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227 (1985)

A housewife sits on the stoop of her apartment building in a black neighborhood of Washington, D.C., and discusses all manner of things with her neighbors.

Release Date: Sat, Sep 14, 1985

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Marla Gibbs
Mary Jenkins
Hal Williams
Lester Jenkins
Alaina Reed Hall
Rose Lee Holloway
Jackée Harry
Sandra Clark
Regina King
Brenda Jenkins
Helen Martin
Pearl Shay
Curtis Baldwin
Calvin Dobbs
Barry Sobel
Dylan McMillan
Countess Vaughn
Alexandria DeWitt
Paul Winfield
Julian C. Barlow
Stoney Jackson
Travis Filmore

Season 5:

Take My Diva . . . Please!
Episode 1: Take My Diva . . . Please! (Sep 23, 1989)
Mary's organized a charity benefit featuring Diva Beverly Morris. Now she's a prima donna and Mary's worried that if she finds out that Sandra's dating her former boyfriend, Armand she'll back out. So she tries to keep her from finding out but when they end up in the powder room together things get hairy.
Tenants, Anyone?
Episode 2: Tenants, Anyone? (Sep 30, 1989)
Mary and the gang try to draw a bead on new landlord Julian Barlow, who's been ducking them, while Dylan hunts for a new roommate.
A Pampered Tale
Episode 3: A Pampered Tale (Oct 14, 1989)
The women head to a spa to prepare for a beauty contest. Meanwhile, Travis & Dylan care for a baby left in Travis' limo. Later Lester & Julian help out until the baby's mother returns.
The Fight of the Century
Episode 4: The Fight of the Century (Oct 21, 1989)
When Mary causes Lester to miss a prizefight, they have a bout that could deliver a knockout punch to their marriage. Lester stays with swinging bachelors after a fight with Mary.
How the West Was Fun (1)
Episode 5: How the West Was Fun (1) (Oct 28, 1989)
At a dude ranch, Mary lassos Rose and Sandra into a treasure hunt, and Dylan takes a likin' to a filly. Part 1 of two
How the West Was Fun (2)
Episode 6: How the West Was Fun (2) (Nov 04, 1989)
Conclusion. Lester puts together a posse to find the womenfolk when the water rustlers take them hostage.
Video Activity
Episode 7: Video Activity (Nov 11, 1989)
Bobby Brown shoots a video at Brenda's high school, while Brenda plagiarizes an old essay of Mary's to win a part as an extra. Brenda kept putting off writing it by going to pep rallies, football games, and parties with Calvin at Morgan State, and on Sunday night, she still does not have her paper done. When Mary wrote it (25 years earlier), she received an A+, but Brenda gets a C and is not one the five chosen to appear in Bobby Brown's video. Meanwhile, Julian bribes Travis into bringing Bobby Brown to his penthouse so he can discuss going into business ventures with each other. Bobby Brown decides that he does not want only five students to appear in his video, but the whole class. Brenda is allowed to be in the video but she is stil grounded and has to write 3 more papers for Mary.
Flying Down to Leo's
Episode 8: Flying Down to Leo's (Nov 18, 1989)
En route to Lester's birthday party, Mary and Sandra run into gang members who want them as their biker chicks. (TVguide.com)
Reunion Blues
Episode 9: Reunion Blues (Nov 25, 1989)
Dylan's mother moves in with him after leaving his father, and starts stepping out with Julian (Paul Winfield). (tvguide.com)
The Perfume Game
Episode 10: The Perfume Game (Dec 02, 1989)
Sandra comes up with a slogan for a new perfume, but she thinks it stinks when her ad-agency boss steals her idea. (tvguide.com)
War is Heck
Episode 11: War is Heck (Dec 09, 1989)
When Calvin wants to quit school and join the Army, Lester puts him through his paces at a mock boot camp.
Guess Who's Not Coming to Christmas
Episode 12: Guess Who's Not Coming to Christmas (Dec 16, 1989)
Mary decides to invite her landlord Julian to her Christmas Eve bash in hopes of livening things up.
There Go the Clowns
Episode 13: There Go the Clowns (Dec 23, 1989)
Mary dons clown garb to erase a nasty message she left on the answering machine of Lester's business contact, an eccentric novelties magnate.
Come the Revolution
Episode 14: Come the Revolution (Dec 30, 1989)
When Mary and Lester make Brenda return a revealing dress, she stages her own revolution.
Where Do We Go From Here?
Episode 15: Where Do We Go From Here? (Jan 06, 1990)
Lester falls asleep during church and dreams that he and Mary visit both Heaven and Hell. While in both places, they return to earth to see what has happened to their family and friends. While in Heaven: Brenda inherits Lester's construction company and is a success when Calvin, her husband takes over. Pearl has moved in with them. Rose still hasn't come to terms with Mary's death. While in hell: Calvin becomes a failure and sells the business to Julian for $500. Brenda is pregnant and the family is in poverty. Rose has married Julian and they have raised the rent of the building big time.
Play Christy for Me
Episode 16: Play Christy for Me (Jan 13, 1990)
While working as a deejay, Lester gets suggestive requests from a caller who he thinks is Mary.
Knock It Off
Episode 17: Knock It Off (Jan 27, 1990)
Travis finds $250,000 left in his limo, and is convinced by Mary & Lester to turn the money in. If the money isn't claimed within 30 days, Travis may keep it. The next day, a beautiful woman named Eartha Kitten comes to the door and claims the money belongs to her boss, and is furious when he learns he turned the money in. Meanwhile, Mary & Lester are heading to Hawaii and have a Bon Voyage party the night before, but the party is interrupted when Eartha's boss (a mob boss) holds everyone hostage. Warren saves the day when he returns disguised as a woman, and pretends to romance Mr Big. Before Travis can return with Mr Big's money, Warren turns the tables on Mr Big and has him arrested.
Do Not Pass Go (1)
Episode 18: Do Not Pass Go (1) (Feb 03, 1990)
Everyone goes to Atlantic City for a Luther Vandross concert for Pearl's birthday. While there, Mary goes on a lucky streak at gambling. Lester decided to go into business with Julian in owning part of a promising boxer. Pearl looks for Luther Vandross, but when a mob goes after Luther, her antique diamond brooch is stolen. Brenda & Calvin try sneaking into the casino in hopes of winning a new car. Travis finds out that his tickets for the Luther Vandross concert weren't ordered and decided to enter a comedy contest to win tickets for Pearl. Meanwhile Warren has planned a special weekend for Rose, and he asks her to marry him. When she goes to tell her friends, Warren make a pass at another woman and is spotted by Mary. But before Mary can tell Rose, Rose asks her to be her matron of honor.
Do Not Pass Go (2)
Episode 19: Do Not Pass Go (2) (Feb 10, 1990)
Mary's luck runs out in Atlantic City and she loses all of her winnings, including $3000 she promised Lester. Meanwhile, Warren and the mystery woman meet again and Rose spots them in a compromising position. She breaks off the engagement, but since neither will accept the ring, Mary takes it for safe-keeping. Travis gets stage fright at the comedy show and Dylan takes his place. He wins, but is disqualified because he never officially entered making Pearl lose out on seeing Luther. After confessing to Lester she lost all her money, Mary notices Rose's ring has been stolen. Mary stops the woman and it turns out she is the woman Warren had been seeing. Warren admits he was seeing her because he knew she was the jewel thief who stole Pearl's brooch, and even Luther Vandross' watch, so she would let her guard down. Rose & Warren get married in Atlantic City afterall. At the wedding, Luther comes to thank Mary for getting him his watch back, and in return he agrees to sing at the wed
You Gotta Have Art
Episode 20: You Gotta Have Art (Feb 17, 1990)
While helping Eva straighten up the gallery, Mary inadvertently creates a pop-art sensation, and spends some of her 15 minutes of fame on ""The Joan Rivers Show.""
Gone Fishing
Episode 21: Gone Fishing (Feb 24, 1990)
Julian recruits Mary to help him keep 227 out of the hands of his soon-to-be ex-wife (Rosalind Cash). (tvguide.com)
Nightmare on 227
Episode 22: Nightmare on 227 (Apr 21, 1990)
Mary gets the part of a slasher in a movie, but has an unscheduled rehearsal with an NYU dean.
The Class of '90
Episode 23: The Class of '90 (Apr 29, 1990)
Just before Brenda gets ready to graduate high school, Mary is rushed to the hospital with appendicitis. Mary gets a lesson in plastic surgery from her roomie; and Lester gives low marks to his father's girlfriend.
No Place Like Home
Episode 24: No Place Like Home (May 06, 1990)
Mary dreams that she's homeless after misinterpreting a plea for help from a street person (homeless advocate Theodore Hayes) as a threat to her safety.

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