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The Beverly Hillbillies (1962)

Jed Clampett's swamp is loaded with oil. When a wildcatter discovers the huge pool, Jed sells his land to the O.K. Oil Company and at the urging of cousin Pearl, moves his family to a 35-room mansion in Beverly Hills, California.

Release Date: Wed, Sep 26, 1962

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 25

Buddy Ebsen
Jed "JD" Clampett
Donna Douglas
Elly May Clampett
Max Baer Jr.
Jethro Bodine
Raymond Bailey
Milburn Drysdale
Nancy Kulp
Jane Hathaway

Season 9:

The Pollution Solution
Episode 1: The Pollution Solution (Sep 15, 1970)
Jed plans to hand his millions over to the President.
The Clampetts in Washington
Episode 2: The Clampetts in Washington (Sep 22, 1970)
A con man (Phil Silvers) tries to sell Washington, D.C., to Jed.
Jed Buys the Capitol
Episode 3: Jed Buys the Capitol (Sep 29, 1970)
Shifty Shafer cons Jed into buying the U.S. Capitol.
Mark Templeton Arrives
Episode 4: Mark Templeton Arrives (Oct 06, 1970)
One Granny plus one Navy frogman equals a running gag: Granny thinks Elly's new beau is a frog.
Don't Marry a Frogman
Episode 5: Don't Marry a Frogman (Oct 13, 1970)
Granny's trying to cure her frog fixation with a potent elixir.
Doctor, Cure My Frog
Episode 6: Doctor, Cure My Frog (Oct 27, 1970)
Granny believes that Elly's beau is a web-footed freak.
Do You Elly Take This Frog?
Episode 7: Do You Elly Take This Frog? (Nov 10, 1970)
A dream sends Granny to a psychiatrist (Richard Deacon).
The Frog Family
Episode 8: The Frog Family (Nov 17, 1970)
Granny's afraid her family will turn into frogs.
Farm in the Ocean
Episode 9: Farm in the Ocean (Nov 24, 1970)
Drysdale tries to stop Elly's marriage.
Shorty to the Rescue
Episode 10: Shorty to the Rescue (Dec 01, 1970)
Escalation of Granny's frog fixation: she's sending for reinforcements to help fight the frog.
Welcome to the Family
Episode 11: Welcome to the Family (Dec 08, 1970)
Can Elly find happiness married to a frog? Granny's still fighting the match.
The Great Revelation
Episode 12: The Great Revelation (Dec 15, 1970)
Granny's frog phobia fades away.
The Grunion Invasion
Episode 13: The Grunion Invasion (Jan 05, 1971)
When The Clampetts learn that the grunion are due on the California coast, and having no idea who or what the grunion are, head down to the beach to defend it from invasion.
The Girls from Grun
Episode 14: The Girls from Grun (Jan 12, 1971)
A task force of Clampetts awaits an invasion of the U.S. by fish.
The Grun Incident
Episode 15: The Grun Incident (Jan 19, 1971)
Women's lib protests hit Drysdale's bank.
Women's Lib
Episode 16: Women's Lib (Jan 26, 1971)
Granny and Elly launch a fem lib protest.
The Teahouse of Jed Clampett
Episode 17: The Teahouse of Jed Clampett (Feb 02, 1971)
How to thwart a women's lib strike: hire geisha girls.
The Palace of Clampett San
Episode 18: The Palace of Clampett San (Feb 09, 1971)
Granny and Elly seek happiness as liberated women.
Lib and Let Lib
Episode 19: Lib and Let Lib (Feb 16, 1971)
The women's movement strikes at the bank.
Elly, the Working Girl
Episode 20: Elly, the Working Girl (Feb 23, 1971)
Elly joins the women's lib battle against Drysdale.
Elly, the Secretary
Episode 21: Elly, the Secretary (Mar 02, 1971)
Jethro's bachelorhood seems headed for extinction.
Love Finds Jane Hathaway
Episode 22: Love Finds Jane Hathaway (Mar 09, 1971)
An unemployed actor is making a big play for Jane.
The Clampetts Meet Robert Audubon Getty Crockett
Episode 23: The Clampetts Meet Robert Audubon Getty Crockett (Mar 16, 1971)
An actor plans to capture the Clampett millions by passing himself off as kin to Davy Crockett.
Jethro Returns
Episode 24: Jethro Returns (Mar 23, 1971)
Fortune hunter Dick Bremerkamp schemes to marry Elly May.

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