distance relationship, by talking in between classes. Moze gets a new phone she has no clue how to use. Cookie wears a jacket covered in 33 cellphones in attempt to win a Mustang Convertible from a local radio station.Woodshop: Ned and Cookie blow up the art room, and have to switch to woodshop. Moze is entering a woodshop competition. Ned keeps overhearing Moze and thinks she is talking about her feelings for him. Cookie is on the run from a killer saw named "Christine".
Guide to: Cell Phones & Woodshop
Episode 13: Guide to: Cell Phones & Woodshop (Feb 17, 2007)
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Guide to: Getting Organized & Extra Credit
Episode 14: Guide to: Getting Organized & Extra Credit (Feb 24, 2007)
Getting Organized: Ned's locker is a mess, and his brain is too! With the help of Mr. Sweeney, he needs to get organized. Moze and Cookie's favorite snack has been replaced by Powdered Mini Donuts in the vending machine, and they need to work together to get their favorite snack back.Extra Credit: Ned needs to get at least a B- or his mom will get really mad at him. Unfortunately, his average is a C+ in all classes. When asking his teachers how to bump his grade up, they all say the same thing: Extra Credit. Now he needs to complete four Extra Credit Assignments in just a few days. Meanwhile,Moze wants her mark bumped up to an A+, so she designs a very large Volcano and Cookie gets a Credit card that is to be used for emergencies, but he uses it for general purposes.
Guide to: Fundraising and Competition
Episode 15: Guide to: Fundraising and Competition (Mar 10, 2007)
Guide to:Making New Friends & Positives & Negatives
Episode 16: Guide to:Making New Friends & Positives & Negatives (Mar 24, 2007)
MAKING NEW FRIENDS; Ned tries to be friends with Faymen, Moze wants a friend to go shopping with and Cookie befriends the Weasel. POSITIVES & NEGATIVES; Ned tries to cheer up the most negative kid in school, Moze finds out Faymen's kisses lack spark and Cookie tries to zap Loomer with static electricity
Guide to: Money & Parties
Episode 17: Guide to: Money & Parties (Apr 07, 2007)
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Guide to: Spring Fever & School Newspaper
Episode 18: Guide to: Spring Fever & School Newspaper (May 05, 2007)
Guide to: Spring Fever and School Newspaper is an episode of the Nickelodeon television series Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.
Guide to: Health & Jealousy
Episode 19: Guide to: Health & Jealousy (May 12, 2007)
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