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Something Wilder (1994)

Something Wilder is an American sitcom starring Gene Wilder that ran on NBC from October 1, 1994 until June 13, 1995. The series was created by Lee Kalcheim and Barnet Kellman.

Release Date: Sat, Oct 01, 1994

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Season 1:

Hell No, They Won't Go
Episode 1: Hell No, They Won't Go (Oct 01, 1994)
Gene and Annie, a late-in-life father and mother, raise fraternal twins in their rural Massachusetts hometown. In the opener, the couple are more anxious about the first day of preschool than their kids are.
All in the Game
Episode 2: All in the Game (Oct 08, 1994)
Volunteer assistant soccer coach Gene injures his back, but won't back out for fear of disappointing the twins.
No Kids Allowed
Episode 3: No Kids Allowed (Oct 15, 1994)
The Bergmans seek new friends after Jack bars their kids from a party.
Buster Beefy
Episode 4: Buster Beefy (Oct 22, 1994)
Love, Native American Style
Episode 5: Love, Native American Style (Dec 06, 1994)
Annie gets concerned when Gene and the boys go on a group wilderness trip with a chaperone who's a known homewrecker.
Gotta Dance
Episode 6: Gotta Dance (Dec 13, 1994)
Gene and Annie enter a dance contest to win the twins a coveted toy.
Holy Water
Episode 7: Holy Water (Dec 20, 1994)
Gene's attempt to impress the boys with his handyman skills results in a flooded bathroom.
The Ex Files
Episode 8: The Ex Files (Jan 03, 1995)
Gene can't divorce himself from a touchy situation when his ex-wife visits and shares a few details from his past with Annie.
For the Boys
Episode 9: For the Boys (Jan 10, 1995)
Family Tie
Episode 10: Family Tie (Jan 17, 1995)
Gene promises Sam he'll wear a special necktie to a preschool open house, then is fit to be tied when he can't find it.
Dr. Roof
Episode 15: Dr. Roof (Jun 13, 1995)
Dumping's Rotten in the State of Massachusetts
Episode 16: Dumping's Rotten in the State of Massachusetts (Jan 01, 1970)
Gene gets the family's dumping permit revoked.

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